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Type Enemy
Environment The Hallow
AI Type Unicorn AI
Damage 65
Max Life 400
Defense 30
Knockback Resist 70%
Coins 10 Silver Coin
Item (Quantity) Rate
Unicorn Horn.png Unicorn Horn 100%
Unicorn on a stick.png Unicorn on a stick 1%
Unicorn Banner.png Unicorn Banner 0.5%

The Unicorn is a Hardmode enemy that spawns in The Hallow. It is a very fast adversary and has a rather large amount of health. It can jump approximately seven blocks (14 feet) high. These factors, combined with a high damage output, can make fighting it difficult. It always drops one Unicorn Horn, a valued item.

[edit] Tips

  • Players who recently entered Hardmode should avoid using melee attacks against Unicorns, as they deal a high amount of damage and are highly resistant to knockback.
  • The Dao of Pow is effective, as it Confuses Unicorns into running away often, which mitigates its frequent charges.
  • A Chainsaw or very fast Sword's knockback can also hold back the Unicorn's charges.
  • Fighting them in Water slows their movement enough for normal knockback from Swords to be effective.
  • Ranged-oriented players may need to use Grappling Hooks or Wings to avoid damage from Unicorns.
  • Digging a two tile-wide hole just big enough to stand in will allow you to attack the Unicorn without being attacked yourself, since the Unicorn is too big to fit through.
  • Using a Flamarang is very effective, as its strong knockback will allow you to keep it from charging you. In some cases, the unicorn will not be able to move at all when under these attacks.
  • A fast, big melee weapon will act effectively on a unicorn, often preventing it from damaging the player.
Bug : If a unicorn is charging through a 3 block tall passage with a one block thick floor, it can fall through if there is a wall at the end of the tunnel.
Bug : If a Unicorn is charging at you fast enough & you activate Inactive Stone Blocks while it's over them, it can get trapped & sink through the floor (Happens in Console)
Unicorn sprite released on Tiy's Twitter

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