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Sunflower inventory icon

Sunflower placed graphic
Type Miscellaneous
Placeable Yes
Dimensions 2 wide ˣ 4 high
Max stack 99
Rarity Rarity Level: 0
Use time 14
Buy / Sell 2 Silver Coin / 40 Copper Coin
Internal Item ID: 63
Internal Tile ID: 27
This article is about the item that can be placed. For the plant that spawns on grass, see Plants#Sunflowers.
Sunflowers in a cave.

Sunflowers are large plants able to stop the Corruption and The Crimson from spreading. They act as background objects like furniture and are obtained by breaking them with a pickaxe. They are also sold by the Dryad. Sunflowers are not able to stop the Hallow.

Sunflowers can only be placed on grass and hallowed grass above ground. Placing them on corrupt grass or dirt will not work. Sunflowers are 2 blocks wide and 4 blocks tall. They cannot be planted in a plant pot. They also have the ability to spawn more sunflowers in a small area, but the chance is very low. No background walls may be present where the sunflower is placed.

They are extremely useful for changing a corruption or crimson biome to a regular one. Use these if you want your world to be corrupt or crimsoned and still have NPCs without setting up a space station for them to live in. Each sunflower makes up for 89 corrupted/crimson/hallowed blocks; if you have 89 corrupted blocks near an invalid house and you plant a sunflower, the house will become valid.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Sunflowers being placed seem to make the screen a tiny bit lighter.
  • Sunflowers glow in the dark.
  • Sunflowers grants the Happy! buff which increases movement speed and reduces monster spawn rate when nearby.

History[edit | edit source]

  • Sunflowers now glow at night and grant the player Happy! buff.
  • 1.2.1: Sunflowers now reduce Crimson’s effects.
  • 1.2: Now stops the corruption from spreading even in Hardmode.
  • Pre-Release: Introduced.
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