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Ocean beaches feature palm trees and initially the sleeping Angler.

The Ocean is a large body of Water found on the surface of each map, at its far left and right edges, comprising the eastern 500ft (250 blocks) and the western 500ft of the map (at least on Large maps; it is closer to 150 on Small). It extends as deep as the Cavern Layer, with its maximum depth reached at the very edges of the map.

Oceans will commonly contain Water Chests with loot pertaining to water. They also contain unique enemies, like Crabs and Sharks.

The Ocean Biome contains its own Tree type, Palm Trees (since 1.2.4), which can be harvested for Palm Wood.


Characters Unique treasures Unique Drops For Sale
Pink Jellyfish.png Pink Jellyfish
Crab.png Crab
Sea Snail.png Sea Snail
Squid.png Squid
Shark.png Shark
Orca.png Orca Console only.png Mobile only.png
Duke Fishron.png Duke Fishron (Boss) Pc only.png

Trident.png Trident
Flipper.png Flipper
Breathing Reed.png Breathing Reed
Beach Ball.png Beach Ball
Water Walking Boots.png Water Walking Boots

From Shark:

Shark Fin.png Shark Fin

From Shark or Orca:

Diving Helmet.png Diving Helmet (rare)

From Squid:

Black Ink.png Black Ink Pc only.png Console only.png

From Sea Snail:

Purple Mucus.png Purple Mucus

From Pink Jellyfish:

Jellyfish Necklace.png Jellyfish Necklace
Glowstick.png Glowstick

From Duke Fishron Pc only.png:

Duke Fishron Mask.png Duke Fishron Mask
Duke Fishron Trophy.png Duke Fishron Trophy
Fishron Wings.png Fishron Wings
Flairon.png Flairon
Razorblade Typhoon.png Razorblade Typhoon
Tempest Staff.png Tempest Staff
Bubble Gun.png Bubble Gun
Tsunami.png Tsunami

From any enemy in Hardmode:

Pirate Map.png Pirate Map (rare)

From terrain/vegetation:

Coral.png Coral
Seashell.png Seashell Pc only.png
Starfish.png Starfish Pc only.png
Palm Wood.png Palm Wood Pc only.png

From fishing Pc only.png:

Pink Jellyfish (Bait).png Pink Jellyfish (Bait)
Reaver Shark.png Reaver Shark
Red Snapper.png Red Snapper
Sawtooth Shark.png Sawtooth Shark
Shrimp.png Shrimp
Swordfish.png Swordfish
Trout.png Trout
Tuna.png Tuna

From the Pirate :

Parrot Cracker.png Parrot Cracker


  • Ocean enemies will only detect you and swim toward you if your character is in the water to at least one tile depth.
  • If the Ocean has enough "dry" sand surface Desert enemies may spawn there, but the area near the water does not start growing desert plants.
  • Hardmode Corruption or Crimson can convert all the sand into Ebonsand or Crimsand, effectively converting the Ocean into a Corrupted/Crimson Desert biome. One may want to protect the Ocean to preserve it as an actual Ocean Biome.
  • Although you cant see the edge of the map in-game, but you can see the side with TEdit. It appears to be dirt and stone and some hidden treasure from the top, all the way to the bottom.
  • Sometimes, the sea bed can go lower down than level layer, causing a bit of the underground's background to pop up.


The Ocean floor.
  • If players without proper accessories try to swim to the side of the map, there is a serious risk of drowning. In addition to plenty of healing potions, bring items and potions that aid breathing, such as the Breathing Reed and Gills Potion, a Magic Mirror for returning home quickly, and Flippers to aid swimming. The Grappling Hook or Ivy Whip may also be of some help in returning to the surface for breath.
  • Players may attempt to drain the ocean by tunneling down to the Underworld, where water evaporates. The Ocean is in fact drainable this way, and this method will allow the player to go back to the Ocean floor and easily pick up all the Coral without worry of drowning.
  • Another way of draining the ocean is by making an air pocket, empty a bucket of lava in it and place a background object (chest, crystal shard etc.) in the lava. After that allow the water to flow in. The object will prevent obsidian from being generated, causing all the water to disappear.


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