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Ancient Shadow armor

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Ancient Shadow armor
Male variant Female variant
Type Armor
Defense 19
Set Bonus 15% increased movement speed
Rarity Rarity Level: 1
Sell 1 Gold Coin 80 Silver Coin (set)
Internal Item ID: 956-958

Ancient Shadow armor is an armor set that reproduces the pre-1.0.3 Shadow armor design, and is otherwise identical in all ways to the current Shadow armor set. Each piece is interchangeable with the equivalent Shadow armor piece, while still granting the same set bonus. The ancient in the name is derived from the armor using an older version of the Shadow armor's artwork.

Each piece has a 1/525 (~0.19%) chance of being dropped by an Eater of Souls.

The after-image effect when moving.

Set[edit | edit source]

Ancient Shadow Helmet
Ancient Shadow Helmet.png
Type Armor
Defense 6
Max Stack 1
Body Slot Helmet
Tooltip 7% increased melee speed
Sell 75 Silver Coin
Internal Item ID: 956
Ancient Shadow Scalemail
Ancient Shadow Scalemail.png
Type Armor
Defense 7
Max Stack 1
Body Slot Shirt
Tooltip 7% increased melee speed
Sell 60 Silver Coin
Internal Item ID: 957
Ancient Shadow Greaves
Ancient Shadow Greaves.png
Type Armor
Defense 6
Max Stack 1
Body Slot Pants
Tooltip 7% increased melee speed
Sell 45 Silver Coin
Internal Item ID: 958

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • If you mix and match the ancient set and its current counterpart, you will still get the set bonus. However, you will not get the visual trailing shadow bonus that comes with the set.
  • If Ancient Shadow Armor is equipped in social slots, the after-image effect will still appear, even though you will not get the set bonus.
  • The armor has the same sprite as Shadow Armor had before 1.0.3, hence the name "ancient".
  • If you have a decent amount of gear with a new player, you can farm Eater of Souls and skip to Shadow Armor very early on.
  • Farming for Ancient Shadow Armor is much slower in a hardmode world because the spawn rate for the Eater of Souls is much lower.

History[edit | edit source]

  • 1.2.3: Ancient Shadow armor drop rate was reduced slightly.
  • 1.2.1: Graphics variant for female characters added.
  • 1.2: Introduced.
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