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An automated farm for statue products.

Statues are furniture items. There are a total of 83 different statues, most serving only as decoration, while some are also functional mechanisms that have an effect when connected to wires and activated. Depending on the statue, upon activation it may spawn enemies, drop items, or teleport an NPC to the statue's location. Most statues can be found already placed in any area underground (most frequently in the Dungeon and Underground Cabins), though Angel Statues appear in Chests. Like all furniture, a pickaxe must be used to free and collect them.

Enemies spawned from statues do not generally drop coins or other items (with some exceptions listed below), though they do drop stars and hearts at the usual rate.

Spawn limits[edit]

All item- and enemy-spawning statues have the following spawn limits applied:

  • A spawn will not occur if three of the same entity already exist within 300 pixels (37.5 blocks).
  • A spawn will not occur if six of the same entity already exist within 800 pixels (100 blocks).
  • A spawn will not occur if ten of the same entity already exist anywhere in the World.

If a spawn limit is reached, an item can be picked up or an enemy killed, in order to allow spawning again at the next activation.

Item-dropping statues have a unique cooldown period of 10 seconds per statue tile (except goldfish statue). A 1 Second Timer, for example, will only successfully cause a drop once every 10 seconds. The cooldown only applies to one tile of the statue, so multiple wires connected to separate tiles can theoretically trigger up to 6 drops every 10 seconds. The three-drop spawn limit per 300-tile range brings the actual spawn rate back down to 3 per activation. However, with the 10 second cooldown, it is advantageous to activate all 6 tiles, as once the first 3 items are picked up the other 3 can drop before the first 3 are able to drop again.


Shorter statues, like these Fish Statues, still activate from any wires in its entire 2x3 tile space, even though some wires don't touch them graphically.
  • With a single wire color, up to three independent 1-second timers can be wired per statue, for three spawns per second each. With all three wire colors, all six tiles of a statue can be connected to separate timers, for a possible six spawns per second. Enemy spawn limits apply, though if the enemies are instantly killed upon spawning (eg. if lava or a continually activated trap is used, as in the image to the right), each activation will successfully spawn an enemy.
  • Connecting two or three 1-second timers to the same tile using multiple wire colors does NOT result in more spawns, as one timer seems to override the others. However, it is possible to activate all six blocks of a statue for six spawns per second with only two one-second timers if you use all three colors of wire.
  • Functional statues have a 2-tile width x 3-tile height in which wires will be considered connected, even for shorter statues whose graphics don't appear to reach three tiles of height.
  • Spawned enemies will drop items according to their specific drop rates (see below), but they will not drop items that depend on circumstance rather than enemy type, such as Souls, Presents, and Biome Key Molds. The one exception is the KO Cannon, which can drop during a Blood Moon.
  • Bunnies and Goldfish spawned during a Blood Moon, or hit with Vile Powder, will become Corrupt Bunnies and Corrupt Goldfish and no longer count against the statues' normal spawn limits.
  • Bunnies spawned during a Blood Moon will drop the Bunny Hood.
  • The most valuable statue for money is the Jellyfish Statue (one Gold Coin or more per Jellyfish Necklace).
  • Another way to make money is to put a Chest Statue or Shark Statue in the dungeon after Plantera has been defeated since after they die they have a 6.67% chance of spawning a Dungeon Spirit. Dungeon Spirits drop 1-2 Ectoplasm (50 Silver Coins each).
  • If you break the block that a statue was placed on, the statue will disappear and you cannot get it back.

Functional statues[edit]

Create items[edit]

Statue Drops
Bomb Statue.png Bomb Statue Bomb.png Bomb
Heart Statue.png Heart Statue Heart.png Heart
Star Statue.png Star Statue Star.png Star

Create enemies[edit]

All placed functional statues.
Statue Enemy Drop
Bat Statue.png Bat Statue Bat Depth Meter.png Depth Meter, Chain Knife.png Chain Knife Pc only.png Console only.png, Bat Banner.png Bat Banner
Bird Statue.png Bird Statue Bird Bird Banner.png Bird Banner
Bunny Statue.png Bunny Statue Bunny1 Bunny Hood.png Bunny Hood, Bunny Banner.png Bunny Banner Pc only.png Console only.png, Corrupt Bunny Banner.png Corrupt Bunny Banner
Chest Statue.png Chest Statue Mimic Mimic Banner.png Mimic Banner
Crab Statue.png Crab Statue Crab Crab Banner.png Crab Banner
Fish Statue.png Fish Statue Goldfish1 Goldfish Banner.png Goldfish Banner Pc only.png Console only.png, Corrupt Goldfish Banner.png Corrupt Goldfish Banner
Jellyfish Statue.png Jellyfish Statue Blue Jellyfish Glowstick.png Glowstick, Jellyfish Necklace.png Jellyfish Necklace Pc only.png Console only.png, Jellyfish Banner.png Jellyfish Banner
Piranha Statue.png Piranha Statue Piranha Hook.png Hook, Robot Hat.png Robot Hat, Piranha Banner.png Piranha Banner Pc only.png Console only.png
Shark Statue.png Shark Statue Shark Shark Fin.png Shark Fin Pc only.png,Diving Helmet.png Diving Helmet, Shark Banner.png Shark Banner Pc only.png
Skeleton Statue.png Skeleton Statue Skeleton Hook.png Hook, Ancient Iron Helmet.png Ancient Iron Helmet Pc only.png Console only.png, Ancient Gold Helmet.png Ancient Gold Helmet Pc only.png Console only.png, Bone Sword.png Bone Sword Pc only.png Console only.png, Skull.png Skull Pc only.png Console only.png, Skeleton Banner.png Skeleton Banner Pc only.png Console only.png
Slime Statue.png Slime Statue Blue Slime Gel.png Gel, Slime Staff.png Slime Staff Pc only.png Console only.png, Slime Banner.png Slime Banner Pc only.png Console only.png

1: The creatures spawned by fish and bunny statues will immediately be corrupted during the Blood Moon. Corrupt Goldfish and Corrupt Bunny enemies do not count against the spawn limits, allowing quicker farming. Pre-V1.2 PC and Console Terraria games also did not count these as statue-spawned creatures at all, and allowed money to drop from these creatures, making it a very profitable way to farm statues during Blood Moon events.

NPC teleport[edit]

Statue Effect
King Statue.png King Statue Teleports a random male NPC to the statue's place
Queen Statue.png Queen Statue Teleports a random female NPC to the statue's place
Bug.png Bug : Console only.png If you teleport more than 2 NPCs at same time, the game will crash.

Decorative statues[edit]

All placed decorative statues.

Decorative Statues are generally found placed underground. The Lihzahrd statues are only found in the Lihzahrd Temple. The Angel Statue is sometimes found in Chests.

Angel Statue.png Angel Statue Anvil Statue.png Anvil Statue Armor Statue.png Armor Statue Axe Statue.png Axe Statue
Boomerang Statue.png Boomerang Statue Boot Statue.png Boot Statue Bow Statue.png Bow Statue Corrupt Statue.png Corrupt Statue
Cross Statue.png Cross Statue Eyeball Statue.png Eyeball Statue Gargoyle Statue.png Gargoyle Statue Gloom Statue.png Gloom Statue
Goblin Statue.png Goblin Statue Hammer Statue.png Hammer Statue Hornet Statue.png Hornet Statue Imp Statue.png Imp Statue
Mushroom Statue.png Mushroom Statue Pickaxe Statue.png Pickaxe Statue Pillar Statue.png Pillar Statue Pot Statue.png Pot Statue
Potion Statue.png Potion Statue Reaper Statue.png Reaper Statue Shield Statue.png Shield Statue Spear Statue.png Spear Statue
Sunflower Statue.png Sunflower Statue Sword Statue.png Sword Statue Tree Statue.png Tree Statue Woman Statue.png Woman Statue
Lihzahrd Statue.png Lihzahrd Statue Lihzahrd Guardian Statue.png Lihzahrd Guardian Statue Lihzahrd Watcher Statue.png Lihzahrd Watcher Statue

Text Statues[edit]

These are crafted at the Heavy Work Bench for 50 Stone each.

All placed text statues.
'A' Statue.png 'A' Statue 'B' Statue.png 'B' Statue 'C' Statue.png 'C' Statue 'D' Statue.png 'D' Statue
'E' Statue.png 'E' Statue 'F' Statue.png 'F' Statue 'G' Statue.png 'G' Statue 'H' Statue.png 'H' Statue
'I' Statue.png 'I' Statue 'J' Statue.png 'J' Statue 'K' Statue.png 'K' Statue 'L' Statue.png 'L' Statue
'M' Statue.png 'M' Statue 'N' Statue.png 'N' Statue 'O' Statue.png 'O' Statue 'P' Statue.png 'P' Statue
'Q' Statue.png 'Q' Statue 'R' Statue.png 'R' Statue 'S' Statue.png 'S' Statue 'T' Statue.png 'T' Statue
'U' Statue.png 'U' Statue 'V' Statue.png 'V' Statue 'W' Statue.png 'W' Statue 'X' Statue.png 'X' Statue
'Y' Statue.png 'Y' Statue 'Z' Statue.png 'Z' Statue '0' Statue.png '0' Statue '1' Statue.png '1' Statue
'2' Statue.png '2' Statue '3' Statue.png '3' Statue '4' Statue.png '4' Statue '5' Statue.png '5' Statue
'6' Statue.png '6' Statue '7' Statue.png '7' Statue '8' Statue.png '8' Statue '9' Statue.png '9' Statue


  • Before the 1.1 update, the Angel Statue could be neither placed nor sold, and had no apparent use in the game. It was (and still is, even after the update) the subject of a running in-game joke, whereby NPCs will make reference to its useless nature. It was speculated to be a replacement for developer testing items, to prevent the overpowered test items from being hacked in. It could also simply be an in-joke among the game's developers. If the player acquires a Zapinator, Soul Scythe, Scythe, or Icemourne with an Inventory Editor, it will become an Angel Statue.
  • The Angel Statue is listed to have 5 separate item IDs, but all 5 different statues will stack upon one other in your inventory.


  • 1.2.4: Added Shark Statue and letter and number statues.
  • Lucky Coin no longer drops coins from statue spawned monsters.
    • Hardmode summon items will no longer drop from monsters that have been spawned from statues.
    • Chests, crystal hearts, and statues should no longer spawn on Thin Ice.
  • 1.2: Added three new Statues, found in the Lihzahrd Temple. Now require a Pickaxe to be harvested. Corrupt Goldfish and Bunnies spawned from Statues no longer drop money.
  • 1.1.1: Statues no longer turn into Armor Statues when they are smashed from the top.
  • 1.1: All other statues introduced.
  • Pre-Release: Angel Statue introduced. Could not be placed or sold for any money.
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