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Pc only.png Console only.png PC/Console-Only Content: This information (or parts of it) applies only to the console and PC version of Terraria.

Paintings are non-craftable Decorative Furniture. There are currently 70 obtainable paintings, of which 14 are sold by the Painter under certain circumstances, 15 are found in underground cabins, 22 are found in the Dungeon, 13 are found in the Underworld, 5 can be gotten from Goodie Bags, and 1 can be obtained from the Angler as a quest reward.


[edit] Paintings List

[edit] Painter

Cold Waters in the White Land.png Cold Waters in the White Land Daylight.png Daylight Deadland Comes Alive.png Deadland Comes Alive Do Not Step on the Grass.png Do Not Step on the Grass
Evil Presence.png Evil Presence First Encounter.png First Encounter Good Morning.png Good Morning The Land of Deceiving Looks.png The Land of Deceiving Looks
Lightless Chasms.png Lightless Chasms Place Above the Clouds.png Place Above the Clouds Secret of the Sands.png Secret of the Sands Sky Guardian.png Sky Guardian
Through the Window.png Through the Window Underground Reward.png Underground Reward

[edit] Underground cabins

American Explosive.png American Explosive Crowno Devours His Lunch.png Crowno Devours His Lunch Discover.png Discover Father of Someone.png Father of Someone
Finding Gold.png Finding Gold Glorious Night.png Glorious Night Guide Picasso.png Guide Picasso Land.png Land
The Merchant.png The Merchant Nurse Lisa.png Nurse Lisa Old Miner.png Old Miner Rare Enchantment.png Rare Enchantment
Sunflowers.png Sunflowers Terrarian Gothic.png Terrarian Gothic Waldo.png Waldo

[edit] Dungeon

Blood Moon Rising.png Blood Moon Rising Bone Warp.png Bone Warp The Creation of the Guide.png The Creation of the Guide The Cursed Man.png The Cursed Man
The Destroyer (item).png The Destroyer Dryadisque.png Dryadisque The Eye Sees the End.png The Eye Sees the End Facing the Cerebral Mastermind.png Facing the Cerebral Mastermind
Goblins Playing Poker.png Goblins Playing Poker Great Wave.png Great Wave The Guardian's Gaze.png The Guardian's Gaze The Hanged Man.png The Hanged Man
Impact.png Impact The Persistency of Eyes.png The Persistency of Eyes Powered by Birds.png Powered by Birds The Screamer.png The Screamer
Skellington J Skellingsworth.png Skellington J Skellingsworth Something Evil is Watching You.png Something Evil is Watching You Starry Night.png Starry Night Trio Super Heroes.png Trio Super Heroes
The Twins Have Awoken.png The Twins Have Awoken Unicorn Crossing the Hallows.png Unicorn Crossing the Hallows Glory of the Fire.png Glory of the Fire

[edit] The Underworld

Dark Soul Reaper.png Dark Soul Reaper Darkness (Painting).png Darkness Demon's Eye.png Demon's Eye Flowing Magma.png Flowing Magma
Glory of the Fire.png Glory of the Fire Hand Earth.png Hand Earth Imp Face.png Imp Face Lake of Fire.png Lake of Fire
Living Gore.png Living Gore Ominous Presence.png Ominous Presence Shining Moon.png Shining Moon Skelehead.png Skelehead
Trapped Ghost.png Trapped Ghost

[edit] Goodie Bags

Bitter Harvest.png Bitter Harvest Blood Moon Countess.png Blood Moon Countess Hallow's Eve.png Hallow's Eve Jacking Skeletron.png Jacking Skeletron
Morbid Curiosity.png Morbid Curiosity

[edit] Angler quest rewards

Pillagin Me Pixels.png Pillagin Me Pixels

[edit] Gallery

[edit] Trivia

  • The paintings that are "attributed" to V. Costa Moura could mean that they are worth less than what they are sold for.
    (V. Costa Moura > Costa Moura > Cost Mour > Cost more)
  • They could also be a reference to the fact that items are bought at 5x the sell price. (V = 5, Costa Moura stated above)

[edit] Notes

[edit] History

  • 1.2.4: Pillagin Me Pixels added.
  • 1.2.1: Added new Halloween themed paintings.
  • 1.2: Introduced. There are over 50 paintings that can be collected randomly throughout the world.

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