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Snow Biomes are snowy areas where Snow Blocks and Ice Blocks are generated in place of grass, dirt and stone. Trees within Snow Biomes have a snowy cover on them. Instead of rain, the Snow Biome has blizzards. Even when it's clear in other biomes, there is still a light snow as Snow Blocks cause a light snow effect.

Dome shaped hills are commonly found in snow biomes, each one containing a cave that is similar in generation to crimson chasms and pyramids.

Underneath the Snow Biome you will find the Underground Snow.


Snow biome
Characters Unique drops For Sale

Ice Slime.png Ice Slime

Zombie Eskimo.png Zombie Eskimo (at night)

In Hardmode:

Ice Golem.png Ice Golem (during a blizzard)

Ice Elemental.png Ice Elemental (at night)
Wolf.png Wolf (at night)

Addition during a Blood Moon:

Corrupt Penguin.png Corrupt Penguin


Penguin.png Penguin

From Zombie Eskimos:

Eskimo armor.png Eskimo armor
Zombie Eskimo Banner.png Zombie Eskimo Banner

From Ice Golems:

Ice Feather.png Ice Feather
Frost Core.png Frost Core
Frost Staff.png Frost Staff

From Ice Elementals:

Frost Staff.png Frost Staff
Ice Elemental Banner.png Ice Elemental Banner

From Wolves:

Wolf Banner.png Wolf Banner

In Hardmode:

Frozen Key Mold.png Frozen Key Mold (from any
enemy with about 1/2500 chance)

From the terrain:

Snow Block.png Snow Block
Ice Block.png Ice Block
Purple Ice Block.png Purple Ice Block (Corruption overlapping)
Red Ice Block.png Red Ice Block (Crimson overlapping)
Pink Ice Block.png Pink Ice Block (Hallow overlapping)

From vegetation:

Boreal Wood.png Boreal Wood
Shiverthorn.png Shiverthorn

From fishing:

Atlantic Cod.png Atlantic Cod
Frost Minnow.png Frost Minnow

From the Merchant:

Marshmallow.png Marshmallow

From the Clothier:

Beanie.png Beanie

From the Painter:

Cold Waters in the White Land.png Cold Waters in the White Land


  • Water does not turn into ice blocks in a Snow biome. Ice blocks are generated automatically.
  • It is possible for the initial spawn point to be in a snow biome.
  • Acorns can be used on snow blocks to plant boreal trees.
  • Snowmen will not spawn in this area by default.
  • Snow biomes are somewhat immune to surface Hallow and Corruption/Crimson spread since snow blocks cannot be transformed. However Ice Blocks are affected and will be transformed into Pink Ice Blocks (Hallow), Purple Ice Blocks (Corruption) and Red Ice Blocks (Crimson), which mostly affects the Underground Snow.
  • Grass will not grow on dirt blocks in a Snow biome.
  • In versions prior to 1.2, Snow biomes were only generated in worlds created between the 15th and 31st of December, and in roughly 33% of worlds at any other time of the year. Snow biomes were also less elaborate, without specific theme music or mobs.
  • Some NPCs will sell different items when situated in a snow biome, such as the Merchant and the Clothier.
  • The Snow Biome and Rain Biome can overlap each other causing monsters native to both biomes to spawn in the same area.
  • As of version 1.2, an event called Blizzard may occur in this biome, causing greatly increased snowfall and new monsters to spawn.
  • In Hardmode, all enemies in snow biomes have a chance of dropping a Frozen Key Mold.
  • In the console/mobile versions, the snow biome has a very little chance of being generated.
  • It is possible to make your own Snow Biome by placing Snow Blocks and/or Ice Blocks along the surface of where you want it to be. enemies will spawn including penguin, it can have blizzards, and there can be Underground Snow if the snow is deep enough. This also works in hardmode.
  • Most of the time, the Snow Biome is facing towards the dungeon.
  • Mobile only.png If an artificial snow biome is created, then the theme music will still play, but the snowfall effect will not appear. This could be a bug.


  • 1.2.4: Snow trees now drop Boreal wood.
  • Fixed random crashing when in a snow biome in multiplayer.
  • Snow particles will no longer spawn on backwalls.
  • 1.2: Has a new background, event (Blizzard), theme music and mobs. Underground Snow added as the underground counterpart. Snowy trees now drop acorns. Can now be corrupted/hallowed. Also added ice.
  • 1.1.1: Introduced.
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