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A group of pirates.

The Pirate Invasion is a hardmode event where pirate themed enemies spawn and swarm the map's original spawn point. A Pirate Invasion can occur after certain conditions are met, or alternatively, when the player uses a Pirate Map which has a chance of dropping from enemies killed within an Ocean biome.


The criteria for a random Pirate Invasion to occur is as follows:


  • First, the Goblin Army event must fail to occur. (59/60 chance)
  • Then, there is a 1/30 chance that the Pirates will invade that day if they haven't invaded yet, otherwise the chance is 1/50
  • The final probability comes out as 3.27% each morning for the first invasion and 1.96% for subsequent ones.
  • You will get a random invasion about every 20 hours and 20 minutes of playing Terraria.
  • If, however, there is another invasion in progress, then there is no chance until the other invasion ends.

Initial Event[edit]

When a Pirate Invasion spawns or is summoned using a Pirate Map, a message will appear saying that "Pirates are approaching from the (East/West)!"

The message will repeat several times until the Pirates reach the initial spawn of the world or any area of the world above the surface which has a nearby NPC. When the Pirates' initial wave reaches the spawn, their arrival is announced with "The Pirates have arrived!" The music track "Golem" will then proceed to play as the players fight the pirates.

Pirates drop several kinds of loot; of particular note is the Cutlass, which has a high enough speed to outclass the Excalibur in DPS (damage per second). It is dropped by any pirate invasion creature but the parrot. Pirates also randomly drop Golden Tables, Golden Chairs and other golden pieces of furniture, as well as a pirate-themed vanity clothing set.

Completing the Event[edit]

Similar to a Goblin Invasion, you are required to defeat a large number of pirates in order to end the invasion. This may require the player(s) to kill many Pirate Captains. For a single-player invasion, the player is required to kill 120 Pirates before the event is completed, and this number increases with each additional player.

This is currently the Invasion rated for the highest-tier equipment in Terraria. Enemies have higher damage and defense than other invasions, but due to the limited AI, they might actually be easier than the goblin invasion for a weak but prepared player to overcome.

Defeating your first pirate invasion unlocks the Pirate NPC.


Pirate Invasion
Characters Unique drops
Pirate Deckhand.png Pirate Deckhand
Pirate Deadeye.png Pirate Deadeye
Pirate Corsair.png Pirate Corsair
Pirate Crossbower.png Pirate Crossbower
Pirate Captain.png Pirate Captain
Parrot.png Parrot

From Parrots:

Parrot Banner.png Parrot Banner

From all Pirates:

Coin Gun.png Coin Gun
Lucky Coin.png Lucky Coin
Discount Card.png Discount Card
Pirate Staff.png Pirate Staff
Cutlass.png Cutlass
Pirate Banner.png Pirate Banner

From all Pirates except Captains:

Sailor Hat.png Sailor Hat
Eye Patch.png Eye Patch
Sailor Shirt.png Sailor Shirt
Sailor Pants.png Sailor Pants
Golden Chair.png Golden Chair
Golden Table.png Golden Table
Golden Candle.png Golden Candle
Golden Toilet.png Golden Toilet
Golden Lamp.png Golden Lamp
Golden Bed.png Golden Bed
Golden Lantern.png Golden Lantern
Golden Door.png Golden Door
Golden Candelabra.png Golden Candelabra
Golden Bookcase.png Golden Bookcase
Golden Chandelier.png Golden Chandelier
Golden Clock.png Golden Grandfather Clock
Golden Sofa.png Golden Sofa
Golden Piano.png Golden Piano
Golden Bathtub.png Golden Bathtub
Golden Dresser.png Golden Dresser


  • The Biome Key Molds for the Crimson, Corruption, Hallow, Jungle, and Frost Biome Chests can easily be obtained if you arrange for the pirates to fight you in that biome. One way to do so is to set up an artificial biome near the spawn point. The other is to simply go near your spawn point to trigger the invasion, then fly to an existing biome that has been prepared to handle an invasion.
  • If fought while using a Flask of Gold, one can average between 45-55gold per event, thus making this one of the easiest ways to get gold especially when you are prepared for each event.
  • Pirates themselves can drop pirate maps if fought in the ocean biome. This is an easy way to obtain large amounts of money.


  • The pirates are the only human enemies. (Besides the Nymph, which initially appears as the Lost Girl)


If you want to face the pirates head-on you must be prepared. Defeating these pirates is not an easy feat for a fresh hardmode player. You will want to use weapons that pierces multiple enemies at once, such as the Shadowbeam Staff or the Magical Harp. Alternatively, you can make sure the pirates stay below you, with you on a wooden platform. Then use some kind of high-level Spear to slay the attackers. When a captain attacks, focus all of your attention on him, because he will stop attacking when attacked. If you have the Uzi, Flamethrower, or Minishark/Megashark it is good to continually fly over the pirates and shoot at them as it is hard for them to shoot you down.

Anti-pirate construction made of sunplate

Otherwise, you can make an anti-pirate special construction as pictured, which will prevent enemies from shooting at you. It is very effective and easy to build. It may be made of any stable block (so anything besides sand, silt and slush), but with some block types the Captain's cannonball still can hurt you. You will need ricochet ammo, such as Meteor bullets, or simply a bouncing or controllable spell, (Waterbolt, Rainbow Rod etc.) in order to deal damage.

The simplest and easiest way to face the pirate invasion is not to face them at all. Simply make a shallow lava pit for them to fry themselves upon, and let the lava do the work for you. Shown in this video. Lava in its shallowest state will allow you to loot drops. You can dig a passageway underneath the lava pit to collect the dropped loot. For an endgame player, Spiky Ball Traps hooked up to a 1 Second Timer will kill pirates as fast, if not faster, and can be easily turned off or moved, unlike lava.

Another way to face them is to completely enclose yourself with solid blocks, then use a Inferno Fork as the inferno will hurt the pirates through blocks. However, this requires that Plantera be defeated and the player has found an Inferno Fork. This is also possible with a Death Sickle, or a Nettle Burst, which can both pierce blocks. You could also leave your Minions outside of your hole and let them do the dirty work. A great method is to build a small box, and stay inside of it while using a weapon such as the Crimson Rod or Nimbus Rod. This works because although the clouds themselves won't go through solid blocks, the raindrops will go through a floor that is one block thick. The raindrops will kill off the pirates without you doing anything.

Surprisingly, Beenades used with Shroomite armor are very effective against a Pirate Invasion. Simply stand in an enclosed tunnel, and throw Beenades at any pirates trying to enter. A melee weapon is recommended for finishing off any stragglers that manage to make it in. Alternatively, stand on top of a platform out of reach of the pirates and drop Beenades down on them.

Safe way to kill the pirates with a melee weapon.

An easy way to deal with the Pirate Invasion is to dig a small 3-block tunnel with a 3-block wide pit next to it and then close it off. Mine the two blocks out starting from the ground up, then mine out the block directly above your head, and the block next to it so that you have 1 "floating" block right in front of your face. Just stand there and swing with any Broadsword-type weapon (Cutlass and Night's Edge work well). It is very unlikely you will get hit doing this, though sometimes parrots get hung up on nearby terrain and they will need to be killed separately after the Invasion is defeated.

For advanced hardmode players, a simple long, flat platform is yet another effective way to defeat the Pirate Invasion. With a weapon like the Stake Launcher, pirates can be killed simultaneously and with great ease as the Stakes fired by the Stake Launcher travel at high velocities and can pierce up to 10 enemies. Any swarm-type weapon (eg. Bat Scepter, Scourge of the Corruptor, etc.) will also make the invasion short work.

Another very simple strategy for early hardmode is make a straight upside corridor,fill it with ropes so you can stay clinged ,make two openings so the pirates can enter by the sides , put a shallow pit of lava so the drops don't burn and use a minishark with explosive ammo to finish the most resillient pirates.

An easy way to do this is to gather traps from the Lizahrd Temple and use them against the invasion. Rig them up to a 1 second timer to create a deadly trap for them. Enclose yourself in a box and use minions or wall-piercing weapons for extra attacks to top it all off.

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  • 1.2.4: New drops added. Not destroying a Shadow Orb at all will no longer block Natural Pirate invasions.
  • 1.2.1: Fixed a bug that would prevent Pirates from spawning.
  • Added rare drops of Golden Furniture Set and the Pirate & Parrot Banner.
  • 1.2: Introduced.
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