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A green and blue slime in a forest.
White Present Slime.png Gold Present Slime.png Green Present Slime.png Red Present Slime.png
Present Slimes appearing during Christmas
Bunny Slime.png
Slime in Bunny costume for Halloween

Slimes are the most common type of monster the player will fight, with a surprisingly high spawn rate during the day. They come in multiple sizes and colors, each of which has different health and damage. Slimes float in water.

All slimes follow basic Slime AI and attack by hopping onto the player. All types drop 1-2 Gel except for Corrupt Slime, which drops 2-4 gel, and the Lava Slime, which drops no gel. This is a vital ingredient in crafting Torches, Lesser Healing Potions and Sticky Bombs. In addition, it is the ammunition used when firing a Flamethrower.

Slimes spawned on or near the surface are usually neutral and do not chase the player unless provoked or if still on-screen after nightfall. Slimes spawned underground are always hostile, however. Green, Blue, Red, Purple and Yellow Slimes usually spawn on or near the surface. Mother Slime, Baby Slime, and Black Slime can only be found underground. Pinky may appear anywhere, although rarely.

Lava Slimes will only spawn in the Underworld and do not receive damage from lava. It has an orange glow similar to that of the molten armor.

Dungeon Slimes spawn in the Dungeon.

Jungle Slimes spawn in the Jungle.

Corrupt Slimes and Slimers appear in The Corruption and Underground Corruption. Illuminant Slimes appear in The Hallow and Underground Hallow, and Crimslimes appear in The Crimson and Underground Crimson, whereas Toxic Sludge is found anywhere in the Underground. All of these are found only during hardmode. Also found during hardmode is the Gastropod which drops 5-10 gel on death.

Umbrella Slimes spawn during rain. They carry a multicolored umbrella.


Green Slimes, Blue Slimes, Bunny Slimes, and Red Slimes do not attack the player unless attacked or bumped into, but at night, they become hostile. All slimes will try to attack NPCs unprovoked. When a slime is preparing to hop it will bob up and down quickly.

Types of Slimes[edit]

Slime Type Health Damage Defense Coins Additional info
aGreen Slime 14 6 0 3 Copper Coin Most common Slime
bBlue Slime 25 7 2 25 Copper Coin
cRed Slime 35 12 4 8 Copper Coin
dPurple Slime 40 12 6 10 Copper Coin
eYellow Slime 45 15 7 10 Copper Coin
fBlack Slime 45 15 4 20 Copper Coin Has a chance on attack to cause the "Darkness" debuff
gMother Slime 90 20 7 75 Copper Coin Spawns up to three baby Slimes upon death
hBaby Slime 30 13 4 10 Copper Coin Comes from Mother Slime
iPinky 150 5 5 1 Gold Coin Smallest slime in game. Spawns very rarely
jJungle Slime 60 18 6 5 Silver Coin
kLava Slime 50 15 3 120 Copper Coin Immune to lava
kDungeon Slime 150 30 7 150 Copper Coin Drops a Golden Key on death
lKing Slime 2000 40 10 1 Gold Coin Drops one piece of Ninja clothes, rare spawn rate, and doesn't follow Slime AI.
mCorrupt Slime 170 55 20 4 Silver Coin Spawns in Corruption and Underground Corruption biomes. Spawns two/three Slimelings upon death. Hardmode enemy.
nSlimeling 90 45 10 1 Silver Coin Spawned from Corrupt Slime. Hardmode enemy.
oSlimer 60 45 20 1 Silver Coin Spawns in Corruption and Underground Corruption biomes. Spawns with wings. Hardmode enemy.
pToxic Sludge 150 50 18 4 Silver Coin Has a chance to poison. Hardmode enemy.
qIlluminant Slime 180 70 30 4 Silver Coin Spawns in Underground Hallow biomes. Glows and has an afterimage. Hardmode enemy.
rIce Slime 30 8 4 54 Copper Coin Spawns in snow biomes.
rSpiked Ice Slime 60 12 8 2 Silver Coin Spawns in underground snow biomes. Fires ice spike projectiles (17 damage).
sUmbrella Slime 35 10 5 25 Copper Coin Spawns during rain.
sSpiked Jungle Slime 65 28 8 2 Silver Coin Spawns in underground jungle biomes. Fires stinger spike projectiles.
sCrimslime 200 60 26 4 Silver Coin Spawns in Crimson biomes. Hardmode enemy.
sRainbow Slime 400 85 26 20 Silver Coin Spawns during the Rain in Hallow biomes. Hardmode enemy.
rPc only.png Bunny Slime 60 12 8 2 Silver Coin Spawns in the forest. For the Halloween update.

Coin drop rates will vary. The values listed represent the total value of coins dropped.

  • Note that nearly all Slimes can drop the Slime Staff upon death, however it's extremely rare (with a drop rate at 0.01%).


  • During the Halloween update Slimes will occasionally spawn dressed in a bunny costume. They share the same stats with Blue Slimes.
  • Smaller Slimes may clip through walls and one block holes. Make your house carefully or else Slimes may be able to get in.
  • Farming Slimes with a Slime Statue can produce an infinite amount of Gel, which can be helpful for the Flamethrower.
  • It is worth noting that farming Slimes with the statue can also wield the KO Cannon during a Blood Moon.
  • During the 1.2.2 Christmas update forest Slimes will occasionally spawn looking like presents, with a large ribbon tied onto them. These Slimes have a chance of dropping the Giant Bow Vanity item.


  • Slime banners are easier to obtain in the Console Versions.


  • 1.2.1: Bunny Slime introduced.
  • 1.2: Umbrella Slime, Rainbow Slime, Crimslime, Spiked Jungle Slime, Ice Slime and Spiked Ice Slime introduced.
  • 1.1: Corrupt Slime, Slimeling, Slimer, Toxic Sludge, and Illuminant Slime introduced.
  • Slimes no longer chase the player in water when they are not in aggresive mode.
  • 1.0.6:
    • Dungeon Slime introduced.
  • 1.0.5:
    • Lava Slime introduced.
    • All slimes now float in liquids (water and, for the Lava Slime, lava) and don't make a splash sound when hitting water.
    • Only one giant slime will appear at a time.
  • 1.0.4: King Slime and Jungle Slime introduced.
  • Pre-Release: All the various colored slimes, Pinky, Mother and Baby Slimes introduced.
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