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Type Furniture
Placeable Yes
Dimensions 3 wide ˣ 3 high
Max stack 99
Use time 14
Tooltip Used to craft objects
Buy / Sell 10 Gold Coin / 2 Gold Coin
Pc only.png Console only.png PC/Console-Only Content: This information (or parts of it) applies only to the console and PC version of Terraria.

The Solidifier is a crafting station which can be purchased from the Steampunker during the day.

[edit] Crafting

[edit] Used to craft



Result Ingredients
Slime Block.png Slime Block Gel.png Gel
Frozen Slime Block.png Frozen Slime Block Slime Block.png Slime Block
Ice Block.png Ice Block
Slime Chair.png Slime Chair Slime Block.png Slime Block (4)
Slime Table.png Slime Table Slime Block.png Slime Block (8)
Slime Bathtub.png Slime Bathtub Slime Block.png Slime Block (14)
Slime Bookcase.png Slime Bookcase Slime Block.png Slime Block (20)
Book.png Book (10)
Slime Dresser.png Slime Dresser Slime Block.png Slime Block (16)
Slime Piano.png Slime Piano Bone.png Bone (4)
Slime Block.png Slime Block (15)
Book.png Book
Slime Bed.png Slime Bed Slime Block.png Slime Block (15)
Silk.png Silk (5)
Slime Sofa.png Slime Sofa Slime Block.png Slime Block (5)
Silk.png Silk (2)
Slime Chest.png Slime Chest Slime Block.png Slime Block (8)
Iron Bar.png Iron Bar (2)
Slime Clock.png Slime Clock Iron Bar.png Iron Bar (3)
Glass.png Glass (6)
Slime Block.png Slime Block (10)
Slime Door.png Slime Door Slime Block.png Slime Block (6)
Slime Candelabra.png Slime Candelabra Slime Block.png Slime Block (5)
Torch.png Torch (3)
Slime Candle.png Slime Candle Slime Block.png Slime Block (4)
Torch.png Torch
Slime Chandelier.png Slime Chandelier Slime Block.png Slime Block (4)
Torch.png Torch (4)
Iron Chain.png Iron Chain
Slime Lamp.png Slime Lamp Slime Block.png Slime Block (3)
Torch.png Torch
Slime Lantern.png Slime Lantern Slime Block.png Slime Block (6)
Torch.png Torch


[edit] History

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