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Stack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.png
Terrarium inventory icon
Type Crafting material
Rarity Rarity Level: 0
Internal Item ID: 2208
Not to be confused with the Terrarian

The Terrarium is an item used to make Cages for Critters caught with the Bug Net.

Cages cannot be opened, broken, or un-crafted, so once a critter is crafted into a cage with the Terrarium, that particular Critter can no longer be released.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Crafting Station
Furnace.png Furnace
Ingredient(s) Amount
Glass.png Glass 16
Terrarium.png Terrarium 1
Placed Bunnies.gif
Placed Birds.gif
Placed Squirrels.gif
Placed Ducks.gif
Placed Scorpions.gif
Placed Worms.gif
Placed Jungle Bugs.gif
Placed Grasshoppers.gif
Placed Snails.gif
Placed Frogs.gif
Placed Mouses.gif
Placed Penguin.gif

Used in[edit | edit source]

Result IngredientsCrafting Station
Bird Cage.png
Bird Cage
Internal Item ID: 2166
Terrarium.png Terrarium By Hand
Bird.png Bird
Blue Jay Cage.png
Blue Jay Cage
Internal Item ID: 2167
Terrarium.png Terrarium
Blue Jay.png Blue Jay
Cardinal Cage.png
Cardinal Cage
Internal Item ID: 2168
Terrarium.png Terrarium
Cardinal.png Cardinal
Gold Bird Cage.png
Gold Bird Cage (Pc only.png)
Internal Item ID: 3070
Terrarium.png Terrarium
Gold Bird.png Gold Bird
Bunny Cage.png
Bunny Cage
Internal Item ID: 2162
Terrarium.png Terrarium
Bunny.png Bunny
Gold Bunny Cage.png
Gold Bunny Cage (Pc only.png)
Internal Item ID: 3071
Terrarium.png Terrarium
Gold Bunny.png Gold Bunny
Duck Cage.png
Duck Cage
Internal Item ID: 2164
Terrarium.png Terrarium
Duck.png Duck
Mallard Duck Cage.png
Mallard Duck Cage
Internal Item ID: 2165
Terrarium.png Terrarium
Mallard Duck.png Mallard Duck
Frog Cage.png
Frog Cage
Internal Item ID: 2190
Terrarium.png Terrarium
Frog.png Frog
Gold Frog Cage.png
Gold Frog Cage (Pc only.png)
Internal Item ID: 3073
Terrarium.png Terrarium
Gold Frog.png Gold Frog
Grasshopper Cage.png
Grasshopper Cage
Internal Item ID: 2741
Terrarium.png Terrarium
Grasshopper.png Grasshopper
Gold Grasshopper Cage.png
Gold Grasshopper Cage (Pc only.png)
Internal Item ID: 3074
Terrarium.png Terrarium
Gold Grasshopper.png Gold Grasshopper
Grubby Cage.png
Grubby Cage
Internal Item ID: 3256
Terrarium.png Terrarium
Grubby.png Grubby
Sluggy Cage.png
Sluggy Cage
Internal Item ID: 3257
Terrarium.png Terrarium
Sluggy.png Sluggy
Buggy Cage.png
Buggy Cage
Internal Item ID: 3255
Terrarium.png Terrarium
Buggy.png Buggy
Mouse Cage.png
Mouse Cage
Internal Item ID: 2191
Terrarium.png Terrarium
Mouse.png Mouse
Gold Mouse Cage.png
Gold Mouse Cage (Pc only.png)
Internal Item ID: 3075
Terrarium.png Terrarium
Gold Mouse.png Gold Mouse
Penguin Cage.png
Penguin Cage
Internal Item ID: 2206
Terrarium.png Terrarium
Penguin.png Penguin
Scorpion Cage.png
Scorpion Cage
Internal Item ID: 2186
Terrarium.png Terrarium
Scorpion.png Scorpion
Black Scorpion Cage.png
Black Scorpion Cage
Internal Item ID: 2187
Terrarium.png Terrarium
Black Scorpion.png Black Scorpion
Snail Cage.png
Snail Cage
Internal Item ID: 2174
Terrarium.png Terrarium
Snail.png Snail
Glowing Snail Cage.png
Glowing Snail Cage
Internal Item ID: 2175
Terrarium.png Terrarium
Glowing Snail.png Glowing Snail
Squirrel Cage.png
Squirrel Cage
Internal Item ID: 2163
Terrarium.png Terrarium
Squirrel.png Squirrel
Red Squirrel Cage.png
Red Squirrel Cage
Internal Item ID: 3565
Terrarium.png Terrarium
Red Squirrel.png Red Squirrel
Gold Squirrel Cage.png
Gold Squirrel Cage (Pc only.png)
Internal Item ID: 3566
Terrarium.png Terrarium
Gold Squirrel.png Gold Squirrel
Worm Cage.png
Worm Cage
Internal Item ID: 2207
Terrarium.png Terrarium
Worm.png Worm
Enchanted Nightcrawler Cage.png
Enchanted Nightcrawler Cage
Internal Item ID: 3254
Terrarium.png Terrarium
Enchanted Nightcrawler.png Enchanted Nightcrawler
Gold Worm Cage.png
Gold Worm Cage (Pc only.png)
Internal Item ID: 3076
Terrarium.png Terrarium
Gold Worm.png Gold Worm

Notes[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The plural of "terrarium", besides "terrariums", is "terraria", which is also the name of the game.

History[edit | edit source]

  • Console 1.08: Added the Mallard Duck Cage.
  • Console 1.07 Holiday Update: Introduced the Terrarium and caged critters (Bird, Black Scorpion, Blue Jay, Bunny, Cardinal, Frog, Glowing Snail, Grasshopper, Mouse, Penguin, Scorpion, Snail, Squirrel, and Worm).
    • New critter cages: Grubby Cage, Sluggy Cage, Buggy Cage, Red Squirrel Cage, Enchanted Nightcrawler Cage
    • Introduced golden critter cages: Gold Bird Cage, Gold Bunny Cage, Gold Frog Cage, Gold Grasshopper Cage, Gold Mouse Cage, Gold Squirrel Cage, Gold Worm Cage.
  • 1.2.3: Introduced.
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