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Main goals[edit]

Create a comprehensive set of articles to help players of all levels succeed in Terraria. Note that these articles don't necessarily have to be in the form of a guide. Any article of community value is welcome, be it just a study, an in depth comparison, or an otherwise interesting article.

Guide page names begin with Guide:, for example: Guide:Getting started.


Basics Walkthrough • Getting started • What Not to Do • Crafting 101 • Inventory cleaning • Class setups • Mining techniques • Events • Bosses
Farming Replenishable resources • Gardening • Money • Monsters • Chlorophyte • Souls • Key Molds
Pre-Hardmode Bosses Mobile only.pngLepus • Mobile only.pngTurkor the Ungrateful • King Slime • Eye of Cthulhu • Eater of Worlds • Brain of Cthulhu • Queen Bee • Skeletron • Wall of Flesh‎
Hardmode Getting Started with Hardmode • Containing the Hallow/Corruption • Crafting a Terra Blade • Crafting an Ankh Shield
Hardmode Bosses The Twins • The Destroyer • Skeletron Prime • Plantera • Golem • Console only.pngOcram • Duke Fishron • Finding Plantera's bulb
Advanced Dungeon Guardian • Making liquid • Skipping Stones • Advanced Mob Farming (AFK)
Building Bases • Base defense • Remote NPCs • Arena • Wiring • Travel • Artificial biomes • Minecarts
Surviving Corruption • Crimson • Ocean • Jungle • Dungeon • Underworld • Lihzahrd
Multiplayer Setting up a Terraria server • Capture the Gem • PvP
Lists Expensive items • Spell Books

Additional guides[edit]

These guides are uncategorized and/or have been suggested for merging with one of the guides above.

Suggested guides[edit]

If you have a good idea for a guide, but don't know where to start, you can suggest it here.

  • Obtaining all items, legit
  • Making machine gun dart traps
  • Finding Floating Islands
  • Collecting all armor and vanity items.
  • Painting
  • Ocram Strategies
  • Clentamination (Using a Clentaminator)
  • Advancing through the mobile version
  • Strategy to find Bound NPC's. Crawl the dungeon and remove water candles, go away, come back, drink a danger sense or hunter's potion. Look for the green colored person.
  • How to find Plantera's Bulb
  • How to make pixel-art of your favorite character... Yours!
  • Pumpkin Moon Strategies. Build a strong house with traps and lava to get through phases quickly. Have a roof exit to an asphalt skyway. Pull Pumpkings to the skyway for elimination. Use strong defensive gear, like a Beetle set combined with a Celestial stone, a Star Veil and an Anhk Shield.
  • Frost Moon Strategies
  • Fishing Strategies/Guide
  • Vanity Sets; Dyes, outfits, and accessories
  • Wizard, Melee, and Ranger class progression.
  • Efficient way to farm Orange Bloodroot
  • Terraria Mobile guide, item list, etc;
  • potion making (Working on it ~FrozenAlchemist11)
  • Playing as a mage character
  • Playing as a ranged character
  • Achievement/Trophy guide
  • Getting the picksaw
  • Turkor The Ungrateful strategies. The page doesn't cover enough.
  • Dungeon Farming strategies.
  • Mobile, Help with selecting Npcs (Tap on Npc, but doesnt work!)
  • Farming coins(for mobile)
  • Clearing Corruption/Crimson.