Shadow Orb

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Shadow Orb
Shadow Orb.png
Type Background object
Max Life 4 hits to destroy with a Wooden Hammer
Item (Quantity) Rate
Musket.png Musket 20%
Musket Ball.png Musket Ball (100) 100% [with Musket]
Shadow Orb (item).png Shadow Orb (item) 20%
Vilethorn.png Vilethorn 20%
Ball O' Hurt.png Ball O' Hurt 20%
Band of Starpower.png Band of Starpower 20%
This article is about the environment object. For the usable light source, see Shadow Orb (item).

A Shadow Orb is a floating purple sphere, found deep in the Chasms of the Corruption. Destroying at least three of these orbs (in a single world) will usually be a crucial step in game advancement. This can be done using any Hammer, or Bombs/Dynamite. Shadow Orbs emit a purple, flickering light, similar to Demon Altars.

Multiple Shadow Orbs are found in the Corruption, with each located at the bottom of a Chasm, surrounded by Ebonstone. While mining Ebonstone requires at least a Nightmare Pickaxe, Ebonstone can be converted to normal Stone Blocks with Purification Powder, and mined with a lower-tier Pickaxe. Alternatively, Bombs or Dynamite can be used to destroy Ebonstone.

Shadow Orbs are the Corruption counterpart to the Crimson's Crimson Hearts, and serve a similar purpose.

Consequences of destruction[edit | edit source]

  • The first Shadow Orb destroyed will always drop a Musket and some Musket Balls. Carrying the Musket or Musket Balls will fulfill the criteria for the Arms Dealer to arrive.
  • Destroying at least one Shadow Orb fulfills one of the two criteria for a Goblin Army to attack (having at least 200 health is the other requirement).
  • The third Shadow Orb destroyed summons the Eater of Worlds, which spawns immediately. The Eater of Worlds is re-summoned with every third Shadow Orb destroyed.
  • Each Shadow Orb destroyed provides a chance for a Meteorite to land. Each Shadow Orb gives a separate 50% chance of immediately causing a Meteorite to fall when destroyed between midnight (12:00am) and dawn (4:30am). However, destroying any number of Shadow Orbs between dawn and midnight only allows one 50% chance of a Meteorite falling the following midnight.

Messages[edit | edit source]

The following status messages appear upon destruction of Shadow Orbs:

  • First Orb: "A horrible chill runs down your spine..."
  • Second Orb: "Screams echo around you..."
  • Third Orb: "Eater of Worlds has awoken!"

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • On the Mobile only.pngMobile version, two Shadow Orbs can spawn directly next to each other, with no Ebonstone in between. This is to compensate for the lower amount of chasms.

History[edit | edit source]

  • 1.2.4: Not destroying a Shadow Orb at all will no longer block Natural Pirate invasions.
  • Shadow Orb and Fairy Bell no longer show a duration.
  • 1.2:
    • The Light Orb is now a Shadow Orb (item). It also no longer requires mana to use, emits a purple glow and it is active indefinitely until turned off manually.
    • Introduction as an item while also being an object in the world.
  • 1.1.2: Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause the Eater of Worlds to not spawn after three shadow orbs had been smashed.
  • Shadow Orbs will no longer be smashed during world generation.
  • Pre-Release: Introduced.
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