Vile Powder

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Vile Powder
Vile Powder inventory icon
Type Miscellaneous – Crafting material
Max stack 99
Velocity 4
Rarity Rarity Level: 0
Use time 14
Tooltip banishes the Hallow
Buy / Sell 1 Silver Coin / 20 Copper Coin
Internal Item ID: 67

Vile Powder is a thrown consumable item that can be used to clear blocks of Hallow. It releases as a cloud spread with a very short range comparable to that of a Broadsword, and produces a fair amount of light when thrown. Vile Powder is the Corruption counterpart to Purification Powder. It can be crafted from Vile Mushrooms, or purchased from the Dryad during a Blood Moon. It does indeed have a counterpart for The Crimson; the Vicious Powder.

Vile Powder returns Pearlstone to Stone, Pearlsand to Sand and Hallowed grass to normal grass. It can also be thrown at a Bunny to transform it into a Corrupt Bunny, at a Goldfish to transform it into a Corrupt Goldfish, or at a Penguin to transform it into a Corrupt Penguin.

Area of effect

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Crafting Station
Bottle (crafting station).png Placed Bottle
Ingredient(s) Amount
Vile Mushroom.png Vile Mushroom 1
Vile Powder.png Vile Powder 5

Used in[edit | edit source]

Result IngredientsCrafting Station
Poisoned Knife.png Vile Powder.png Vile Powder By Hand
Throwing Knife.png Throwing Knife (20)
Worm Food.png Vile Powder.png Vile Powder (30) Demon Altar.png Crimson Altar.png
Demon/Crimson Altar
Rotten Chunk.png Rotten Chunk (15)

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