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Lost Girl
Lost Girl.png
Type Enemy
Environment Cavern
AI Type Fighter
Damage 10
Max Life 250
Defense 30
KB Resist 50%
Item (Quantity) Rate
Nymph Banner.png Nymph Banner 0.5%
Internal NPC ID: 195
Type Enemy
Environment Underground
AI Type Fighter
Damage 35
Max Life 300
Defense 16
KB Resist 60%
Coins 1 Gold Coin
Item (Quantity) Rate
Nymph Banner.png Nymph Banner 0.5%
Internal NPC ID: 196

The Nymph is a rare enemy that spawns underground. When first encountered, it appears as the Lost Girl, who pretends to be a helpless NPC that needs to be saved. When a player gets close, it transforms and attacks as the Nymph, a dangerous enemy that deals high damage (for a pre-Hardmode enemy). It is arguably the rarest creature in Terraria and is extremely hard to find.


  • Minions and other enemy-seeking weapons will target the Lost Girl before she transforms into a Nymph.
  • Nymphs spawn more often during Hardmode, and spawn more often in Underground Snow.
  • Nymphs will continue to spawn as Lost Girls if you defeat them from a distance and never approach them. They begin spawning as Nymphs after the first close encounter.
  • Console only.png It appears to spawn more frequently in the console version
  • The Nymph Banner is practically the hardest thing to find in Terraria.
  • Mobile only.png it also appears to spawn more frequently and not drop coins in the mobile version


  • It cannot attack from a distance, nor can it jump very high. Use a ranged weapon from an out-of-reach position.
  • A Harpoon or Flail can be effective, as Nymphs can be stun-locked. Even with its high health, the Harpoon can kill a Nymph in moments with no risk to the wielder, due to its extremely high rate of fire, so long as it is used at short range.


  • The Lost Girl appears completely naked. Ironically, it appears often in underground snow biomes, as if it is immune to the cold.
  • In Greek and Latin mythology, a nymph is a lesser female deity with the power to animate nature.
  • Could be inspired by numerous characters in popular culture that bait heroes by appearing harmless and in need of assistance.
  • The left half of the Nymph Banner is of the Lost Girl NPC, while the right half is the Nymph monster.
  • In the Spider Nest there is a background object with an unknown, bound NPC which could be a possible reference to the actual lost girl.


  • 1.2.3: Spawn chance increased.
  • 1.2: Introduced.
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