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Upcoming features

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Important.svg The game content described below is still in development.
This information pertains to features not yet included in the game, and is subject to change.
They may or may not end up in a future Terraria release.
Upcoming Features
Note: This article is about future Desktop version updates. For past updates, see Desktop Version history, Console Version history, Mobile Version history, and 3DS Version history.

Upcoming features policy:

  • Any and all upcoming features must be sourced to a Re-Logic staff posting. Unsourced information, or information purportedly leaked from other sources, will be removed.
  • Future features and changes should remain confined to this page, and to articles dedicated solely to future items. They should not be added to articles on current features.
  • Graphics officially released by Re-Logic staff, or images cut from them, can be uploaded. Unreleased graphics purportedly leaked from other sources may be Re-Logic intellectual property, and/or may be unreliable, and will be deleted. Original player artwork depicting future items will also be deleted, unless it is solely for personal use in User: space.

1.3.6[edit | edit source]

1.3.6 is currently under development and will act as the second part of 1.3.5, focusing on re-balancing, tweaking, or polishing many aspects of the game, as well as improving upon some areas that were overlooked or forgotten during past updates. 1.3.6 will also act as a base for "secret Terraria update plans".[forums 1]
A new Crimson-themed splash screen.
The keyboard will glow according to the biome the player is in, and control keys will be highlighted.
New Crimson Background
New Ocean Background
Note the mannequin near the center of the house.
Corruption Furniture
Spider Furniture
Some resprites of old foods along with some new ones.
A teaser of new animations for trees and plants.
An additional 8 new minimap borders to choose from.
A demonstration of the Celebration Mk. II during a Solar Eclipse.
A demonstration of the "new and improved Star Cannon".[instagram 1]
A player causing items to fly upwards upon approaching them.
Block Swapping.
A preview of the resprited Cowboy set.
NPCs now use toilets.
Vortex furniture
10 Aug 2018 build notes
The Oasis mini biome.
New food items.
New Blood Moon enemy (image name is goblinshark).
Wyvern kite.
Scarab Bombs.
East Asian-themed furniture.

1.4[edit | edit source]

Development for 1.4 has not started yet, although a statement by Cenx on the official Terraria Discord server mentioned that the 1.4 update will have "a form of creative mode". This mode "won't just give you everything. It will all need to be earned", unlike traditional creative modes in other games.[discord 1]

Terraria Series[edit | edit source]

Following the release of the Terraria 1.3 update, lead developer Redigit has moved on to working on another project, though developers Yoraiz0r and Skiphs plan to continue updating Terraria into the future. While Redigit worked with the team to develop 1.3.5, it is unknown if he will continue developing updates after this.

Terraria: Otherworld has been cancelled,[forums 16] it still has its own wiki here. Until the game's cancellation, the information on that wiki was based on spoilers released by the developers.

Redigit stated that he plans to later release Terraria 2, a separate game from the canceled Terraria: Otherworld, although little information is known about the nature or content in the upcoming sequel.

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Tweets[edit | edit source]

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  3. Really digging the new splash screen designs. :D Jul 19, 2017
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  33. So I have been saying a certain feature wasn't doable...It is totally doable...and done! Aw yeah! @Yoraiz0r is a freaking boss! Aug 17, 2018

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To find this source follow the link above to go to the Terraria discord server. Then search for the exact message in #terraria. Images:[1] [2]

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