The Destroyer

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The Destroyer
The Destroyer.png
Type Boss
Burrowing Enemy
AI Type The Destroyer AI
Max Life 80000
Knockback Resist 100%
Coins 12 Gold Coin
Item (Quantity) Rate
Soul of Might.png Soul of Might (20-40) 100%
Greater Healing Potion.png Greater Healing Potion (5-15) 100%
Hallowed Bar.png Hallowed Bar (15-35) 100% Console only.png Pc only.png
Destroyer Mask.png Destroyer Mask 14.29% Pc only.png
Destroyer Trophy.png Destroyer Trophy 10%
For strategies on defeating The Destroyer, see Guide:The Destroyer strategies. For the painting, see The Destroyer (item).

"You feel vibrations from deep below..."

The Destroyer is a Hardmode Boss (one of the three Mechanical Bosses) that is essentially a harder version of the Eater of Worlds. Like the Eater of Worlds, The Destroyer is a very large Worm. Though it appears to be similarly made up of many segments, individual segments cannot die, and The Destroyer will not split apart into multiple enemies. The entire body has a single shared Health, and will remain at full size until it is killed.

The Destroyer is summoned using a Mechanical Worm at Night. Night time is the only condition required for summoning. In the PC version, it can also spawn randomly on any given night once Hardmode begins, if you haven't defeated it yet in the current world. Its arrival is announced by one of two messages: "You feel a quaking from deep underground..." or "You feel vibrations from deep below...." It must be killed before dawn, otherwise it despawns.

Each of The Destroyer's segments contains a red-lit Probe, which are independent flying enemies that are launched periodically as The Destroyer takes damage. They fire lasers at the player, both while within The Destroyer and when detached. Probes can be killed individually once detached. If the red light is missing from a segment, it means the Probe was already launched from that segment.

In the PC version, the Destroyer's body is immune to all debuffs, though launched Probes are not.


The Destroyer Head
The Destroyer (technical).png
Damage 70
Defense 0
The Destroyer Body
The Destroyer Body.png
Damage 22 (laser)
55 (melee)
Defense 30
The Destroyer Tail
The Destroyer Tail.png
Damage 40
Defense 35
Type Flying Enemy
AI Type Flying
Damage 25 laser
50 melee
Max Life 200
Defense 20
Item (Quantity) Rate
Heart.png Heart 33% (100% Console only.png)


  • If you use a Magic Mirror to escape from the Destroyer, it will not despawn, and will follow you to your spawn, no matter how far away it is.
  • The picture of the Destroyer is just a small preview. The actual boss is extremely long (estimated 150+ blocks, ~86 segments).



  • The Destroyer has the most health of any current Boss.


Bug.png Bug : Mobile only.png If the Destroyer is spawned on the edge of the map, when his head hits the edge of the world he dies. The death message does not appear and the drops will be lost.
Anomaly.png Anomaly: Mobile only.png When is turns daytime, he will simply disappear instead of running away.
Bug.png Bug : Mobile only.pngThe Destroyer will despawn upon players' death instead of not.
Bug.png Bug 1.2: Occasionally, when summoned with the Mechanical Worm or its message randomly appears on a night, The Destroyer does not appear.
Bug.png Bug : The Destroyer will despawn at 12pm or die, but drop items anyway.
Bug.png Bug : Sometimes when you summon The destroyer with the Mechanical Worm, only its head will spawn.
Anomaly.png Anomaly: When battling The Destroyer while it's raining, it will start bundling up and then flee extremely quickly and despawn, ending the battle.

Console only.png Sometimes when you kill The Destroyer, he drops nothing.}}

Bug.png Bug : No description given.
Mobile only.png In multiplayer sometimes one person cannot see the destroyer.}}
Anomaly.png Anomaly: Rarely in multiplayer, upon a player's death, The Destroyer's Body will disappear from view, but continue to attack players from seemingly nowhere.

Mobile only.png If you press the mechanical worm and tap another item in your hotbar, the Mechanical Worm will stay, but the destroyer will still spawn. It is a simple way to have permanent boss battles. Same applies to the Eater of Worlds and Worm Food


For changes that affect all the mechanical bosses, see Mechanical_Bosses#History.
  • 1.2.3:
    • Health returned to 80000 (from 60000). Damage and defense increased:
      • Head damage increased from 50 to 70.
      • Body damage increased from 35 to 55. Defense returned to 30 (from 26).
      • Tail damage increased from 20 to 40. Defense returned to 35 (from 30).
    • Now has a chance to drop the Destroyer Mask.
    • The Destroyer's Probes drop hearts 1/3 times instead of 100%.
    • Drops now appear at the location of the segment that was closest to the player on defeat, instead of from the head.
  • Now immune to all debuffs.
  • 1.2:
    • Health reduced from 80000 to 60000. Damage and defense reduced:
      • Head damage reduced from 60 to 50.
      • Body damage reduced from 40 to 35. Defense reduced from 30 to 26.
      • Tail defense reduced from 35 to 30.
    • Now has a chance to spawn randomly during Hardmode with the message: "You feel vibrations from deep below...".
    • Will now drop 20-40 Souls of Might, instead of 20-30.
    • Now has a chance to drop the Destroyer Trophy.
  • 1.1: Introduced.
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