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Warning-Logo.png The content of this page is still in development.
This information is subject to change, or may not feature in the game.
This article is about future updates. For previous and present updates, see Version history. For the console previous and present updates, see Console Version History. For the mobile previous and present updates, see Mobile Version History.

This page describes future features announced by Terraria's developers. None of these are guaranteed to be included in the game.

Some of the following information hasn't been explicitly announced yet, and are only conjectured based on comments or screenshots from the developers. Item and feature names may be especially conjectural, and may not be the final names present in the release.

[edit] 1.3

This will have been the last update that Redigit worked on personally. After beginning work on 1.3, Redigit moved to preliminary work on a new game outside of the Terraria franchise, with additional long-term plans for a Terraria sequel. The developers Yoraiz0r and Skiphs will continue updating Terraria during 1.3 and beyond.[1][2]

[edit] New items

Specific new items mentioned:

[edit] Changes

Specific changes mentioned:

[edit] Unspecified version

The following changes have been mentioned by the game developers, but haven't been specified to be included in a particular version.

[edit] New additions and changes

  • Separate cooldowns for edibles.
  • Professional language translation.

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