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Wood Platform
Wood Platform.png
Max stack 99
Use time 14
Tool Hammer

A Wood Platform allows vertical movement by the player, certain enemies, and NPCs, in both up and down directions. The player can go down through a Wood Platform by pressing the down key while standing on one, and step up one block onto a Wood Platform by pressing the up key. Wood Platforms allow the passage of falling water. Most ranged weapons will travel through Wood Platforms; the Grappling Hook, Dual Hook, and Ivy Whip will grab them along with any other grappling items.

Because of the high mobility a player has while on them, Wood Platforms can be used in a variety of ways: as a walkway, a fast bridge to cross pits, or for roof access that keeps most enemies from getting through. Also, since Books, Candles, Clay Pots and other Furniture can be placed on them (except for torches and Crystal Shards), they can be used as a shelving for decorative purposes, or to pack more pieces of furniture into a smaller space.


[edit] Crafting

[edit] Recipe

Crafting Station
By Hand
Ingredient(s) Amount
Wood.png Wood 1
Wood Platform.png Wood Platform 1

[edit] Notes

A platform elevator. Stepping on the bottom platform will swiftly move you to the topmost platform
  • Lava will destroy a wood platform, without leaving the item for pickup again, unless the platform has been placed directly at the surface of Water (in which case the platform will hold the Lava).
  • Players will automatically climb up a block in elevation to a platform when moving into contact with a lowered/alternate platform one block above the destination platform. By placing a column of two platforms and inverting one side of the column, this happens continuously, creating an upward-only elevator as shown here: Youtube - Elevator Technology
Bug : If you place a Wood Platform two blocks from a Wooden Door and then open the door in the direction of the platforms, the graphic for the platform will change to the alternate version. If you close the door, the platform graphic will stay as the alternate version.
Bug : If water is falling, it can get stuck inside a Wood Platform. This can make it difficult for the player to jump through it. It can be fixed by destroying the Platform.
Bug : If a platform is hammered for alternate appearance and the player taps but does not hold the down button, the character will show the animation for jumping down but rebound to the top of the platform. This occurs on all platforms.
Bug : If two lowered platforms are placed on top of each other and the player walks onto them, the character will climb up onto the lower platform but then appear to sink into the ground.
Bug : If lowered platforms are placed two blocks below a ceiling, standing on them and jumping may send the player through the ceiling if it is one block thick.
Anomaly: A walkway built at a higher altitude will span farther than one built at lower altitudes when the same amount of platforms are used.
Anomaly: Wood Platforms do not support the player when walking inverted on the ceiling while under the effects of the Gravitation Potion.

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