Wall of Flesh

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Wall of Flesh
Wall of Flesh.png
Type Boss
Environment The Underworld
AI Type Wall of Flesh Body AI
Damage 50 / 150 (melee)
Max Life 8000 / 11200
Defense 12
KB Resist 100%
Inflicts debuff Horrified.png Horrified
Debuff duration While the player is within 1800 Meters (900 Blocks) from the boss.
Debuff tooltip You have seen something nasty, there is no escape.
Inflicts debuff The Tongue.png The Tongue
Debuff duration When the player is within 1800 Meters (900 Blocks) from and behind the boss.
Debuff tooltip You are being sucked into the mouth.
Coins 8 Gold Coin
Item (Quantity) Rate
Healing Potion.png Healing Potion
• 5-15
Pwnhammer.png Pwnhammer
Breaker Blade.png Breaker Blade
Clockwork Assault Rifle.png Clockwork Assault Rifle
Laser Rifle.png Laser Rifle
Warrior Emblem.png Warrior Emblem
Sorcerer Emblem.png Sorcerer Emblem
Ranger Emblem.png Ranger Emblem
Summoner Emblem.png Summoner Emblem
Pc only.png
Wall of Flesh Mask.png Wall of Flesh Mask
Wall of Flesh Trophy.png Wall of Flesh Trophy
Treasure Bag (Wall of Flesh).png Treasure Bag (Wall of Flesh)
• in Expert Mode only Pc only.png
Internal NPC ID: 113
Wall of Flesh Trophy.png "...The master and core of the world..." Wall of Flesh Trophy.png
For the items, see Flesh Block or Flesh Block Wall.

The Wall of Flesh is a boss that is spawnable in The Underworld. It is the final and generally considered to be the hardest boss in pre-Hardmode (although, it is not quite as difficult to defeat as the Dungeon Guardian enemy).

To defeat the Wall of Flesh, the player must attack either its eyes or its mouth. They all share the same life counter, so shooting at any of the three will deplete the boss' total health. Shooting at the eyes causes the most damage, as they have the lowest defense. Its other body parts are transparent to weapons, so attacking those will not deplete its health, such as the Wall itself.

Summoning[edit | edit source]

The Wall of Flesh summoned.
The Wall of Flesh is summoned when a Guide Voodoo Doll is dropped into lava in The Underworld while the Guide is alive (this must be done in The Underworld; lava in any other layer will not work). This kills the Guide and summons the boss. It can be done either by killing the Voodoo Demon that carries the Doll while it flies above a lava pool, or by picking up the dropped Doll and throwing it into the lava yourself. On the Mobile only.pngMobile version, you can simply tap it in your hotbar, or you can drag and drop it from your hotbar to the lava.

If the Guide is not alive when the Doll is destroyed, the Wall of Flesh will not spawn, and the Doll will be wasted. If you have already summoned the Wall of Flesh recently, make sure the Guide has respawned before attempting to summon the Wall again. This is not suggested, but if the Guide is alive, and the Wall did not summon, it is still lurking around your world, and you must reach it and defeat it, or wait a few minutes and try it again. On the Pc only.png Desktop version and Console only.png Console version, one can use the housing menu to see which NPCs are still alive. On the Mobile only.pngMobile version, you can check the minimap to see if the guide is there or not.

The Wall of Flesh's sweep direction is determined by its spawn location. Spawning it anywhere left of the center of the world will cause it to sweep from left to right, while spawning it right of center will cause it to sweep right to left. Maximum fight space can be achieved by spawning it at the extreme right or left of the world, though these areas have fewer natural structures and may require additional lava survival gear or construction.

Summoning The Wall of Flesh too close to world border will not spawn him even if the Guide is alive. (Sometimes the guide does not show up on the map).

Attacks[edit | edit source]

The Wall of Flesh is very large, occupying the entire screen vertically. Once spawned, it steadily sweeps across the map in a single direction, forcing the player to constantly move away for the duration of the fight while contending with the Underworld's usual hazards. The Wall of Flesh moves faster as it gets more wounded, and, on Expert Mode, it can reach up to 50 mph (as compared to the Hermes Boots at only 30 mph, and Lightning Boots at 40) while at or below 500 HP. It must be killed before it reaches the end of the map, otherwise it will despawn and all living players in The Underworld will die (with the unique death message "<PlayerName> was Licked.").

Keep this behavior in mind when preparing an Arena, as the fight will take you many screens away (unless you are already using Hardmode gear). Any platform you build will need to be very long.


  • The Wall has small mouths called The Hungry, each attached by a long vein, which move towards and damage players. As the Wall of Flesh's main body takes damage, they deal more damage and become more resistant to attacks. When they've suffered enough damage, they detach and chase players. In Expert Mode, the Hungry respawn as long as the Wall is alive.
  • The Wall's eyes fire lasers. As its health decreases, the lasers increase in damage, speed, and frequency.
  • The Wall burps Leeches from its mouth that chase players. These will always drop Hearts when killed.

Immediately upon the Wall of Flesh's spawning, the player is afflicted with the Horrified debuff, which prevents fleeing from the battle. Players that attempt to leave the Underworld or get behind the Wall of Flesh are grabbed by The Tongue and pulled directly into the Wall of Flesh's mouth, inflicting serious damage. If the player teleports beyond the reach of the tongue by using a Magic Mirror, Recall Potion or other means of quick transport, the debuff instead kills them immediately, returning the message "<PlayerName> tried to escape." This can also happen after dying, if you try to return to the boss.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

When the Wall of Flesh is killed, it leaves its drops in a floating, fully enclosed box of Demonite Bricks if your world was generated with The Corruption, or Crimtane Bricks if your world was generated with the Crimson to prevent its drops from falling into lava. One of the drops is always the Pwnhammer, which becomes an essential tool that helps players transfer into Hardmode. It is also guaranteed that you get the Breaker Blade, Laser Rifle, or the Clockwork Assault Rifle.

After defeating the Wall of Flesh for the first time, a mini box on the bottom left corner will show up saying "The Ancient Spirits of Light and Dark Have Been Released" and your world will enter Hardmode, and will be filled with tougher enemies. This will also generate two diagonal stripes of The Hallow, and Corruption or Crimson, in a "V" pattern from the center of the Underworld all the way to the Surface (and higher, as Floating Islands in these paths will also be converted). There is a very small chance, however, that the hallow will spawn at or below 1%, but it will never reach 0%, unless you personally remove it.

Hardmode enemies will begin spawning as soon as the Wall of Flesh is defeated. The stripes of Corruption/Crimson and Hallow, however, will not spawn until the message "The ancient spirits of light and dark have been released." appears.

Note: See Hardmode for more extensive information.

Components[edit | edit source]

Wall of Flesh Eye
Wall of Flesh Eye.png
Type Enemy
AI Type Wall of Flesh Eye AI
Damage 22-30 / 44-60 (eye laser (depending on health))
50 / 150 (melee)
Defense 0
KB Resist 100%
Internal NPC ID: 114
Wall of Flesh Mouth
Wall of Flesh Mouth.png
Type Enemy
Damage 50 / 150 (melee)
Defense 15
KB Resist 100%
Internal NPC ID: 113
The Hungry
The Hungry.png
Type Enemy
AI Type Hungry AI
Damage 30 / 60 (WoF health 75%+)
45 / 90 (WoF health 50%+)
60 / 120 (WoF health 25%+)
75 / 150 (WoF health <25%)
Max Life 240
Defense 10 (WoF health 75%+)
20 (WoF health 50%+)
30 (WoF health 25%+)
40 (WoF health <25%)
KB Resist -10% / 1%
Internal NPC ID: 115
The Hungry II
The Hungry II.png
Type Enemy
AI Type Demon Eye
Damage 30 / 60
Max Life 80 / 112
Defense 6
KB Resist 20% / 28%
Item (Quantity) Rate
Heart.png Heart
Internal NPC ID: 116

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Achievement Still Hungry.png Still Hungry is the achievement you earn for defeating the Wall of Flesh for the first time (Pc only.png only).

Achievement Its Hard.png It's Hard! is an additional achievement you earn for converting a world to Hardmode for the first time (Pc only.png only)

Challenge Accepted is an achievement you get for going to hard mode in your world (Console only.png only.)

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Take care to avoid accidentally letting a Voodoo Demon drop its doll into lava when you're not prepared to fight, as this will also summon the Wall of Flesh.
  • If you have problems getting the Guide to spawn, make sure there isn't an Event in progress. Traveling back to your world's original spawn point can reveal an ongoing event, like a Goblin Invasion, and allow you to complete it. It also must be daytime for the Guide to respawn.
  • If you kill Wall of Flesh too fast, (You kill it while it hasn't entered your world yet (to the far left or far right)), the item will also drop outside the world and therefore be unable to pick up. This is most easily achieved if you have a high attack summon like the Stardust Dragon.

Tips[edit | edit source]

For more elaborate strategies on defeating Wall of Flesh, including Weapon and Arena recommendations, see Guide:Wall of Flesh strategies.

  • Mobility-enhancing items, such as Gravitation Potion, Rocket Boots/Spectre Boots and various Hooks can make traversing the Underworld much easier. Similarly, items like Obsidian Skin Potions, Lava Waders, or an Obsidian Rose can mitigate the underworld's many lava pools and other ambient hazards.
  • The Wall of Flesh attempts to cover the entire Underworld cavern space by moving its eyes up and down; it orients by existence/absence of solid blocks and liquids 4-5 tiles above and beneath the eyes. That means making a bridge will make the eyes stay at constant height 4-7 blocks from the bridge.
  • The player can build a long wooden platform going along the underworld quite high up so the structures, lava and mounds of ash do not get in the way.
  • Making a platform with explosion-immune blocks (such as Dungeon Bricks) and proceeding to use Dynamite can be extremely effective if the player times their throws well.
  • Try not to use melee weapons if you are fighting the Wall of Flesh for the first time, because you take a sizable amount of damage from touching the Wall of Flesh or its many Hungries. If you find one however, a Dark Lance works very well with a long walkway.
  • Beenades are a highly effective weapon against the Wall of Flesh, especially in expert mode.
  • The Bee's Knees is a useful weapon for extra damage, as well as the Molten Fury or Phoenix Blaster.
  • A Water Bolt is an excellent weapon, because even if the player dies, the projectile will bounce, giving the possibility to kill the Wall after the player's death.
  • A good pre-Hardmode weapon is the Minishark with the Hurtful Modifier. Obtaining around 270 Meteor Shot and firing with that is an effective way to kill it quickly, preferably with the Imp Staff as well.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Wall of Flesh is the only boss (excluding Moon Lord and Frost Moon/Pumpkin Moon bosses) that does not despawn based on player distance. Once summoned, it only despawns once it reaches the edge of the world, also killing the player.
  • When the Wall of Flesh is alive it is possible for the Guide to respawn during the battle with the Wall. Dropping another Guide Voodoo Doll will kill the Guide but won't summon a second Wall of Flesh.
  • Despite being based around flesh, the Wall of Flesh does not bear much semblance to, and was in the game long before, Crimson.
  • Because killing the Wall of Flesh creates strips of hallow and corruption, if you defeat the Wall near the middle of the map, it may drop a soul of light or night on death, proving that the world is in fact converted to hardmode before it says so.
  • One of the Cyborg's quotes is "Have you defeated the Wall of <name of Guide>?", which is a reference to the Wall of Flesh being spawned when the player sacrifices the Guide.
  • There is a character in the cartoon Adventure Time with the same name.

History[edit | edit source]

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