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Ore Value
Copper Ore.png Copper Ore 50 Copper Coin
Tin Ore.png Tin Ore 75 Copper Coin
Iron Ore.png Iron Ore 1 Silver Coin
Lead Ore.png Lead Ore 1 Silver Coin 50 Copper Coin
Silver Ore.png Silver Ore 2 Silver Coin
Tungsten Ore.png Tungsten Ore 3 Silver Coin
Gold Ore.png Gold Ore 4 Silver Coin
Platinum Ore.png Platinum Ore 6 Silver Coin
Demonite Ore.png Demonite Ore 8 Silver Coin
Crimtane Ore.png Crimtane Ore 9 Silver Coin
Meteorite.png Meteorite 2 Silver Coin
Obsidian.png Obsidian n/a
Hellstone.png Hellstone n/a
Cobalt Ore.png Cobalt Ore 7 Silver Coin
Palladium Ore.png Palladium Ore 9 Silver Coin
Mythril Ore.png Mythril Ore 11 Silver Coin
Orichalcum Ore.png Orichalcum Ore 13 Silver Coin
Adamantite Ore.png Adamantite Ore 15 Silver Coin
Titanium Ore.png Titanium Ore 17 Silver Coin
Chlorophyte Ore.png Chlorophyte Ore 50 Copper Coin

Ores are primary crafting materials. They generally must be crafted into bars at a Furnace, after which they can craft several essential tools, weapons, armor, and other items. Some items require raw Ores themselves, most commonly bricks and potions. Raw Ores can also be used as plain blocks for construction.

Ores are generally found as veins of placed blocks Underground and below, and are mined with a Pickaxe. Lower-tier Ores can be found among Dirt near the Surface, or within Floating Islands. Some Ores are also dropped by bosses, namely Eye of Cthulhu, Eater of Worlds, Brain of Cthulhu, and Console only.png Ocram.

An Extractinator, or Wooden Crates (from Fishing), may also provide Ores as random rewards.

A world will only contain one Ore type from each tier naturally, which are chosen at random (see tables below). The alternate Ore types that don't generate naturally in a world can be obtained from Crates, an Extractinator, or from other worlds. Hardmode Ore types are chosen at random when players destroy Altars.


Tier Possible Ore Types Minimum Tool
Per Bar
1 Copper Ore placed.png Copper Ore.png Copper Ore Tin Ore placed.png Tin Ore.png Tin Ore Copper Pickaxe.png Tin Pickaxe.png 3 Surface, Underground, Cavern
2 Iron Ore placed.png Iron Ore.png Iron Ore Lead Ore placed.png Lead Ore.png Lead Ore Copper Pickaxe.png Tin Pickaxe.png 3 Surface, Underground, Cavern
3 Silver Ore placed.png Silver Ore.png Silver Ore Tungsten Ore placed.png Tungsten Ore.png Tungsten Ore Copper Pickaxe.png Tin Pickaxe.png 4 Underground, Cavern, Floating Islands
4 Gold Ore placed.png Gold Ore.png Gold Ore Platinum Ore placed.png Platinum Ore.png Platinum Ore Copper Pickaxe.png Tin Pickaxe.png 4 Underground, Cavern, Floating Islands
5 Demonite Ore placed.png Demonite Ore.png Demonite Ore Crimtane Ore placed.png Crimtane Ore.png Crimtane Ore Gold Pickaxe.png Platinum Pickaxe.png 4 Eye of Cthulhu, Underground, Cavern,
Eater of Worlds (Demonite), Brain of Cthulhu (Crimtane)
6 Meteorite placed.png Meteorite.png Meteorite Tungsten Pickaxe.png Gold Pickaxe.png Platinum Pickaxe.png 3 Meteorite Biome
7 Obsidian placed.png Obsidian.png Obsidian Nightmare Pickaxe.png Deathbringer Pickaxe.png No bar itself, but required in recipe Contact between Water & Lava
8 Hellstone placed.png Hellstone.png Hellstone Nightmare Pickaxe.png Deathbringer Pickaxe.png 3 + 1 Obsidian.png Underworld


Tier Possible Ore Types Minimum Tool
Per Bar
9 Cobalt Ore placed.png Cobalt Ore.png Cobalt Ore Palladium Ore placed.png Palladium Ore.png Palladium Ore Molten Pickaxe.png Reaver Shark.png 3 Underground, Cavern
10 Mythril Ore placed.png Mythril Ore.png Mythril Ore Orichalcum Ore placed.png Orichalcum Ore.png Orichalcum Ore Cobalt Pickaxe.png Cobalt Drill.png Palladium Pickaxe.png Palladium Drill.png 4 Cavern
11 Adamantite Ore placed.png Adamantite Ore.png Adamantite Ore Titanium Ore placed.png Titanium Ore.png Titanium Ore Mythril Pickaxe.png Mythril Drill.png Orichalcum Pickaxe.png Orichalcum Drill.png 5 Cavern (roughly at Lava depth), Console only.pngOcram (adamantite)
12 Chlorophyte Ore placed.png Chlorophyte Ore.png Chlorophyte Ore Pickaxe Axe.png Drax.png 6 Underground Jungle

Spawning the first three tiers of Hardmode Ore requires the destruction of Demon/Crimson Altars. This requires a Hammer with 80% hammer power or higher, e.g. the Pwnhammer. Each destroyed Altar spawns deposits of one of six new Hardmode Ores, replacing natural world blocks below the underground layer:

  1. First Altar: Cobalt Ore or Palladium Ore
  2. Second Altar: Mythril Ore or Orichalcum Ore
  3. Third Altar: Adamantite Ore or Titanium Ore
  • Destroying a fourth Altar spawns another round of whichever type spawned for the first Altar (Cobalt or Palladium). A fifth spawns more of whichever type spawned for the second Altar (Mythril or Orichalum), etc.
  • Destroying more Altars will never spawn Hardmode ore types beyond the 3 that were randomly assigned to your world during the initial round of destroyed Altars. A world with Palladium Ore deposits will never spawn Cobalt Ore deposits, or vice versa.
  • Chlorophyte Ore spawns on its own once Hardmode is triggered, and is not affected by destroyed Altars.
  • Ore spawns will never overwrite existing Mineral deposits or placed Wood blocks of any type, nor any form of Brick, only Biome blocks (such as Dirt, Mud, Stone, etc).


  • Each hardmode ore is chosen at the moment you break the first three altars in the world. You can choose the ores you like by quitting your world without saving (by ending the task or killing the process) after smashing your first altars. It is easier done with a server.
  • Almost all ores are highlighted via the Spelunker buff, allowing you to gather them in large amounts (this requires a tier 4 ore, but they can be found again with this). Hellstone is not lit up by this, although it is by a Dangersense Potion.
  • Using a Crate Potion will improve the chances of obtaining crates, and as such the ore-bearing wooden crates.
  • If you fill in caves with spare natural blocks such as dirt, Hardmode ores can spawn in them. They can then also be seen on the minimap, presenting an easy way to convert extra blocks into ores and know their exact location.


  • Many ores' item sprites are modified versions of other ore sprites:
    • Demonite Ore sprite is a recolor of Iron Ore.
    • Meteorite is a recolor of Gold Ore.
    • Obsidian is a recolor of Copper Ore.
    • Hellstone is a recolor of Silver Ore.
    • Adamantite Ore is a reversed, 90-degrees-rotated and recolored version of Cobalt Ore.
  • Most of them in placed form also appear to be a modified stone texture, these being the ones released before 1.2, plus platinum and possibly palladium. Tin and lead also seem to share a base texture.
  • Hellstone is the only ore that cannot be created infinitely within one world. The 8 pre-Hardmode Ores can be obtained from an Extractinator; these plus the Hardmode Ores that spawn from destroying Altars can be obtained from Crates, Chlorophyte can be grown, Meteorite can fall infinitely onto replenishable blocks, and Obsidian can be created using liquid bugs.
  • Iron, lead, meteorite and chlorophyte are the only ores not to have bricks.
  • Despite being the end-game ore, Chlorophyte Ore only sells for 50 copper coins per ore; the same as Copper Ore. Titanium sells for the most, being 17 silver coins per ore.


  • 1.2.3: Ore now stacks to 999. Chlorophyte is slightly more rare and grows slower. New hardmode ore spawns slightly less and is slightly harder to craft.
  • 1.2:
    • There are 9 new ores.
    • Your world has a chance to get alternative ore as a replacement for Copper, Iron, Silver, Gold, Cobalt, Mythril, Adamantite..
    • Added Chlorophyte Ore.
  • 1.0.2: Mining stone and other hard ores make a 'tink' noise now.
  • Pre-Release: Introduced.
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