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3DS version 3DS-Only Content: This information applies only to the 3DS version of Terraria.
This article is about updates to the 3DS version of Terraria. For a list of updates to the desktop version, see Desktop Version history. For all updates to the console version, see Console Version history. For all updates to the mobile version, see Mobile Version history. For future Desktop updates, see Upcoming features.

This page lists update details for the various 3DS versions of Terraria.

Version & Release Date Name Changes
3DS version 1.05 (NOA) • Dec 16, 2016
3DS version 1.05 (NOE) • Dec 20, 2016



Listed as fixed:

Chlorophyte armor full set crashes the inventory screen
Warning text for not being able to join an Expanded World game on an original 3DS was only available in English
Visual glitch with wooden walls
King Slime trophy spawn rate
Glitches with lock on weapons (Snow Cannon)
3DS version 1.04 (NOA) • Nov 22, 2016
3DS version 1.04 (NOE) • Nov 25, 2016



New 'Expanded World' feature for 'New' 3DS only, creates worlds of dimensions 4200x1100.
Bosses are now slightly more difficult.
Platforms can be hammered into stairs.
New music-'s Underworld theme, Pirate Invasion theme, and Goblin Invasion theme.
Beetle Husks and their armor.
Over 100 other general bug fixes.

3DS version 1.03 (NOA) • Jun 13, 2016
3DS version 1.03 (NOE) • Jun 10, 2016



Fixed a number of multiplayer issues present in 1.02 (which only saw a release in Europe) and other bug fixes.
Addition of the Frost Moon event and all of its content.*
Changed the maximum number of characters and worlds available from 3 to 6.
Minecart Tracks are now craftable with lead.

3DS version 1.02 • Apr 25, 2016


Hotfixes Released in EU (multiple MP bugs and downgrade incompatibility discovered, so the patch was never released in US)
3DS version 1.01 • Mar 15, 2016


Initial Release (Retail)

All changes from 1.01 are included.

3DS version 1.01 • Feb 1, 2016 Hotfixes

Duplicates of Town NPCs no longer move in if they are accidentally displaced.
Duke Fishron is now summonable.
Other bug fixes.

3DS version 1.00 • Dec 10, 2015 [11] Initial Release (Digital)

Equivalent of Desktop version 1.2
No Dyes (no pixel shaders).
Includes some 1.2.4 content: Minecarts, Fishing, and Duke Fishron.
Includes some 1.3 UI options.

*The Reindeer Bells may not have been added in the 1.03 patch due to the lack of other mounts in the game.

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