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Pets are little critters that follow you around. They are completely invincible and have no set duration: They will follow you until you die, summon a different pet, or cancel the associated buff.

Most Pets are purely cosmetic, but some of the console-exclusive Pets can do minimal damage to enemies. Pets that emit light can be used as a moving Torch, but they are not as reliable as a Light Pet. Summoned Minions operate similarly, but are primarily intended to aid combat rather than being cosmetic.

In total, there are 37 pets: 23 on Pc only.png Desktop version, 27 on Console only.png Console version, 35 on Mobile only.pngMobile version.

Pets[edit | edit source]

Buff Pet Item Source Provides Light
Pet Bunny.png Bunny Pet.png Bunny Pc only.png Carrot.png Carrot
TerrariaCE.jpg Collector's Edition
(New Player's Inventory)
Tango Cross1.png
Baby Dinosaur (buff).png Baby Dinosaur.png Baby Dinosaur Amber Mosquito.png Amber Mosquito Extractinator.png Extractinator Tango Cross1.png
Baby Penguin (buff).png Baby Penguin.png Baby Penguin Fish (item).png Fish (item) Ice Chest.png Ice Chest Tango Cross1.png
Baby Face Monster (buff).png Baby Face Monster.png Baby Face Monster Pc only.png Bone Rattle.png Bone Rattle Brain of Cthulhu.png Brain of Cthulhu Tango Cross1.png
Baby Skeletron Head (buff).png Baby Skeletron Head.png Baby Skeletron Head Bone Key.png Bone Key Dungeon Guardian.png Dungeon Guardian Tango Cross1.png
Pet Parrot (buff).png Parrot.png Parrot Parrot Cracker.png Parrot Cracker Pirate.png Pirate in Ocean Biome Tango Cross1.png
Pet Turtle (buff).png Pet Turtle.png Turtle Seaweed.png Seaweed Ivy Chest.png Ivy Chest Tango Cross1.png
Baby Truffle (buff).png Baby Truffle.png Baby Truffle Strange Glowing Mushroom.png Strange Glowing Mushroom Truffle.png Truffle Tango Tick1.png
Baby Snowman (buff).png Baby Snowman.png Baby Snowman Toy Sled.png Toy Sled Ice Mimic.png Ice Mimic Tango Cross1.png
Baby Eater (buff).png Baby Eater.png Baby Eater Eater's Bone.png Eater's Bone Eater of Worlds.png Eater of Worlds Tango Cross1.png
Baby Hornet (buff).png Baby Hornet.png Baby Hornet Nectar.png Nectar Queen Bee.png Queen Bee Tango Cross1.png
Pet Lizard (buff).png Pet Lizard.png Lizard Lizard Egg.png Lizard Egg Lihzahrd (NPC).png Lihzahrd , Flying Snake.png Flying Snake Tango Cross1.png
Pet Sapling (buff).png Pet Sapling.png Sapling Seedling.png Seedling Plantera's First Form.png Plantera's Second Form.png Plantera Tango Cross1.png
Tiki Spirit (buff).png Tiki Spirit.png Tiki Spirit Tiki Totem.png Tiki Totem Witch Doctor.png Witch Doctor in Jungle Biome Tango Cross1.png
Eyeball Spring (buff).png Eyeball Spring Pet.png Eyeball Spring Eye Spring.png Eye Spring Eyezor.png Eyezor Tango Cross1.png
Squashling (buff).png Squashling.png Squashling Magical Pumpkin Seed.png Magical Pumpkin Seed Pumpkin.png Pumpkin Tango Cross1.png
Black Cat (buff).png Black Cat.png Black Cat Unlucky Yarn.png Unlucky Yarn Goodie Bag.png Goodie Bag Tango Cross1.png
Cursed Sapling (buff).png Cursed Sapling (pet).png Cursed Sapling Cursed Sapling.png Cursed Sapling Mourning Wood.png Mourning Wood Tango Tick1.png
Pet Spider (buff).png Pet Spider.png Spider Spider Egg.png Spider Egg Pumpking.png Pumpking Tango Cross1.png
Puppy (buff).png Puppy.png Puppy Dog Whistle.png Dog Whistle Present.png Present Tango Cross1.png
Baby Grinch (buff).png Baby Grinch.png Baby Grinch Baby Grinch's Mischief Whistle.png Baby Grinch's Mischief Whistle Ice Queen.png Ice Queen Tango Cross1.png
Mini Minotaur (buff).png Mini Minotaur.png Mini Minotaur Tartar Sauce.png Tartar Sauce Iron Crate.png Iron Crate Tango Cross1.png
Zephyr Fish (buff).png Zephyr Fish (pet).png Zephyr Fish (pet) Zephyr Fish.png Zephyr Fish Mechanic's Rod.png Fishing Tango Cross1.png
Companion Cube Buff.png Companion Cube.png Companion Cube Pc only.png Companion Cube.png Companion Cube Traveling Merchant.png Traveling Merchant Tango Cross1.png

Console/Mobile[edit | edit source]

Console only.png Mobile only.png Console and Mobile Exclusive Pets
Buff Pet Item Source Damages Enemies
Pet Bat.png Bat Pet.png Bat Vial of Blood.png Vial of Blood Vampire Miner.png Vampire Miner, Gold Chest.png Gold Chest Tango Tick1.png
Pet Guinea Pig.png Guinea Pig.png Guinea Pig Cabbage.png Cabbage Dragon Snatcher.png Dragon Snatcher, Gold Chest.png Gold Chest, Chest.png Chest Tango Cross1.png
Pet Slime.png Slime Pet.png Slime Petri Dish.png Petri Dish Corrupt Slime.png Corrupt Slime, Gold Chest.png Gold Chest, Chest.png Chest Tango Cross1.png
Pet Tiphia.png Tiphia.png Tiphia Beeswax.png Beeswax Dragon Hornet.png Dragon Hornet, Gold Chest.png Gold Chest, Ivy Chest.png Ivy Chest Tango Tick1.png
Pet Werewolf.png Werewolf Pet.png Werewolf Wolf Fang.png Wolf Fang Werewolf.png Werewolf, Gold Chest.png Gold Chest, Ivy Chest.png Ivy Chest Tango Tick1.png
Pet Zombie.png Zombie Pet.png Zombie Brain.png Brain The Groom.png The Groom, Gold Chest.png Gold Chest, Shadow Chest.png Shadow Chest Tango Tick1.png

Mobile[edit | edit source]

Mobile only.png Mobile Exclusive Pets
Buff Pet Item Source Damages Enemies Provides Light
Pet Android.png Android.png Android1 Shiny Black Slab.png Shiny Black Slab Chest.png Chest Tango Tick1.png Tango Cross1.png
Pet Elfa.png Elfa.png Elfa Holiday Bauble.png Holiday Bauble Tree.png Tree during Christmas Tango Tick1.png Tango Cross1.png
Pet Leprechaun o'Fyffe.png Leprechaun o'Fyffe.png Leprechaun o'Fyffe Pot o' Gold.png Pot o' Gold Rainbow Piece.png Rainbow Piece ×5 Tango Cross1.png Tango Cross1.png
Pet Cupid.png Cupid.png Cupid Broken Heart Crystal.png Broken Heart Crystal Gem.gif Gem Tango Cross1.png Tango Tick1.png
Pet Worm.png Worm Pet.png Worm Pet Suspicious Looking Apple.png Suspicious Looking Apple Giant Worm Head.png Digger Head.png Devourer Head.png World Feeder Head.png Eater of Worlds Head.png Tango Cross1.png Tango Cross1.png
Pet Old Lady.png Old Lady Pet.png Old Lady Old Walking Stick.png Old Walking Stick Clothier.png Clothier during day Tango Cross1.png Tango Cross1.png
Pet Turkey (buff).png Pet Turkey.png Pet Turkey Turkey Feather.png Turkey Feather
Merchant.png Merchant
during Thanksgiving
Tango Cross1.png Tango Cross1.png
Pet Golden Turtle (buff).png Pet Golden Turtle.png Golden Turtle1 Golden Seaweed.png Golden Seaweed Chest.png Chest Tango Cross1.png Tango Cross1.png

1The Android pet is only found on Android devices, and the Golden Turtle pet is only found on Amazon Fire TV. Both pets can be obtained on other devices via trading.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Mini Minotaur is a reference to Tobuscus's song "Mini Minotaur," in which the Minotaur's weakness is tartar sauce.
  • Console-exclusive pet-summoning items now have a chance to drop from certain enemies, typically their respective versions. Their chance to appear in chests seems to have also increased.
  • In the Xbox Edition, when a pet disappears, it can't be resumed.
  • Pets give the player a buff with the same name as the pet without a time limit, which will last until the player dies.
  • Pets do not count towards a player's current minion count.
  • The Nectar item looks like a flower, despite its name.
  • Some Pets such as the Cursed Sapling and Baby Truffle provide light for the player which is rather useful when caving or in dark areas.
  • The six items below are entities which can be summoned called Light Pets, They can be equipped in the "light pet" slot as of 1.3

History[edit | edit source]

  • Added a pet slot in Equipment tab
  • 1.2.4: There are several new Pets including the Mini Minotaur. Fixed exploit where you could dupe pets with Bug Net in multiplayer. Fixed bug where other player's pets would disappear after a while (in multiplayer).
  • 1.2.2: There are several new pets as well as 1 new mount that will drop off one of the Frost Moon bosses.
  • 1.2.1: Added new Halloween themed pets.
  • 1.2: There are over 15 new pets that can be found in chests and dropped rarely off enemies.
  • 1.1.2: Added Pet Bunny.
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