Pink Jellyfish

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Pink Jellyfish
Pink Jellyfish.png
Type Fish Enemy
Environment Ocean
AI Type Jellyfish
Damage 30
Max Life 70
Defense 6
KB Resist 0%
Coins 100 Copper Coin
Item (Quantity) Rate
Glowstick.png Glowstick (1-4) 100%
Jellyfish Necklace.png Jellyfish Necklace 1%
Jellyfish Banner.png Jellyfish Banner 0.5%
Internal NPC ID: 64
For the item caught with fishing see: Pink Jellyfish (Bait).

Pink Jellyfish are enemies found in the Ocean. They are stronger than Blue Jellyfish, and can only spawn within 250 blocks (500 feet) from the edge of the map.


  • This Jellyfish is not related to the Pink Jellyfish (Bait), despite their identical names. You cannot catch a Pink Jellyfish with a Bug Net. The Bait item is instead acquired through Fishing.


  • Glowsticks that are dropped by the Pink Jellyfish are great for lighting up the ocean floor. Due to their high drop rate and how common jellyfish are, a trip through the Ocean will typically net you dozens of Glowsticks, you can in turn sell to make around 1 Silver Coin.


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