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Most enemies drop coins when they are killed, and many also have a chance of dropping various items.

Chance of Obtaining a Drop[edit | edit source]

To determine the chance for at least one specific item to drop for a given number of mobs with the same chance of dropping said item, use the equation:

  • 1-(1-([drop chance]))^([number of mobs]).

To find how many mobs are needed to obtain a certain percent chance it has dropped at least once, use:

  • ln(1-[%chance in decimal (70% = .7 etc...)])/ln(1-[drop chance]).

Item Drops[edit | edit source]

For a list of all dropped items see Drops.

Some items are dropped by all monsters (except Meteor Heads) under certain conditions. Those can be found below.

Item Condition Amount Chance
Soul of Light.png Soul of Light During Hardmode inside the Underground Hallow. 1 20% (1:5) (36% Expert)
Soul of Night.png Soul of Night During Hardmode inside the Underground Corruption/Underground Crimson. 1 20% (1:5) (36% Expert)
Jungle Key.png Jungle Key Hardmode Jungle and Underground Jungle (Desktop only.png) 1 0.04% (1:2500)
Corruption Key.png Corruption Key Hardmode Corruption and Underground Corruption (Desktop only.png) 1 0.04% (1:2500)
Crimson Key.png Crimson Key Hardmode Crimson and Underground Crimson (Desktop only.png) 1 0.04% (1:2500)
Hallowed Key.png Hallowed Key Hardmode Hallow and Underground Hallow (Desktop only.png) 1 0.04% (1:2500)
Frozen Key.png Frozen Key Hardmode Snow Biome and Underground Snow (Desktop only.png) 1 0.04% (1:2500)
Jungle Key Mold.png Jungle Key Mold Hardmode Jungle and Underground Jungle (Mobile only.pngConsole only.png) 1 0.04% (1:2500)
Corruption Key Mold.png Corruption Key Mold Hardmode Corruption and Underground Corruption (Mobile only.pngConsole only.png) 1 0.04% (1:2500)
Crimson Key Mold.png Crimson Key Mold Hardmode Crimson and Underground Crimson (Mobile only.pngConsole only.png) 1 0.04% (1:2500)
Hallowed Key Mold.png Hallowed Key Mold Hardmode Hallow and Underground Hallow (Mobile only.pngConsole only.png) 1 0.04% (1:2500)
Frozen Key Mold.png Frozen Key Mold Hardmode Snow Biome and Underground Snow (Mobile only.pngConsole only.png) 1 0.04% (1:2500)
Pirate Map.png Pirate Map During Hardmode in an Ocean biome. 1 1% (1:100)
Living Fire Block.png Living Fire Block During Hardmode inside The Underworld. 20-50 2% (1:50)
Mechanical Eye.png Mechanical Eye During Hardmode, before defeating The Twins. 1 0.04% (1:2500)
Mechanical Worm.png Mechanical Worm During Hardmode, before defeating The Destroyer. 1 0.04% (1:2500)
Mechanical Skull.png Mechanical Skull During Hardmode, before defeating Skeletron Prime. 1 0.04% (1:2500)
KO Cannon.png KO Cannon During a Blood Moon in Hardmode 1 0.1% (1:1000)
Present.png Present During Christmas. (December 15th-31st) 1 7.69% (1:13)
Goodie Bag.png Goodie Bag During Halloween. (October 20th-November 10th) 1 1.25% (1:80)
Bloody Machete.png Bloody Machete During Halloween, enemies with <20 defense, <40 damage and <5 Silver Coin loot 1 0.05% (1:2000)
Bladed Glove.png Bladed Glove During Halloween, enemies with <20 defense, <40 damage and <5 Silver Coin loot 1 0.05% (1:2000)
Cascade.png Cascade Desktop only.png Before Hardmode, after defeating Skeletron, inside the Underworld.(Desktop only.png) 1 0.25% (1:400)
Amarok.png Amarok Desktop only.png During Hardmode in the Snow biome.(Desktop only.png) 1 0.33% (1:300)
Yelets.png Yelets Desktop only.png After defeating any Mechanical Boss, inside the Jungle.(Desktop only.png) 1 0.5% (1:200)
Kraken.png Kraken Desktop only.png Any enemy inside the Hardmode Dungeon.(Desktop only.png) 1 0.25% (1:400)
Hel-Fire.png Hel-Fire Desktop only.png During Hardmode inside the bottom half of the cavern layer or the underworld.(Desktop only.png) 1 0.25% (1:400)
Star.png Star When player is below maximum mana 1-2 58.3%
Heart.png Heart When player is below maximum life 1 8.3%

Coin Drops[edit | edit source]

Most monsters will typically drop a few stacks of coins after dying. Monsters that drop a large number of coins have a higher chance of dropping multiple stacks.

The total amount of money dropped is calculated using a "base value", which depends on the monster. A Skeleton for example, has a "base value" of 100 Copper Coin. The exact amount of money dropped is this number multiplied by 80-120%.

After the amount of money is determined, there are then a few chances for the number to be increased.

  • 20% chance of increasing by 5-10%
  • 10% chance of increasing by 10-20%
  • 6.67% chance of increasing by 15-30%
  • 5% chance of increasing by 20-40%

These increases are not mutually exclusive, and a monster may have its money increased several times. It is possible to get all increases at once, as each one is rolled individually. The average amount dropped, therefore, is 119.5% of the "base" value. It is possible to get it even more increased by the Lucky Coin.

Console only.png Double Loot[edit | edit source]

Console versions of the game give players a chance to have double the loot drop from any enemy. The exact chance of this happening is 1/1000Verify. Players can easily see the effect when farming for more common loot such as souls.

History[edit | edit source]

  • On the PC version of Terraria, Biome Key Molds are no longer dropped, Biome Keys drop instead.
  • 1.2.1: Halloween drops introduced & Biome Key drops replaced by Biome Key Molds.
  • 1.2: KO Cannon, Summon & Biome Key drops introduced.
  • 1.1.1: Christmas drops introduced.
  • 1.0.5: Enemy coin drops have been adjusted.
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