Toxic Sludge

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Toxic Sludge
Toxic Sludge.png
Type Enemy
Environment Underground
AI Type Slime
Damage 50
Max Life 150
Defense 18
KB Resist 20%
Coins 4 Silver Coin
Item (Quantity) Rate
Gel.png Gel (1-2) 100%
Bezoar.png Bezoar 1%
Slime Staff.png Slime Staff 0.01%
Toxic Sludge Banner.png Toxic Sludge Banner 0.5%
Internal NPC ID: 141

The Toxic Sludge is a Hardmode Slime enemy that appears in the Underground layer in place of ordinary slimes. They deal significantly increased damage and have a 50% chance of inflicting the Poisoned debuff, which they are also immune to.


  • This Slime, along with the Baby Slime that is summoned via the Slime Staff, are the only two slimes that bear any kind of facial resemblance.
  • Toxic Sludge and Pinky are the only two slimes without "slime" in their name.


  • Now has a chance to drop a Toxic Sludge Banner.
  • 1.2: Now has a chance to drop Bezoar or Slime Staff.
  • 1.1: Introduced.
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