Angry Bones

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Angry Bones
Angry Bones.png
Type Undead Enemy
Environment Dungeon
AI Type Fighter
Immune to: Poisoned.pngVenom.png
Angry Bones Banner.png
Coins 1 Silver Coin 30 Copper Coin
Item (Quantity) Rate
• 1-3 / 2-6 Desktop only.png
98.07% / 100% Desktop only.png
Golden Key.png
Bone Wand.png
Clothier Voodoo Doll.png
Ancient Necro Helmet.png
Tally Counter.png
Internal NPC ID: 31, 294-296

Angry Bones are enemies found in the Dungeon. They follow the Fighter AI and can open closed doors after one or two hits. They will sometimes leap towards the player when they get close, or if the player is above them.

Angry Bones are immune to the Poisoned and Venom debuffs.

Variants[edit | edit source]

Angry Bones
Angry Bones 1.png Console, Mobile, 3DS version
Type Undead Enemy
Damage 26 / 52 (46) Desktop only.png
Max Life 80 / 160 (176) Desktop only.png
Defense 8
KB Resist 20% / 28 Desktop only.png
Internal NPC ID: 31
Angry Bones
Angry Bones 2.png
Type Undead Enemy
Damage 34 / 68 (60) Desktop only.png
Max Life 70 / 140 (154) Desktop only.png
Defense 6
KB Resist 10% / 19 Desktop only.png
Internal NPC ID: 294
Angry Bones
(Big Muscle)
Angry Bones 3.png
Type Undead Enemy
Damage 28 / 56 (50) Desktop only.png
Max Life 70 / 140 (154) Desktop only.png
Defense 12
KB Resist 30% / 37 Desktop only.png
Internal NPC ID: 295
Angry Bones
(Big Helmet)
Angry Bones 4.png
Type Undead Enemy
Damage 24 / 48 (42) Desktop only.png
Max Life 120 / 240 (264) Desktop only.png
Defense 14
KB Resist 40% / 46 Desktop only.png
Internal NPC ID: 296

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • In the Mobile only.pngMobile version, killing Angry Bones can still summon Dungeon Spirits.
  • The first variation of the Angry Bones can spawn slightly larger or smaller than usual, with its stats modified accordingly.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Most weapons found in the Dungeon are very effective against Angry Bones, like the Water Bolt or the Blue Moon, thanks to their piercing ability.
  • If you are having problems with the Angry Bones, grappling to walls and ceilings is a good way to stay off their range.

History[edit | edit source]

Original sprite
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