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Nimbus Rod

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Nimbus Rod
Nimbus Rod.png
Type Weapon
Damage 36
Knockback 0
Max stack 1
Mana 10
Velocity 16
Rarity Rarity Level: 6
Use time 21 (Fast)
Tooltip Summons a cloud to rain down on your foes
Sell 3 Gold Coin 50 Silver Coin

The Nimbus Rod is a Hardmode Magic Weapon that fires small clouds which remain in midair at the point clicked, causing damaging "rain" projectiles to fire downward. Rain projectiles fire one at a time, though rapidly, causing 36 damage each and piercing multiple enemies. The Nimbus Rod has a 6.67% chance of dropping from an Angry Nimbus.

The Nimbus Rod can be considered the Hardmode upgrade of the Crimson Rod, as it operates similarly, but causes triple the damage, and can cause two clouds to remain simultaneously, rather than just one, meaning it deals six times as much damage. If the player attempts to create a third cloud, the oldest cloud vanishes. All clouds vanish 60 seconds after casting.

Rain won't generally travel through blocks, however they will travel through horizontal block floors a single block thick if the clouds are cast very close to them, and so can be used to fire through narrow floors at enemies below. Clouds themselves cannot travel through solid objects like blocks or closed Doors, but can pass through platforms and water.

Because the Nimbus Rod has no knockback, it cannot receive any Modifiers that affect knockback, including Mythical and Ruthless. thus, its best possible modifier is the only one that gives +15% damage, Demonic.


  • Firing a cloud on the top of a block will cause the rain drops to go through up to 3 blocks downward.
  • The rain's range is approximately 100 blocks down.
  • The Crimson Cloud from the Crimson Rod can also be active, allowing you to have up to three clouds on the screen at once.
  • As the Mana cost is low and each cloud lasts a minute, another Magic Weapon can be used while clouds are in place.
  • The Nimbus Rod can be used to attack enemies blocked by barriers, provided the player can fire over the top of the barrier.
  • The rain from the Nimbus Rod travels at the same speed as a falling player.


  • The projectiles produced by clouds inflict a high rate of damage for a significant amount of time at a stationary location, making the Nimbus Rod an ideal weapon to have during fights against large enemies like Bosses. You will need another weapon, however, to fire while the clouds are in place.
  • With a full Orichalcum armor set, a flower petal falls on each damaged enemy.
  • The Nimbus Clouds from the rod can be used to efficiently farm the Ice Golem, provided the player builds a wall to hide behind while the Nimbus Clouds damage it.
  • The Nimbus Clouds can also be used decently against the Golem boss at the begining, before summoning the Golem, shoot the Nimbus Clouds above the Lihzahrd Altar then summon the Golem, the clouds will deal around 750-1500 damage before the Golem moves, this can help save on ammo for guns, or some potions on a mage.
  • Nimbus Rod makes an effective shield when fighting Corruptors, as the rain created when two clouds are stacked atop one another will automatically negate Corruptor spit, allowing you a short, if effective respite. This tactic can also be used against any enemy that fires a destructible projectile.
  • Nimbus Rod makes an effective barrier from both sides if you want to stop enemies from flanking you.
  • Nimbus Rod also works great for statue farms. Put clouds over the statue(s), then spam the switch, assuming that it's wired.
  • Nimbus Rod is a great weapon against The Destroyer. Due to the Rod's piercing ability and the Destroyer's large size, you can deal massive amounts of damage with it. Pair it with another penetrating weapon, ability, and Orichalcum armor, the boss can be defeated with little effort.


  • 1.2: Introduced.
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