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    Music Box (PS4 version)[edit | edit source]

    Music Box

    On the console version, the (Snow) and (Ice) Music Boxes are opposite what is captured on the wiki page. Same with Music Box (Boss 4) and Music Box (Boss 5).

    I took screenshots of each, as seen below. KM100 suggested "it would probably be better to have the name switched instead of the info (such as Snow (Pc only.png), Ice (Console only.png)), or a simple note describing how they're switched. Having all the info and links listed twice with a ton of icons becomes quite confusing." I posted the proposed results on the Terraria Wiki:Sandbox page, but I'm not sure if that looks acceptable. I'd appreciate any feedback on this, so the proper changes can be made to the page.

    Thanks in advance. --NibKing (talk) 19:19, 19 June 2015 (UTC)

    It looks good to me. Although it extends the list, I think it's much clearer to list the versions separately like this. I added a footnote to your sandbox version to tie the info together and explain the existence of duplicates. Equazcion (talk) 19:44, 19 Jun 2015 (UTC)
    I'm just gonna copy/paste what's in the Sandbox then. Glad you added the notes, because I wasn't sure how. --NibKing (talk) 20:07, 19 June 2015 (UTC)

    Version categories[edit | edit source]

    This was sparked by an old argument begun originally by User:Dxos3, which he recently brought up again at my talk page.

    The issue is that a console player, for example, has no place to turn in order to see a straight listing of content available on their platform alone. We have Category:Console content, but this is populated only by {{console only}}, {{pc/console only}}, and {{console/mobile only}}. The Console content listing is therefore missing most of the content available in the console edition, ie. the content that all versions contain. One could argue that a console player can easily determine which items they will and won't have access to, but some players may wish to see a browsable list of everything available on their platform alone, without having to click other things and be disappointed by a "pc-only" message.

    User:Dxos3 originally wanted an organized page with sections and graphics, but this proved to be somewhat unfeasible -- it would need to be created manually (it was started at one point but languished and was eventually deleted), and even if done initially would likely (I think) end up deteriorating.

    Since we already maintain those "____ only content" banners pretty diligently, filling out these categories with their missing content seems like a good compromise. I've added an "allversions=yes" parameter to our infoboxes, which would add all-version content to all the content categories (eg. Category:Console content would then list all content available in the console edition). I also created {{all versions}} for use on pages with no infoboxes, which does the same thing.

    I may be able to mass-add these parameters/templates to the necessary pages via bot. I wanted to present this here first for comment. If you have thoughts on whether or not this should be done feel free to say something. Equazcion (talk) 13:51, 20 Jun 2015 (UTC)

    My only question is how mechanics and other pages will be handled. Pages like Fishing will be listed in the PC Version category because of their "____ only content" banners, but will core mechanics like Defense end up on the page, or is their inclusion (or lack thereof) even something to be concerned about? Regardless, it seems like a good idea, and would definitely help some users who want an absolute list. --KM100 (talk) 04:48, 23 June 2015 (UTC)
    I think an initiative like this should be limited to ID-tagged entities like items and NPCs; I feel it goes without clarification that most mechanics are in all versions of the game unless specified, and those that are would hopefully remain pretty limited (I can't think of any other than fishing itself). That said, I think it's a much more solid idea than the original proposed page of links, and generally endorse both better use of categories and fewer dedicated list pages across the wiki. Gearzein (talk) 09:24, 23 June 2015 (UTC)

    Now THIS, THIS is a compromise! Thank you so much for listening, I appreciate it. I think this method would be very beneficial to everyone especially with the advent of 1.3 messing everything up. I think console players would love a category page like this and the associated parameters that go on there wiki pages. However, I do think that the category should be very accessible from listing it in a place where players can just click a link and it will take them to the category page. And graphics should be added on the category list IN MY OPINION... I do warn though that it will take some time to fill in the rest of the pages as currently there is only 134 pages listed on there...User: Dxos3

    Console/mobile history[edit | edit source]

    Adding to this and maybe a really good idea here but in all the items (yes I know it would be an insane amount of work at this point) if we can start adding to the version history the version of which it was introduced to console and mobile as well? Below is just a quickie example. Console/mobile version pages can also be created just like the pc versions to make it to where players can still reference to them directly by page or when chatting in talks about when items came in or such by adding the version tags to their posts.

    slight note on below: I know my formatting is horrid but its early in the morning and cant really think of everything.

    -- History --

    DragoHanter (talk) 16:28, 20 June 2015 (UTC)

    That's an entirely unrelated suggestion, so I've moved it to its own section here -- but yeah the console/mobile histories could be better organized and perhaps separated. Equazcion (talk) 17:08, 20 Jun 2015 (UTC)

    Bug Policy[edit | edit source]

    I've been thinking about the "no bugs" policy on this wiki. I wasn't here before the policy, so I may not fully understand the reasons for its existence, but I think it's too strict. The PC version at least, currently has mercifully few serious bugs, but with with imminent release of a major new version, it's entirely possible there will be some new ones. In particular, I think there should be some allowance for documenting bugs which are both harmful (as opposed to exploitable or just funny) and reproducible. Like if (totally made up) using the new multi-chest quick sort near two piggy banks destroys the items that should be stacked there, I think it would be appropriate to warn people about that until it got fixed. Is this worth considering, or is it better to cross that bridge when we come to it?—BlueMana (talk) 04:49, 26 June 2015 (UTC)

    I didn't voice my concerns here either, because by the time I knew of the policy it was already long-since enforced. But, I definitely agree that it's getting too strict. It's starting to become more of a pain to remove the bugs that everyone keeps listing (such as the temple door bomb glitch, or mismatched npc quote glitches) then it is to remove the bugs that are completely unsourced and probably made up. Obviously, some restrictions need to stay in place, so there aren't "Bug: starting up the game might delete all your items!" posts everywhere, but a "remove nearly everything that isn't 100% intended" policy is starting to get tiresome. --KM100 (talk) 05:07, 26 June 2015 (UTC)
    (edit conflict) See here for the discussion that led to the rule. It explains the reasoning. In short, bugs are largely anecdotal -- ie. unverifiable, could be fabricated, and would always nevertheless remain in articles forever, since it also couldn't generally be verified whether or not they were fixed. Bug lists got very long and were mostly useless. That said, the most prominent bugs can be posted, ie. those the developers have openly discussed, or those that are detrimental, consistently reproducible for everyone, and warrant warning players against behaviors that would trigger them and resultingly damage their world or player files. As far as exploits go (the ones that haven't been discussed by the developers), they can be a slippery slope and lead to a decline in wiki articles to cheat forum status. It might be tough to craft rules regarding which of them can and can't be posted so as to avoid that eventuality. I'd be open to re-examining it though. Equazcion (talk) 05:13, 26 Jun 2015 (UTC)
    The current bug policy does do a good job on preventing unverifiable bugs from being posted, the problem are those people who don't read the policy (or believe their bug is an exception to it) continue posting glitches. It gets pretty irksome when I have to constantly undo the same mobile version glitches that I can personally verify (and have videos documenting them). I do think that major exploits (e.g. duplication glitches) should stay off the wiki for the most part, but I feel as if easily-repeatable or verifiable dangerous glitches should still be allowed to stay.
    I agree that it'd be hard to get a policy that specifies exactly what can and cannot be posted, though, and it'd be even harder to get everyone to follow it, so I'm fine with waiting until further word. --KM100 (talk) 05:29, 26 June 2015 (UTC)
    One block to that may at one point have been that most of the bugs you're describing, ie. those that everyone experiences, were confined to mobile, and our consistent trusted editors were all PC players who couldn't verify them. If you wanted to personally be the gatekeeper for mobile bugs, we could start allowing those that everyone would undoubtedly notice and feel a need to post, based on your judgment. Bug reports still wouldn't serve much of a purpose here, but not having to perpetually revert them could be reason alone to allow the ones that keep getting reported and can be verified by someone trusted. I won't take it upon myself to say this should be done though, I'm just putting it out there as one possibility for discussion. Hopefully others will chime in on that or other possible solutions. Equazcion (talk) 05:40, 26 Jun 2015 (UTC)
    I think we've come pretty far in six months, enough to have trusted regular editors who can confirm whether widely-reported bugs in certain versions are actually true. The policy is ignored enough as it is- with the upcoming increase in traffic, we'll have a lot more people coming through to report that certain things don't work as intended- but fortunately, with a large enough sample it should be a lot easier to weed out false positives and nonsense.
    Additionally, I voiced my concerns at the time that the possibility of bugs becoming long-term functionality still existed, and unfortunately that seemed to come to pass, as many bugs remained in the mobile versions for a very long time, particularly the rarity of Vitamins and similar debuff-immunity items. The Ankh Charm and associated items are very common and high-profile accessories for players of all types, and unfortunately I'd have to admit that as a wiki, we failed in our primary responsibility of conveying accurate information to players for a distressingly long period of time. It's worth considering letting up on the policy a little bit. Bugs definitely need to be controlled and vetted in some way before they're placed in public view, but it's looking strongly like the effects they have on game functionality can't just be ignored or deferred elsewhere- especially if everyone's encountering them. Gearzein (talk) 06:04, 26 June 2015 (UTC)
    These posting will be in public view immediately, as people post bugs to whichever article they feel they apply to. Preempting bug postings by directing people elsewhere via an interface message has not, as we've seen, been completely effective (although it has cut down on bug postings drastically, I think, if you compare to the volume we used to get). We could move posted bugs off to a temporary holding page for verification as they come, but that's not much better than reverting, as we would still need to perform the move each time, and people will still re-post the same bugs to the articles after they're removed, since they will not know this had already happened.
    Once we accept that people will be posting bugs in public view immediately: Our choices are whether to revert them or let them be. It's a nice ideal to say we can simply allow bugs that most of us regulars think are accurate and widespread, whilst reverting others that we don't, but in practice that doesn't seem like it would be quite as simple as it sounds (in my mind). It would be difficult to revert some bug postings on the grounds that "I haven't seen this so widely reported yet and/or I think most of us wiki regulars haven't experienced this bug yet and/or I don't think this bug is as important as the others you can see we've allowed; so I'm removing it" (an exaggerated way of putting it, just to illustrate the potential difficulty and the way those reverts might be interpreted, rather accurately, despite any careful wording we would choose).
    Whichever solution we put into practice should include some way to show consistency, for example via a policy, or an individual decision-maker to appoint per platform, or else hold a discussion for each new bug that appears, hope that several people participate each time, and then have that saved discussion to point to as rationale for reverting a particular bug in the future. Equazcion (talk) 06:45, 26 Jun 2015 (UTC)

    ──────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── That said, I made that rather long reply late at night and may have overcomplicated things. I agree a bug like Ankh Charm ingredients being rarer than intended (if that was the bug you refer to) is something that should be on the wiki if true. It's one of the rare examples, though, of a useful bug report as far as the wiki is concerned. I almost never see bugs like that posted, ie. important malfunctions that could cause wasted time and headaches if players aren't made aware. I actually don't remember seeing anyone post this particular bug. If it's accurate then it's good that we're discussing it now and can decide to allow it on the page. However, the current bug policy would actually already allow for this particular example. The remaining question is still whether not to revert the more minor glitches, misquotes, and exploits in the future, and if so how to decide practically which stay and which go. Equazcion (talk) 13:30, 26 Jun 2015 (UTC)

    So it sounds like the standard I suggested (harmful and repeatable) is closer to current policy than I realized. Perhaps all that is needed then is better clarity about when it's allowable to post bugs. What if there was a rule that bug reports must include a link to a TCF thread where the bug in confirmed either by a staff member or a clear consensus of users?—BlueMana (talk) 14:42, 26 June 2015 (UTC)
    I think that's actually a pretty good idea. Harmful, repeatable, and including a link to confirmation or consensus at the official forum; and in the policy I suppose I'd explicitly specify that "harmful" includes things that merit warning in order to help players avoid a severe annoyance, as in the Ankh Charm example. What do we all think of that? Equazcion (talk) 17:34, 26 Jun 2015 (UTC)
    PS. We just got another one of these. As a separate issue, are we still addressing the possibility of allowing exploits or minor bugs that get posted perpetually? Equazcion (talk) 17:51, 26 Jun 2015 (UTC)
    This sounds workable- it's largely the same policy we had previously but the meaning of "verifiable" is hopefully clear enough to act on. As for the door of the Jungle Temple, I was under the impression that was fixed, but even if it's still around, it could be considered to present somewhat of a risk to new players who may try to breach an otherwise indestructible structure before they're prepared. If phrased properly- as a warning similar to the one that Lihzahrds spawn prior to Hardmode rather than an exploit or sequence-break- it'd be worth considering. Gearzein (talk) 19:57, 26 June 2015 (UTC)
    They announced it was fixed on Google Play and iOS. Amazon still doesn't have that update, so I suppose it could be Amazon users who are still reporting it; or else they thought they fixed it but they didn't. In any event, we still don't really know how to handle repeated minor bug reports in the future. KM100 did bring up the point that it gets tiresome reverting the same bug repeatedly that he can personally attest to. I suppose we'll have to continue doing that for now though, since no consistent alternative is apparent yet. Equazcion (talk) 20:52, 26 Jun 2015 (UTC)

    Global file usage[edit | edit source]

    Greetings from Russian wiki. I want to ask you about the service (absolutely all). When you delete files on your wiki (English section), please check the use of the file in the other language sections of Terraria Wiki. This is necessary to avoid the presence of red links. If you do not already know, our wiki uses a centralized storage system overall. This means that any file on the base (English) wiki can be used in all sections of the same wiki. For example, image of File:Blue Slime.png used in the Russian wiki thanks to this system, although Blue Slime was not uploaded on the Russian wiki because it is called a direct linkas if it were uploaded - ru:File:Blue Slime.png.

    Since the global usage of the file is not displayed on the English wiki, then kindly requested to check each file before deleting when used in any section Terraria Wiki.

    There is another option, dear members of the Curse, set on the wiki this extension: mw:Extension:GlobalUsage. This will allow all users to monitor file usage by other language sections.

    Again, administrators and bureaucrats, if you delete a file in the English wiki, please before deleting move this file in all language sections where it is used, so that no unforeseen red links. Equazcion, please do this kind of mandatory rule for all administrators. If the extension is not set, then let everyone removers checks every file on each section. Section is not too much, it will not take much time.

    Thanks, good luck in filling articles with the upcoming update. Alex Great talk 05:27, 28 June 2015 (UTC)

    mw:Extension:GlobalUsage is probably ideal. For now I wrote a script that will let us check foreign uses of images. The new link, "List Foreign Uses", should show up for everyone at the top of image pages. If it's not there yet, do a hard refresh (ctrl-F5). Equazcion (talk) 12:04, 28 Jun 2015 (UTC)
    Very useful. Thanks for support. Alex Great talk 12:51, 28 June 2015 (UTC)
    For File:Wandering Eye (2nd form).gif doesn't work. Alex Great talk 12:56, 28 June 2015 (UTC)
    No problem :) Should be fixed now. Ctrl-F5 to refresh javascript. Equazcion (talk) 13:07, 28 Jun 2015 (UTC)

    Mirrored images[edit | edit source]

    I created a new template: Template:Mirror. If the community will take it, for all the images, you can specify a single standard that all such pictures should look to the right by default. I.e. some NPC files should be reuploaded (to the right). If someone is not a mirror, then the idea is failure. Alex Great talk 13:41, 28 June 2015 (UTC)

    Or maybe specify a single standard with looking to the left. I mean that all the images looked in one direction only. Alex Great talk 13:45, 28 June 2015 (UTC)

    Pedguin stream[edit | edit source]

    For whoever happens to be paying attention right now:

    We don't normally do this here, but I felt I had to point out that Cenx and possibly Redigit are currently offering additional 1.3 info at Pedguin's 1.3 changelog analysis stream, going on right now: Equazcion (talk) 14:41, 28 Jun 2015 (UTC)

    Achievement section in related pages[edit | edit source]

    Hi. I'm wondering, is there a guideline to follow about listing related achievements in a page ? I mean ... For example :

    • The Twins : by killing them, you'll earn "Ophthalmologist" (Xbox, PS3), or will contribute to "Buckets of Bolts" or "Mecha Mayhem" (PC 1.3).
    • Blood Moon : if you survive the night, you'll earn "Red Moon Rises" (Xbox, PS3, iOS) or "Bloodbath" (PC 1.3).
    • Angler (but also fishing) : linked to "Servant-in-Training", "Good Little Slave", "Trout Monkey", "Fast and Fishious", "Supreme Helper Minion!" (PC 1.3).

    There is already a section about history of changes, but nothing about achievements. With the arrival of 1.3, it will be more important to list those ... --ChoirJ (talk) 21:56, 28 June 2015 (UTC)

    There's no current guideline or consistent practice, as far as I'm aware. I can't see any reason not to include them on pages for items/characters that directly trigger them. Equazcion (talk) 22:16, 28 Jun 2015 (UTC)
    If you were asking how they should be listed, I would just add an item to the Notes section of each page. Perhaps later we'll devise a template and/or separate section if people think that has become necessary. Equazcion (talk) 22:19, 28 Jun 2015 (UTC)

    So what's the plan for the Wiki and 1.3?[edit | edit source]

    1.3, being the final main update and a huge one at that is certain to cause some manner of chaos when released. So with two days ahead, there is a wonder if there is some manner of contingency plan in place to reduce the mass of crossfire edits and more. 02:40, 29 June 2015 (UTC)

    There's no need for any such panic. I know I, at least, won't just be regulating these edits, I'll be making them. All of our sysops are regular users, and all of our users are players, and we're all here because we use this resource frequently and want to contribute to it. That's how a wiki's meant to work- high traffic can never really be a negative, because the majority of users are here either to read or fill in gaps with what they know, and the ratio won't meaningfully change just because the volume does. The plan is to continue as usual. Gearzein (talk) 03:35, 29 June 2015 (UTC)
    Very well. I just wanted to pop in, shout 'Yellow Alert, Shields Up!', to make sure there was at least something in place. I actually meant nothing by my 'panic' note in the change summary. 08:11, 29 June 2015 (UTC)

    1.3 pre-release streams[edit | edit source]

    Due to the fact that information from the 1.3 pre-release video streams is not anything we can verify, I'll be continuing to revert and delete this info when no good references are included. However, I'm going to trust that our admins and a few select trusted wiki regulars (you probably know who you are) are posting accurate info. For those editors:

    • Please only create pages or post information for content you saw with your own eyes, or that has already been referenced to a dev posting before.
    • Keep information on new items general, as specifics may be less reliable from merely seeing a video. Remember that item and character stats you see may not represent base stats, as they may be altered my modifiers or other boosts that might not be apparent to the audience.
    • Please also continue to confine 1.3 information to articles exclusively on 1.3 content, rather than updating articles on exiting content to show 1.3 changes.

    The purpose of the points above is so that we don't have a bulk of questionable material to sift through later. Of course, once the release happens, everyone can post whatever they find in the game, since the rest of the hive can then verify it immediately (more or less).

    None of this applies to the Upcoming features page. That page will be moot in the next 36 hours or so (as opposed to newly created pages for individual items, which will serve as their permanent wiki pages), so I think we can relax the standards at that particular page somewhat. Equazcion (talk) 10:38, 29 Jun 2015 (UTC)

    "Future" Flag[edit | edit source]

    It seems one of the biggest problems being faced right now is the persistence of people uploading future content on mainspace articles. Having future features on these articles is definitely a problem, but it seems sort of silly to revert all edits relating to them. So, I think this could handle that:

       <!--FUTURE (Upcoming mechanics) FUTURE-->

    All upcoming features on main articles could be flagged with this, until the release of 1.3, when all instances of "<!--FUTURE" and "FUTURE-->" could be removed via bot. This would theoretically hide them until the release of 1.3, and then reveal them with minimum hassle. Now, I'm no bot expert, so I'm unsure if this would actually work or not. Any opinions? –KM100 (talk) 17:43, 29 June 2015 (UTC)

    The problem with future changes on main articles at this point isn't just the fact that they don't apply yet, but the fact that we don't know if they're reliable. I've been letting everyone put up new pages for stuff they saw in pre-release streams, and have been tagging those with a template/category for later review. Content within other articles might be a little more tedious to sift through later and verify -- it wouldn't just be a matter of un-commenting it. My opinion is that this should wait til info can be checked right away. While these do comprise most of our reverts at the moment, there really aren't so many of them that it's a remotely serious problem. Equazcion (talk) 17:52, 29 Jun 2015 (UTC)
    Alright. I guess flagging everything with these would probably be more work than just reverting them, anyway. –KM100 (talk) 18:10, 29 June 2015 (UTC)

    Placed blocks images[edit | edit source]

    Since there is a option to display placed walls, how about displaying solid blocks? I have seen it only here so don't really know if someone is working on it or not. Do you think it is a good idea to make such images, I'm personally interested in making it happen – File:Sturdy Fossil (placed).png (I hope this one has better quality than that Hay one). Kvikk (talk)

    Image policy amendment for illustrative .gifs[edit | edit source]

    This has been a concern of mine for quite some time, going back as early as the poor quality animation used for the beam sword's sword beam. Having several buffs, minions and pets flying around in a screen capture makes it difficult to determine what the image is trying to convey, and now that none of us are familiar with the items these images are trying to convey, I'm starting to notice how real a concern this was- for example, I don't know if this big goofy floating orange thing in front of the player is part of the Daybreak's attack animation or some other effect.

    A good general rule for maximum visibility in animated images is to deactivate familiars and buffs, take off obtrusive armor and animated dyes, and check the lighting and weather before capturing footage to make into a .gif image for use on the wiki. One should also be sure to crop images appropriately to demonstrate the weapon, item or other phenomenon most effectively- the Daybreak example above conveys nearly no useful information to justify its continued use on the page, as it displays only the stock throwing animation and the weapon's normal sprite, not its effective range or a usable rubric of its velocity. Please also ensure that the background is not too busy or flashy. I can't ask everyone to have a distance-marked shooting range in their basement, but please be sure that you're at least filming over a solid color.

    Note that this is not an open call to add more .gifs to the wiki- generally, animated images should be used sparingly, for both bandwidth and aesthetic reasons. However, in the event that a concept cannot be conveyed through text, these guidelines can help prevent your images from being tagged for deletion. Gearzein (talk) 13:37, 2 July 2015 (UTC)

    Yes, these are good pointers all around. Equazcion (talk) 04:21, 5 Jul 2015 (UTC)

    Frequent banner drops[edit | edit source]

    Okay, so I've noticed that banners are dropping differently for the new update. It seems that they drop every 50th enemy kill, rather than the 0.4% chance or whatever it was for each enemy. Is this true? Or is it a convenience? If this is true, we should probably start updating the pages. --Preceding unsigned comment added by 17:21, 4 July 2015‎ (talkcontribs)

    This is true and I believe we have been doing that. Equazcion (talk) 04:21, 5 Jul 2015 (UTC)

    Should the Hoik have its own article?[edit | edit source]

    What do you guys think? --The preceding unsigned comment was added by I3luebits (talk • contribs) at 21:52, 4 July 2015‎ (UTC).

    Being that it's a bug exploit, the general rule is that it wouldn't get its own mainspace article. It's mentioned currently at Guide:Travel. It could conceivably have its own guide page, if there is enough to say about it that warrants a separate page. Equazcion (talk) 04:18, 5 Jul 2015 (UTC)

    Fix Tax Collector's place[edit | edit source]

    the Tax Collector is a hardmode NPC, not a pre-hardmode one, since you have to purify Tortured Souls (which only spawn in hardmode) to get him as a NPC. Fix this on the main page MamiZa (talk) 00:48, 5 July 2015 (UTC)

    Done. Equazcion (talk) 04:16, 5 Jul 2015 (UTC)

    Events on main page[edit | edit source]

    Currently, the Slime Rain and Martian Madness events on the Main Page of the Wiki are not classified to a platform in particular, even though they are limited to 1.3, which, in turn, is limited to the PC edition of Terraria. What I ask is that someone with the ability to edit the front page will add the indicator that those events are limited to the PC, so as to prevent the transmission of misinformation. If any information here is incorrect, creating a scenario where this change would be a poor decision, and would cause more trouble than leaving it be, please tell me, and I will edit this request or remove it all together. Thanks for reading and considering this request. --The preceding unsigned comment was added by Blhawk43 (talk • contribs) at 04:12, 5 July 2015‎ (UTC).

    Done. Equazcion (talk) 04:16, 5 Jul 2015 (UTC)

    add the tax collector skeleton merchant please --The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk • contribs) at 04:42, 5 July 2015‎ (UTC).

    Add them to what? There are already articles for them (Tax Collector, Skeleton Merchant), and those are linked on the Main Page. Equazcion (talk) 04:51, 5 Jul 2015 (UTC)

    Add Expert Mode link to Front Page[edit | edit source]

    I've noticed there's not yet a link to Expert Mode on the front page. If someone with the ability could put that in it would be very useful. I think just under the hardmode link would be a good place as it would balance out that table aswell. Thanks in advance. --The preceding unsigned comment was added by The mr piggy 22 (talk • contribs) at 05:46, 5 July 2015‎ (UTC).

    Thanks, done now. Equazcion (talk) 08:11, 6 Jul 2015 (UTC)

    Upcoming features[edit | edit source]

    I think something should be done with "Upcoming features", it could be misleading for some people cause 1.3 is out now. Not sure what was usually done in such case. And Lunatic Cultist should be added to "Hardmode bosses" section on Main Page. --The preceding unsigned comment was added by GJPEV (talk • contribs) at 08:58, 6 July 2015‎ (UTC).

    I agree we need to do something with upcoming features. Probably archive it. For now I've added Lunatic Cultist to the main page, thanks for pointing that out. Equazcion (talk) 09:08, 6 Jul 2015 (UTC)
    (edit conflict) This has been kind of low priority given the volume of new content in 1.3 requiring a lot of focus elsewhere, but I agree. I'm gonna go ahead and suggest that the page be cleared for the time being, just to avoid confusion. Once our situation stabilizes we can start compiling developer comments on future updates, particularly Yoraiz0r and Skiphs' plans for an eventual 1.4, but for the moment, even direct developer statements are in a weird state where they might only be future features for a couple of minutes. I do think the page could still serve as a repository for distant mentioned features, similar to how the Minecraft wiki handles mentioned features (but ideally cleaner).
    If there's no objection, I'll archive the last revision and replace the page with a short paragraph explaining that there are no plans in the foreseeable future.Gearzein (talk) 09:20, 6 July 2015 (UTC)

    1.3 Update page[edit | edit source]

    I asked this about 1.2, and am going to ask again for 1.3. It would be wonderful if there was a page for all things listed visually from "Category:Entities introduced in". I have started a page at User:Bws2cool/1.3_Update if you want to see an example. It would be great for linking to people who want to know what is new in the game, and to keep track of everything. Feel free to edit my page if you wish, or copy it to your own userspace. Bws2cool (talk) 16:30, 6 July 2015 (UTC)

    Red's Throw drop chance[edit | edit source]

    I've been warring with User:TerraPony over the inclusion of this. I can't find any clue in the source code to Red's Throw dropping from treasure bags, or from anywhere else. I've also done a test opening 2,000 Lunatic Cultist bags and another 500 Moon Lord bags (just in case the boss it came from had some bearing), and did not get a Red's Throw a single time. TerraPony claims to have done a similar test and had it appear after a mere 46 bags.

    My own feeling is that the default stance (barring developer input) should be our reading of the source code, unless a multitude of users claim to have gotten this. Right now it's just this one person. I'm hoping to get some input and settle this, so for now I'm holding off on further edits personally til some discussion happens. Equazcion (talk) 20:04, 6 Jul 2015 (UTC)

    The Red's Throw simply does not drop from Treasure Bags (or anything else as far as I can tell). At least not in the unmodded steam version. Unless the user provides valid proof or indeed other users report the same it should be considered invalid and removed. --0icke0 (talk) 00:35, 7 July 2015 (UTC)
    This looks like it's causing a lot of trouble. Let's call it a bug and leave it at that, ok? I got the Yo-Yo as I was farming pre-hardmode bosses in expert mode. I don't remember the specific boss I got it from, but after it dropped, I went to check the game files to see the drop rate. I was going to add it to the wiki page, but I couldn't find where the bit of code was. With this new piece of information, I edited it in, with the information I already was going to put down. I got it in, so it might have been fixed by now. Sorry for the misunderstanding. TerraPony (talk) 21:08, 7 July 2015 (MT)

    Notifications not working[edit | edit source]

    Hi, I'm not receiving any notifications in the Alerts box in the top right hand corner. I get emails, but not in-website notifications, even though I turned them all on in Preferences. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks! Mind296 (talk) 17:24, 9 July 2015 (UTC)

    Snow to Tundra[edit | edit source]

    It's been suggested that the Snow biome be renamed to the Tundra, since the Angler refers to it that way. Near as I can tell, the Angler (and one of his quest items) is the only place the term appears. The source code refers to it as "ZoneSnow", and release notes refer to it as the snow biome [1][2]. If the devs start referring to it as Tundra this might be worth considering but otherwise I'd leave it. My two cents. Equazcion (talk) 03:11, 10 Jul 2015 (UTC)

    Also, the biome key for the area is called the Frozen Key, and all the other keys have the appropriate names. it seems that there is as much reason to call it frozen/under ground frozen biome then tundra. Although I think that tundra is a nicer term. --The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk • contribs) at 19:43, 10 July 2015‎ (UTC).
    I'm honestly not sure what I think about this, but in the interim I'm thinking it might be a good idea to disable page moves from regular users. A distressing number of moves have happened without any sort of discussion, much less consensus. Gearzein (talk) 03:40, 15 July 2015 (UTC)
    Hello, sorry for fucking up! Didn't read the arguments of not moving it to tundra, the angler is wrong, who the hell he think he is. --Frenchiveruti (talk) 03:49, 15 July 2015 (UTC)
    There were only the two attempts by one user so far, and move-protecting wouldn't have prevented this since he didn't actually move it but copied the text over. I think we're okay for the time being. Don't worry about it though, Frenchiveruti -- we were all new once :) Equazcion (talk) 03:53, 15 Jul 2015 (UTC)
    Yeah, it's no big deal. I wasn't personally implicating you or anything, Frenchiveruti. This just happened to come on the heels of a couple of other unannounced moves, but those are also pretty isolated. Besides, the magic of a wiki is that if you do screw up, it only takes a couple of clicks to set it right, so don't worry about it. Gearzein (talk) 04:14, 15 July 2015 (UTC)
    Ok! Great that you guys aren't mad haha, at least much better than the fellas over Minecraft wiki hahaha, And returning to the discussion, I do think that it should remain called snow biome, and simply redirect from the "tundra" pages, or maybe talk to the devs to fix that thing on the Angler, maybe? --Frenchiveruti (talk) 04:31, 15 July 2015 (UTC)
    It doesn't strike me as an error, just a little inconsistency. Maybe they want some characters to refer to certain things differently -- who knows? The Angler might just be an uneducated kid (product of the American education system?) and came up with his own name. All we can do is try to determine the general intended name, or failing that the most accurate/recognizable one. I have to say I do like the term "Tundra", as it's more exotic and wistful (maybe the Angler is an aspiring poet, and this fish thing is just a phase). Unfortunately I've never seen "tundra" used by a staff member, the changelogs say "snow biome", the world creation message says "adding snow", the source code calls it "ZoneSnow"... Equazcion (talk) 04:56, 15 Jul 2015 (UTC)
    Yeah, we can totally agree that that guy isn't well educated, he doesn't even say thank you, but the thing is that the game itself tells you that it's the "Tundra", because it places the tooltip between "()", as it were "outside" the conversation that the Angler gives. Frenchiveruti (talk) 04:59, 15 July 2015 (UTC)

    Site's Skin[edit | edit source]

    I have no idea if this is the right place to ask a question of this nature, so I apologize in advance if not.

    Having the wiki open on my second monitor while I play is super handy, but I always have to switch tabs to a darker site because the light theme here is really distracting. I can't for the life of me find a custom CSS to use to make the hydra theme dark. Does anyone know of one, or have some other way to allow me to change my local theme to a dark one?

    Thanks. --The preceding unsigned comment was added by MaliceFTW (talk • contribs) at 18:14, 10 July 2015‎ (UTC).

    I whipped something up at User:Equazcion/Hydra2.css. You can copy it and place it in your own Hydra.css. It's far from perfect but I think usable. I don't know offhand of any dark themes available for Gamepedia's wikis (hydra is their own custom creation). Equazcion (talk) 19:01, 10 Jul 2015 (UTC)
    Totally useable, I really appreciate it!--MaliceFTW (talk) 07:30, 11 July 2015 (UTC)

    Darts[edit | edit source]

    Now that there are several dart types in the game I believe they should get their own subcategory in ammunition and poison darts should be removed from the miscellaneous subcategory. Sadly I have never edited a wiki before and have no idea how to do this.--Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs) 04:35, 12 Jul 2015 (UTC)

    I redid the ammunition page somewhat and included darts. Also created Darts. Equazcion (talk) 06:32, 12 Jul 2015 (UTC)

    Lunar Events renamed to Celestial Events[edit | edit source]

    Someone recently made this move. So far, most of the wiki refers to them as "Lunar Events". If we were to change that, I'd actually go with Lunar Apocalypse, as that's the name in the source code. Although, I think "Lunar Events" is accurate enough, while also being a simpler term for mass use than either of those. Wondering what others think. Equazcion (talk) 17:30, 12 Jul 2015 (UTC)

    I'd go with Lunar Apocalypse too, it's more loyal to the source code. But since we already use "Lunar Events" and it's a simpler term... I'd support a name change if it's to Lunar Apocalypse. OdnHarfagre Talk 17:55, 12 July 2015 (UTC)
    "Lunar" is both the term in the source code and the name they've been known by for over a year. I'd be fine with the formal name being changed to Lunar Apocalypse, but still prefer Lunar Events as a slightly less formal term, similar to the prevalence of Goblin Invasion as an alternate for Goblin Army. Of course, that may just be a matter of intended corrections moving slowly across the wiki, in which case I'd have to support Apocalypse as the term in the source. Gearzein (talk) 18:30, 12 July 2015 (UTC)
    I feel as if "Lunar Apocalypse" isn't used enough outside of the source code. The source code isn't intended to be read by the common player, and "apocalypse" is fairly misleading. The two times the events have been listed in the 1.3 changelogs are as "Lunar Event" and "lunar invasions", so it seems like a gray area until a more official term is given. –KM100 (talk) 18:44, 12 July 2015 (UTC)

    Add worst modifiers to weapon pages?[edit | edit source]

    I was wondering if people should put the worst modifiers for weapons on their wiki pages. This could be informative, as people most likely don't want that specific modifier. It could be like something too look out for. TerraPony (talk) 20:42, 13 July 2015 (UTC)

    The best possible modifiers are noted because players will have to roll for them several times, and there's a chance that people will roll past the best one a weapon can receive without realizing that the best in its category is unavailable to it. Detrimental modifiers, on the other hand, are immediately noticeable and almost universally undesirable, so making a distinction between them has little utility. Gearzein (talk) 21:04, 13 July 2015 (UTC)

    Fancy Gray Wallpaper[edit | edit source]

    So I foolishly started changing this, and it occurred to me that I have no idea how to handle a change in spelling between versions. Everywhere Fancy Grey Wallpaper is mentioned also links to its image through {{item link}} or some variant thereof, and all those are reliant on the filename matching the displayed item. How would we even go about an item having two spellings between versions? Gearzein (talk) 00:05, 14 July 2015 (UTC)

    If we have the old redirecting to the new -- images included -- {{item link}} should work for either one. I'm not entirely sure I understand the issue, though. Could you point to a page where this problem arose? Equazcion (talk) 00:11, 14 Jul 2015 (UTC)
    I created redirects for the image. Let me know if that solved it. Equazcion (talk) 00:13, 14 Jul 2015 (UTC)
    That solved it, thanks. I actually wasn't aware image redirects could be done like that.
    Really, the linking problem was secondary to the fact that making those corrections wouldn't adequately represent all versions. If I go through and change every mention of Grey to Gray, that counts out the mobile and console versions, in which the old spelling is still used. It seems minor when I think about it, and it may be less of a problem than I'm making it out to be, but in future cases it could become an issue- for example, if the Flairon got changed to FlaiLron like people were expecting based on references to it in changelogs, then regardless of whether the page were renamed or not, at least one version would still have the name essentially spelled incorrectly until all of them caught up. Redirects could make finding it easier, and notes on the page could note the correction, but the disconnect would still be noticeable. I was just wondering what the correct course of action would be in such a case. Gearzein (talk) 00:24, 14 July 2015 (UTC)
    As a side note, I was disappointed about Flairon not getting its correction -- since I was the first one to report the discrepancy in the changelog :) But I digress. Generally we would just make the correction while making sure the old names all still work via redirects, while making notes about the changes for those who wind up where they didn't expect to. Short of creating duplicate pages to accommodate all the different versions, or entire duplicate wikis -- either of which would suffer due to split attention -- this is the best we can do, and it seems workable enough. Equazcion (talk) 00:40, 14 Jul 2015 (UTC)

    Terraria Version[edit | edit source]

    I have a terraria Server hosted by Nitrado and its on Patch 1.3 how can i get the old patch because Steam have update the game and i cant join on Server yet;/--Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs) 07:48, 14 Jul 2015 (UTC)

    Redundancy of separate block/wall pages[edit | edit source]

    I was wondering if there was a specific reason as to why block pages and wall pages aren't merged. For example, Shroomite Plating Wall would be merged with Shroomite Plating. In most cases, the wall page doesn't offer much additional information from the block page - the recipes are same for most blocks, and most walls don't offer special effects. I'm proposing a new section titled Wall on block pages, where the item infobox and additional information are located. Alternatively, the item infobox could be placed to the right of the infobox for the block. DoktorFox (talk) 04:53, 15 July 2015 (UTC)

    There's no particular reason yet, other than the fact that they're different items and no one's ever suggested merging them before (that I know of). That's not a bad idea though. Block and wall pages tend to be pretty short, the items are quite related and similar, and consolidating might help in maintaining quality (fewer pages = more attention per page, in my experience). This would be a pretty big change though (many pages affected and possibly item listings affected). There's the question of what to name the merged pages, but I guess the suggestion is to use the "block" title and redirect the "wall" title to the block. I'm not sure if that would cause confusion or technical/logistical complications. Equazcion (talk) 05:05, 15 Jul 2015 (UTC)
    If a wall section is created on the block page, perhaps the original wall page could be redirected to the wall section? For example, continuing my example from above, the content of Shroomite Plating Wall would be replaced with #REDIRECT [[Shroomite Plating#Wall]], and a Wall section would be created in Shroomite Plating. DoktorFox (talk) 05:23, 15 July 2015 (UTC)

    DPS listings[edit | edit source]

    With the introduction of the DPS Meter, this should be easy to do. I haven't played around with it too much myself as of yet, but having a weapon's DPS could be extremely helpful.

    Complications come up with things like guns, which can use different variants of weapons, but that could be sorted out with time. --The preceding unsigned comment was added by Coolum444 (talk • contribs) at 11:45, 16 July 2015‎ (UTC).

    See List of weapons for DPS listings. Equazcion (talk) 15:27, 16 Jul 2015 (UTC)

    Last Prizm is a reference to Vel'Koz form league of legends?[edit | edit source]

    Vel'Koz is a champion from League of legends. His ultimate is a beam witch causes continuous high damage to enemy units.(an image is seen here) What is noticable that His ultimate is called "Lifeform Disintegration Ray". If you look at the tooltip to the pirsm it reads 'Fire a lifeform disintegration rainbow'. Also the last prism is a deathray....(look for it here). --The preceding unsigned comment was added by CloudHunterTO (talk • contribs) at 09:20, 16 July 2015 (UTC).

    See the statement here. There's no evidence in-game that it's a reference, and too many other claims of reference have been made to codify one as true without a clear developer statement. Gearzein (talk) 14:45, 16 July 2015 (UTC)

    Not sure if vandalism[edit | edit source]

    Recently KappaPrince(talkcontribslogsblock log) has added this line to the trivia section of the medusa page:

    "The Medusa is a prime example of questionable game design, leaving absolutely no room to counterplay and being able to quickly kill a fully geared player through fall damage without any warning, as she can petrify at any time and even off-screen." This is something clearly not fit for an informative wiki.

    I'm not sure if i should report this kind of behavior or just revert and hope for the best, And since i don't want to start a revert war i thought it may be better to ask someone else for advice.

    Thanks in advance. --Seanos1998 (talk) 22:19, 18 July 2015 (UTC)

    It wasn't a blatant attempt to harm the article, which is the definition of vandalism. For now it seems to have been a misguided attempt to add his opinion. If this were done repeatedly and/or across multiple articles, then there might be cause to act. For now the revert was all that was needed. Equazcion (talk) 22:26, 18 Jul 2015 (UTC)

    "Obtaining" section[edit | edit source]

    I think this should be added to pages. It would cover the ways to obtain an item. For example, a "Dropped by" subsection which would list the enemies that drop the item, "Looted from" would cover obtaining it from chests, "Bought from" would show the NPCs that sell the item, and the "Crafting" section would become a subsection of this. -MinecraftPhotos4U (talk) 18:23, 19 July 2015 (UTC)

    This information is usually in the main text of the page, and textual descriptors in the opening paragraph are already considered redundant on items that are crafted. Crafted items already have recipe sections, with two additional layers of sub-subsections (Recipe/Used in and PC/Console/Mobile Versions), and making them one deeper wouldn't achieve much, as not many items are both craftable and dropped or looted elsewhere. For most strictly dropped or purchased items, this section would only be a single sentence and wouldn't warrant an entire section on the page, and items that are dropped by multiple enemies are usually easily summed up ("enemies killed in the hallow" for souls of light and such).
    If this information is absent from a page it should definitely be added to the text, but I don't think there's enough overlap in means of acquisition to make a section dedicated to it outside of crafting, and there's not enough information to fill such a section otherwise. Gearzein (talk) 18:54, 19 July 2015 (UTC)

    Lost Items[edit | edit source]

    Hello developers or anyone can someone help me I lost all my legit items in my main world of of chests I had soooooo much endgame weapons items acsesories and no more hero armour robot armour turtle Titan dragon terra bald can some one fix this!!!!! I'm am super annoyed. Patch this! --The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk • contribs) at 22:52, 20 July 2015‎ (UTC).

    Unfortunately, not only do the developers not read this wiki, but they wouldn't be able to help you with an issue such as this. You should try asking at the forums though- someone there may be able to assist you. Gearzein (talk) 22:58, 20 July 2015 (UTC)

    Listing Mobs Expert Health[edit | edit source]

    People have been listing mobs expert health in various different formats. There should be one uniform way to list the expert health of mobs.

    Examples of various different forms of listing expert health:

    Which form should we use when listing expert health, and should non-boss mobs have their health in expert mode be listed as it is just 2 times it's normal mode health? Powerman321 (talk) 19:25, 21 July 2015 (UTC)

    There are many exceptions to the x2 rule (especially for bosses and once hardmode starts). See this for a list I posted recently. I agree that there needs to be a uniform way to display the health, but not sure how. --0icke0 (talk) 19:39, 21 July 2015 (UTC)
    A few suggestions have been tossed around on the Upcoming Features talk page but nothing decisive has been put forward yet. I did like KM100's solution, and it kind of reminded me of another suggestion from a while ago that pointed out how WoWPedia handles certain items with multiple sets of stats. I'm under the impression that would require a serious overhaul of how infoboxes are written though. I definitely don't think that just having two sets of data displayed in a single infobox at the same time is a suitable solution though. Gearzein (talk) 19:56, 21 July 2015 (UTC)
    Not such a serious overhaul... I managed to write something for this. I put a test up at User:Equazcion/sandbox2. {{npc infobox}} is now capable of doing this and I put the javascript into the site default. The way it works is you simply place two complete infoboxes on the page (WoWPedia basically requires the same thing), set one to mode=normal and the other to mode=expert. One box will show in their place with the switch links. The limitation (the one I'm currently aware of, more may likely follow with use) is that you can currently only do this once per article -- If an article has multiple infoboxes with normal/expert differences, the others will need to be handled traditionally for now (ie. cram all the info into the same box). Let me know what you think and if there are any problems. Equazcion (talk) 01:15, 22 Jul 2015 (UTC)
    I seem to have missed this when it was functional, but if you managed to get it working then that's wonderful. I do have a few questions about it though.
    • How does this work with transclusions- for example, if it were used on a page with a protected stats subpage like Terra Blade, would the switching still work between pages?
    • Does it support more than two modes? Would it be unreasonable to also consider its use for NPCs and items that have different values between the three major versions of the game? (It may be unwise to use it in this capacity, at least in parallel- PC/Console/Mobile/PC Expert could get messy fast)
    Actually I think that's it. Gearzein (talk) 06:07, 22 July 2015 (UTC)
    I'm working on a new version and disabled it temporarily. I'm hoping to get it so that you only need to add the changed values in the second infobox, rather than duplicating everything. Transclusions should work fine, but at the moment it's only coded to switch between the two modes. Adding more might be a bit more of a complex thing to implement, and I it would indeed probably be messy logistically (especially once the other platforms get their expert modes...). Equazcion (talk) 06:12, 22 Jul 2015 (UTC)

    ──────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── New version is done. The normal-mode infobox should include everything, but the second expert-mode infobox (mode = expert) now only needs to include the items that differ in expert mode. Note that the loot table, if it changes in expert mode, needs to be entered in its entirety, even if only certain items' stats change in expert mode (money= is a separate item and can be left out if it's unchanged in expert). See User:Equazcion/sandbox3 for a test. Equazcion (talk) 06:43, 22 Jul 2015 (UTC)

    I had to revert my changes. It caused some kind of display issue on pages with multiple infoboxes. I'll let you know if/when I get this sorted out. Equazcion (talk) 07:28, 22 Jul 2015 (UTC)
    ...annnd I think I got it now. User:Equazcion/sandbox3. Let me know if you encounter any other display issues with any infoboxes (anywhere).
    To reiterate:
    • To use this feature, place two {{npc infobox}}es in the article, one right after the other.
      • One should contain the full info along with the mode=normal parameter.
      • The other should contain the expert-mode info -- only the differing bits -- along with the mode=expert parameter. The loot table, if changed in expert mode in any way, will need to be reentered entirely for the expert-mode infobox.
    • This currently can only be done once in an article. Use it on the main infobox. If other infoboxes on the page require expert-mode stats, they will need to be crammed in the way we've been doing up until now.
    Equazcion (talk) 07:51, 22 Jul 2015 (UTC)
    Updated again: I've added handling of multiple infoboxes with normal/expert switching. The normal and expert-mode infoboxes are associated via their "name" parameter. Enter the same name for a normal/expert infobox pair. See User:Equazcion/sandbox4 for a test. Equazcion (talk) 09:42, 22 Jul 2015 (UTC)
    According to Icke's data dump, Expert values change again in hardmode. We might need a third infobox setting after all... Gearzein (talk) 17:37, 22 July 2015 (UTC)
    It might be better to use parentheses for Expert Hardmode values, because it doesn't appear as if drop rates change. For example, 500 (650 in Hardmode). Another copy of the infobox to change one value seems redundant. DoktorFox (talk) 04:45, 23 July 2015 (UTC)
    It seems like clicking the same option twice will still switch the mode, but not change the color highlights. (e.g., clicking "Normal" when it is already selected will result in an expert mode infobox with blue highlights.) It's a small issue, but it can get a bit confusing. –KM100 (talk) 23:32, 22 July 2015 (UTC)
    I'm having some trouble sorting this out, will let you know when it is. Thanks for letting me know about it. Equazcion (talk) 23:55, 23 Jul 2015 (UTC)
    I think I got it done. Do a ctrl-refresh and let me know if there are any further issues. Equazcion (talk) 00:20, 24 Jul 2015 (UTC)
    It feels kind of nitpicky to mention, but there are no highlights at all until you switch to expert and then back to normal, at which point items and HP are highlighted in blue. Gearzein (talk) 00:25, 24 July 2015 (UTC)
    I only added the highlighting because it wasn't always clear which stats has changed when you clicked a switch link, so the highlighting offered a persistent clue. It's a relatively minor thing though; hopefully everything works and is usable for now. I may add default highlighting at some point. Equazcion (talk) 00:33, 24 Jul 2015 (UTC)
    I'm not too happy with the way the highlighting looks on the loot table. I was trying to find some more elegant format for it. If anyone has suggestions feel free to let me know -- just know the change needs to apply to the entire loot table... I don't currently have any way of highlighting individual loot items. Equazcion (talk) 00:44, 24 Jul 2015 (UTC)

    Pure vs. Normal[edit | edit source]

    The word "Pure" is used often in the game and in the wiki to describe corruptible blocks that haven't been corrupted, or blocks that have been cleansed. And yet, the word "Normal" is often used to describe these same blocks in the wiki. I propose a standard word to describe these corruptible blocks. Since "Pure" is used in the game, it would make sense to standardize to that term. For instance, instead of "Normal Grass", a more concise term would be "Pure Grass." Ferretwings (talk) 01:55, 23 July 2015 (UTC)

    I've never once seen the game refer to "Pure <block>", and its use on the wiki must be rare as well, as I've only ever seen it used when people try to contest "The Purity" as the proper name for a Forest. "Purity" or some variation thereof is used in-game, but incredibly rarely (only by the Clentaminator and Fountain, as far as I know), and never in the context of a single block. Everywhere it's used, it refers to the removal of secondary states, not the presence of one. I don't feel a term of this sort to be strictly necessary when corruptible blocks are few enough to unobtrusively convey their nature as such in the page text when it's relevant. Gearzein (talk) 03:31, 23 July 2015 (UTC)

    Goblin Summoner - boss or no boss?[edit | edit source]

    Please see Talk:Goblin Summoner if you'd like to help settle a debate regarding whether the Goblin Summoner should be considered a boss. Please don't reply here -- reply at Talk:Goblin Summoner. Thanks. Equazcion (talk) 23:41, 23 Jul 2015 (UTC)

    Problem with the Screen[edit | edit source]

    Hi I have a problem , I put the terraria full screen and unsettles the entire image .--Preceding unsigned comment added by SoneriX (talkcontribs) 02:38, 23 Jul 2015 (UTC)

    You'll need to ask this question at the forum. We can't really help with technical game problems. Equazcion (talk) 04:24, 24 Jul 2015 (UTC)

    NPC infobox changes[edit | edit source]

    Community noticeboard
    Moon Lord.png
    Type Boss
    Environment Lunar Event
    AI Type Moon Lord
    Damage 400 / 3000
    Max Life 145000 / 357000
    Defense 50
    KB Resist 100%
    Inflicts debuff Moon Bite.png Moon Bite
    Debuff duration 14 seconds / 16 seconds
    Debuff tooltip you are unable to absorb any healing effects
    Coins  ?
    Item (Quantity) Rate
    Portal Gun.png Portal Gun
    Luminite.png Luminite
    • 70-90 / 90-110
    • Another bullet point
    70% / 100%
    Greater Healing Potion.png Greater Healing Potion
    • 5-15
    Treasure Bag (Moon Lord).png Treasure Bag (Moon Lord)
    • in Expert Mode only

    Some of you might know I was working on a Javascript method of displaying Expert Mode info by clicking a link. I've since abandoned this as I wasn't too satisfied with the result. In the end, I think it's more valuable to have both normal/expert mode values on display at once for comparison.

    I've instead made several changes to {{npc infobox}}, and created a new template called {{expert}}. You might have noticed the infobox changes already.

    Being that we have more info to display in loot tables now besides mere quantity/drop rate, I've made each "middle" field in the loot table (what used to be a plain "quantity" number) into a miniature bullet list wrapped next to the item image.

    • Anything entered in the "quantity" field now automatically becomes the first bullet point.
    • To add bullet points, start a new line within the "quantity" field (press enter after you've typed a line) and type an asterisk followed by your text/links/etc, the same way you would make a bullet list anywhere else.

    Long item names will also wrap now, if they should bleed into the cell border. You can take advantage of bullets when pc/console/mobile icons need to entered, or extra explanations like "in corruption worlds only" etc (instead of cramming those into the "drop rate" field).

    As for expert mode values, rather than plastering the word "Expert" everywhere, use {{expert|value}} (replacing "value" with a number or whatever). It colors the value and adds a dotted underline, along with a tooltip that reads "Expert Mode" for those who mouse over to see what that's about.

    For drop rates, either use a slash or line break:

    • 10% / {{expert|30%}} (example: Luminite to the right)
    • 10% <br /> {{expert|30%}} (example: Portal Gun to the right)

    ...whichever happens to fit the table better.

    tl;dr : Look at the infobox example to the right, and edit this section if you want to see how to do it.

    PS. These infobox values are largely incorrect, and are just for the example display :) Equazcion (talk) 12:27, 24 Jul 2015 (UTC)

    Minor chance to the template. In case the enemy has different stats during hardmode than it does pre-hardmode, you can add another argument to the template for the expert hardmode stats. For example the damage field of the infobox to the right:
    • 400 / {{expert|3000|5000}} with 400 being the default damage, 3000 being the expert mode damage and 5000 being the expert mode damage during hardmode.
    See Sand Slime for a real complete example and this for the data. --0icke0 (talk) 13:14, 24 July 2015 (UTC)
    ...I also just created {{eh}} (expert hardmode) for instances where the Expert Hardmode value might need to be entered in a separate location (eg where the two might not fit right next to each other on a line, or something). You could then do something like this:
    • 400000 / {{expert|3000000}} <br /> {{eh|50000000}}
    Equazcion (talk) 13:28, 24 Jul 2015 (UTC)

    Download the wiki?[edit | edit source]

    Wonder if it's possible to download this entire wiki for when you're going to a place with no internet connection (they still exist)?--Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs) 16:43, 24 Jul 2015 (UTC)

    Good question. We have Special:Export, but that gives you XML pages, which aren't really formatted for human readers.
    You're probably left with using tools that are simply meant to download any entire website. One that I know of is HTTrack, which might work for you, as it's meant to do this for offline browsing -- however it's a techie-oriented tool and might be a little confusing for non-techies. Also, it essentially downloads sites one page/file at a time, and will probably take quite a while downloading all of Terraria Wiki.
    Another thing you could do is simply visit any page you think you'll need, which your browser automatically "caches" (saves), and you can then use "work offline" (Firefox file menu, not sure where this option is in other browsers) to browse using your offline cache. There may also be other options: Take a look here and here. Perhaps let us know if you find something that works for you, in case others have the same question in the future :) Equazcion (talk) 16:59, 24 Jul 2015 (UTC)

    Data from mobile\console versions[edit | edit source]

    I've seen that data like health, damage and stuff like that comes straight from the code of the game. Most of the data is listed, however some of it, like velocity and use time of Sharanga is unlisted. How do we get that kind of data so wiki could be more complete? - Edge1337 (talk) 11:48, 26 July 2015 (UTC)

    We don't currently have access to console/mobile source code, since the third-party developer that produces those versions has made it clear they have no interest in making it available to the public. I've attempted to get them to bend on this just for the sake of wiki data, since I share your interest in getting console/mobile values more accurate and complete, but haven't seen any indication they'd be budging on that any time soon. Equazcion (talk) 11:55, 26 Jul 2015 (UTC)

    Simplified Chinese[edit | edit source]

    I've requested that the Simplified Chinese translation project become a separate language wiki, and I've been told the separate wiki will probably be created sometime this week. That project seems to have a lot of interest, and I think this will be better to enact now, rather than wait until the move would become more complicated.

    When the wiki is created (there will be an announcement along with links), wiki editors will largely be responsible for performing the move:

    • Pages can be created at their English titles at the foreign wiki, by any English-speaking editors who decide to help with the move. They can then be moved to their Chinese titles by the Chinese-speaking editors. Those editors who understand what the Chinese titles ought to be can of course create pages directly at their Chinese names.
    • We'll need to alter links and template code to convert from the /chs subpage scheme.
    • I've recommended User:Noyastary as their first site admin.

    Equazcion (talk) 17:11, 27 Jul 2015 (UTC)