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Upcoming Features
Note: This article is about future PC updates. For past updates, see Version history, Console Version History, and Mobile Version History.

Upcoming features policy:

  • Any and all upcoming features must be sourced to a Re-Logic staff posting. Unsourced information, or information purportedly leaked from other sources, will be removed.
  • Future features and changes should remain confined to this page, and to articles dedicated solely to future items. They should not be added to articles on current features.
  • Graphics officially released by Re-Logic staff, or images cut from them, can be uploaded. Unreleased graphics purportedly leaked from other sources may be Re-Logic intellectual property, and/or may be unreliable, and will be deleted. Original player artwork depicting future items will also be deleted, unless it is solely for personal use in User: space.


Spoiler video released by the developers, showing Charged Laser Blaster (weapon being fired in the beginning by Maiken), a new Granite Furniture set (furniture in the house), Wormhole Potion, Laser Machinegun, Meowmere, and several other new elements.
One of the new Mounts.
The new cultist event/enemy/npc.
The Guide and Nurse sitting on Chairs.
Updated NPC sprites.
Alchemy Table & Cultist vanity set.
New Armor Cenx was wearing.
Dyed Bee Mount
New Music Spoiler.
Wizard New Animation.
New progress bars during world creation.
New Eclipse monsters presented by Crowno.
An unknown 1.3 Event.

This may be the last update that Redigit works on personally. During the development of 1.3, Redigit also began preliminary work on a new game outside of the Terraria franchise, with additional long-term plans for a Terraria sequel. The developers Yoraiz0r and Skiphs will continue updating Terraria during and beyond 1.3.[1][2][forums 2] This version is said to be "better", not bigger with inflated item count.[reddit 1] Re-Logic intends to release Terraria 1.3 by June 2015.[forums 3]

New items[edit]

Specific items
General mentions

New Characters[edit]

Added Solar Eclipse Enemies [forums 18][tweets 2]
Fritz Creature from the Deep Dr. ManFly Mothron Severed Hand
Fritz.png Creature from the Deep.png Dr. ManFly.png Mothron.png Severed Hand.png
The Possessed Butcher Psycho Deadly Spheres NailHead
The Possessed.png Butcher.png Psycho.png Deadly Spheres.png NailHead.png
Martian Madness Event Enemies [forums 1][other 2]
Gigazapper.gif Martian Engineer.png Tesla Turret (animation).gif Brain Scrambler, Gigazapper, Gray Grunt, Martian Officer, Ray Gunner, Martian Engineer, Tesla Turret, unidentified tripod enemy.
Unidentified Enemies
Nameless 1.3 spoiler mob.gif [tweets 3] 1.3 stream spoiler mob.gif [reddit 3]



Item/character changes[edit]


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Forum posts[edit]


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