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Plants are found all across Terraria, and may grow from certain block types given various conditions. Most can be harvested for use, and may additionally drop seeds for replanting. Different biomes generally have distinct plant life.


Grass enables many plants to grow on it. Grass covers most of the above ground landscape. There are six types of grass: Normal, Corrupt, Crimson, Mushroom, Jungle and Hallow.

Image Name Color Soil Type Location Plants
Grass.png Grass Green Dirt Block.png Dirt Surface of Forests, Floating Islands Trees, Regular Mushrooms, wild grass, Daybloom, Yellow Marigold
Corrupt grass.png Corrupt Grass Purple Dirt Block.png Dirt Surface of The Corruption Corrupt Trees, Vile Mushrooms, wild corrupt grass, Deathweed, Thorny Bushes
Crimson grass.png Crimson Grass Red Dirt Block.png Dirt Surface of Crimson Crimson Trees, wild crimson grass, Deathweed
Mushroom grass.png Mushroom grass Blue Mud Block.png Mud Mushroom Biome Glowing Mushrooms, giant glowing mushrooms
Jungle grass.png Jungle Grass Lime green Mud Block.png Mud Jungle, Underground Jungle Jungle Trees, wild jungle grass, Moonglow
Underground Jungle: Thorny Bushes, Jungle Spores, Jungle Rose, Moonglow, Nature's Gift
Hallowed grass.png Hallowed Grass Cyan Dirt Block.png Dirt Surface of The Hallow Hallowed Trees, Regular Mushrooms, flowery grass, Daybloom


Moss is a grass-like plant that grows on stone blocks. It comes in five colors, and one color can be found throughout each third of a given map (three colors per world), either randomly on cave surfaces or in "moss chambers" with a matching mossy stone wall. Moss sprouts fuzz that can be cut like grass weeds, and mossy stone requires one more hit to break than clean stone, but otherwise moss does nothing. Moss will be destroyed if the stone block it is on becomes ebonstone, crimstone, or pearlstone.

Moss colors
Moss Red.png
Moss Yellow.png
Moss Green.png
Moss Blue.png
Moss Purple.png


Herbs are plants used at Placed Bottles to create different potions with varying effects. Herbs can be found all across the world and can be harvested with almost any weapon or tool. Each herb will bloom when certain requirements are met. Herbs harvested while blooming will drop 1-3 seeds of its kind. Herbs can also be grown inside Clay Pots using the seeds acquired after harvesting. Herbs grown in clay pots are harvested with a pickaxe. There are currently 7 herbs in the game.

Plant Seeds Biome Grows on... Blooms...
Blinkroot.png Blinkroot Blinkroot Seeds.png Underground Dirt or Mud At random
Daybloom.png Daybloom Daybloom Seeds.png Surface Pure or Hallowed grass During the day
Deathweed.png Deathweed Deathweed Seeds.png Corruption
Ebonstone, Corrupt Grass,
Crimstone, or Crimson Grass
During a Blood Moon
Fireblossom.png Fireblossom Fireblossom Seeds.png Underworld Ash When submerged in lava
Moonglow.png Moonglow Moonglow Seeds.png Jungle Jungle Grass During the night
Shiverthorn.png Shiverthorn Shiverthorn Seeds.png Snow Snow Always
Waterleaf.png Waterleaf Waterleaf Seeds.png Desert Sand or Pearlsand During rain


Mushrooms grow randomly on most of Terraria. They will only grow on their type of blocks. There are currently 5 species of mushrooms:

Name Location Notes
Mushroom.png Mushroom Surface, on regular Grass. Consumable.
Glowing Mushroom.png Glowing Mushroom Any layer, on Mushroom Grass Doesn't always yield mushrooms and may yield Mushroom Grass Seeds when harvested.
Vile Mushroom.png Vile Mushroom Any layer, on Corrupt Grass. Can be used at a Placed Bottle to make Vile Powder.
Green Mushroom.png Green Mushroom Cavern layer Used at the Dye Vat to make Green Dye.
Teal Mushroom.png Teal Mushroom Underground Used at the Dye Vat to make Teal Dye.

Regular Mushrooms can be turned into Vile Mushrooms and vice versa using Purification Powder, Unholy Water, or Holy water respectively.


regular vine
Jungle Vines.png
jungle vine
Hallowed Vines.png
hallowed vine
Vines redirects here. For the item dropped by Man Eaters, see Vine.

Vines can be seen hanging from Dirt Blocks if grass has spread there, or from Mud Blocks with Jungle Grass. In either case, there must be empty space below for the vine to grow (a Torch or a Wood Platform, for example, will block them). Vines can be cut easily with nearly any Weapon or Tool, as the whole vine will instantly be destroyed if the top piece of the vine or the block that the vine is hanging from are destroyed. If that cannot be done, a vine can be destroyed by getting hit by a pickaxe or having the block they are hanging from be latched to by a grappling hook. Vines block light, but do not impede movement.

Unlike tall grass, vines do not require sunlight and will grow underground or in front of walls.

Vines will never drop the Vine object; this is an uncommon Man Eater drop.

Hallow vines will spread hallow, and Crimson vines will spread the Crimson.


Cactus seen in a Desert
Main article: Cactus

Cacti can be found in the Desert biome on sand. They can be chopped down, like trees, to receive Cactus. However, unlike trees, you can mine the sand from beneath them, which will destroy the cactus. Hallowed, Corrupt, and Crimson cacti will still drop the cactus item.

Thorny bushes

A thorny bush in the Corruption
A thorny bush in the Underground Jungle

Thorny bushes are plants that grow naturally in the Corruption and the Underground Jungle, like grass. Unlike grass though, Thorny Bushes will damage the player on contact. Currently, there are two types of thorny bushes: red bushes that grow in the Underground Jungle which deal 25 damage and purple bushes that grow in the Corruption that deal 10 damage. Thorny Bushes grow in all directions (not just upwards), and may spread. All NPCs and enemies are immune to them. They cannot be obtained as an item. The Corruption variant of Thorny Bushes spreads corruption, the Jungle variant, however, does not spread jungle grass. Thorny bushes cannot grow over or otherwise affect vines. Therefore, vines can prevent the propagation of Corruption across large gaps that would otherwise require careful maintenance. However corrupt bushes will convert jungle bushes in hardmode.


Main article: Sunflower

Sunflowers are found on grass on the surface. They are not only there for decoration, but they also stop corruption and crimson from spreading. You can pick them up by destroying the grass on the block under them with a pickaxe to receive a Sunflower.

Life Fruit

Main Article: Life Fruit

Life Fruit are found only in the Jungle Biome during hardmode. They can be collected by swinging a sword or pickaxe to destroy it like grass or thorns. Life Fruit are consumed for a permanent increase of 5 to a players maximum Health.

Dye Plants

Plants that produce dye materials.

Dye plants produce or transform into dye materials when harvested. They grow in various regions depending on the type of plant; see dye for more information where to harvest each one.

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  • 1.2.1:
    • Sunflowers reduce Crimson's effects
  • 1.2:
    • New plants.
    • Crimson grass introduced.
  • 1.1:
    • Cacti no longer damage players that touch them.
  • 1.0.6:
    • Thorny bushes are now destroyed on contact with the player.
    • Cacti will no longer cause knockback or destroy blocks as they grow.
  • 1.0.5:
    • Rate of plant growth is slowed.
    • Vines that refused to grow longer than 1 tile in length while underwater will now grow correctly.
  • 1.0.4: Jungle plants now grow underwater.

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