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Ambient objects

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These background objects will not drop items for collection by the player. See Objects for those that will always provide a drop.

Throughout most Biomes and Layers, various ambient objects are randomly scattered on world creation. These are naturally-placed background objects that can be broken with a Pickaxe, but otherwise cause no effects, and don't drop items. They function primarily as visual ambiance and cannot be collected or placed by players.

Destroying ambient objects in a Surface or Underground Jungle Biome has a chance to spawn various Bait Critters that can be collected with the Bug Net (Worm, Grasshopper, Grubby, Sluggy, Buggy).

Objects[edit | edit source]

Ambient objects.png

Ambient Objects 2.png

Ambient Objects 3.png

Oasis Plants.png

Notes[edit | edit source]

First Image: from left to right, the objects seem to be:

Second Image: from left to right, the objects seem to be:

  • First row: large icicles, large Stone stalactites, webbed skeletal victims, large Pearlstone stalactites, large Ebonstone stalactites, large Crimstone stalactites, large Sandstone stalactites, large Granite stalactites, large Marble stalactites.
  • Second row: large Stone stalagmites, large Pearlstone stalagmites, large Ebonstone stalagmites, large Crimstone stalagmites, large Sandstone stalagmites, large Granite stalagmites, large Marble stalagmites.
  • Third row: small icicles, small Stone stalactites, small Hive stalactites, small Pearlstone stalactites, small Ebonstone stalactites, small Crimstone stalactites, small Sandstone stalactites, small Granite stalactites, small Marble stalactites.
  • Fourth row: small Stone stalagmites, small Hive stalagmites, small Pearlstone stalagmites, small Ebonstone stalagmites, small Crimstone stalagmites, small Sandstone stalagmites, small Granite stalagmites, small Marble stalagmites.

Third Image: from left to right, the objects seem to be:

  • First row: Larger variants of jungle plants, variations of large leafed plants, ferns, and multiple flowered plants.
  • Second row: Smaller variants of jungle plants, including variations of large leafed plants, ferns, some variants of yellow leaved plants, and more flowered plants.

History[edit | edit source]