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See also: Water (Crafting Station).

Water is an abundant blue liquid found in nearly any biome. Water forms the oceans on either side of a map. It is less abundant in a Desert and totally absent in The Underworld. It flows more freely than lava. Candles, Torches, and Flaming Arrows do not emit light underwater, but Glowsticks and some other light sources do. Most torches are knocked free when water touches them.

Underground pools of water can be spotted by the glowing Jellyfish which spawn there. Water is only found down to a certain depth before being replaced by pools of lava and evaporates if it enters the Underworld. As of update 1.2, each biome has their own unique water color, and to change the water color in any biome you can use Water Fountain from the Witch Doctor in hardmode after defeating Plantera.

Upon submersion a player's breath meter will display how long they can remain underwater before they begin to take damage. The point where a player is considered submersed for purposes of the breath meter is a pixel above the eyes. This roughly translates to being able to breathe when standing in two full tiles of water, but will be at risk of drowning if the third tile starts to have any water in it.

If the player's feet are in at least a tile of water, movement is hindered noticeably and players cannot swim unless they equip certain accessories.

Characters Unique drops
Normal Enemies:
Goldfish.png Goldfish
Piranha.png Piranha
Blue Jellyfish.png Blue Jellyfish

In the Ocean:

Crab.png Crab
Pink Jellyfish.png Pink Jellyfish
Sea Snail.png Sea Snail Pc only.png / Console only.png
Squid.png Squid
Shark.png Shark
Orca.png Orca Console only.png / Mobile only.png
Addition during a Blood Moon:
Corrupt Goldfish.png Corrupt Goldfish

During Hardmode:

Blood Feeder.png Blood Feeder Pc only.png / Console only.png
Angler Fish.png Angler Fish
Green Jellyfish.png Green Jellyfish
Blood Jelly.png Blood Jelly Pc only.png / Console only.png
Arapaima.png Arapaima Pc only.png / Console only.png

From Goldfish:
Goldfish.png Goldfish Mobile only.png / Console only.png

From Piranhas:

Hook (crafting material).png Hook (crafting material)

From Sharks:

Shark Fin.png Shark Fin

From Sea Snails:

Purple Mucos.png Purple Mucos Pc only.png / Console only.png

From Squids:

Black Ink.png Black Ink

Items interacting with water[edit]

Liquids interacting with water[edit]

These items are created when water meets other liquids.

Item When combined with
Honey Block.png Honey Block HoneyLiquid.png Honey
Obsidian.png Obsidian Lava.png Lava

Mining Underwater[edit]

An example of torch placement that provides light underwater

When mining in the underground, players will often encounter water. Players can avoid the water by simply mining around it. Alternatively, the water can be removed by either pumping or draining the water into another cavity. Either dig an outlet at one edge or from the bottom of the pool.

To produce light underwater, remove a block a little way into the wall so that it forms an air pocket and place a torch there. Alternatively, Glowsticks may be used when digging underwater. They provide less light but will work underwater, and can be thrown. These are especially useful when digging downward, because Glowsticks fall when the block beneath them is removed. This way, players can dig and light their way at the same time. Flares from a Flare Gun can also be used in this manner. If they are available, a Mining Helmet or an Shadow Orb (item) (Orb of Light on console) provide easy hands-free lighting. Players can also create a permanent underwater light source using a Cursed Torch (which functions like a normal torch, but with the added benefit of working underwater), although those can only be acquired after hardmode is activated.


If a large mass of water falls into a room (or corridor) vast enough to "flatten it out" - that is, providing sufficient space for the water to make a long surface (also applies if the water hits the roof) - the game mechanics may cause the water to take immensely long time to even out. The reason appears to be related to how tiny amounts of liquid will disappear if poured across sufficient space, apparently causing small waves of increasing water to disappear unless there's a nearby wall for them to bump and accumulate into. The result is a body of water that, given is constantly supplied by another body of water (which may never empty, see bug below), apparently vastly complicates data for liquid in that map and greatly increases map loading time when Settling liquids. In order to fix this one may either try relocate the body of water or divide the room into lesser "sectors" in which water can even out before gradually combining them. It is unknown if this problem applies to honey and lava as well, due to their different viscosity.

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  • 1.2.4: Actuated tiles no longer remove the water over them on world load.
  • 1.2.3:
    • Sped up the Water moving code a bit. 5-10%.
    • Fixed a bug where moving very large quantities of water could leave some water floating.
    • Fixed issue where you cannot jump while in reverse gravity in water.
    • Running underwater no longer causes flashes of the Suffocation debuff.
  • 1.2:
    • When water touches a half block, it will create a waterfall. Water can also change colors depending what biome it is in, or if it's a Blood Moon.
  • 1.1: Water is in a secondary 'layer' behind the placed blocks, therefore can no longer be removed by placing blocks on it. "Blocked" liquids disappear only after restart of world.
  • 1.0.5:

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