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Antlion Charger

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The Antlion Charger is an enemy similar in appearance to the Antlion. Unlike the Antlion, the Antlion Charger will, as its name suggests, charge at the player instead of remaining stationary. It is found in the Underground Desert or on surface Deserts during pre-Hardmode Sandstorms. It can rarely drop the Mandible Blade.

New players should be cautious around the Antlion Charger as its high health and knockback resistance make it significantly more difficult to kill than an Antlion. As well as this, its high speed makes it difficult to escape by running horizontally. As they are very large, a thin vertical shaft (eg 2 tiles wide) can be used to escape or to fight from with ranged weapons.

Due to the large amount of small pockets in the Underground Desert, players will often be able to see where the charger is and the space it's able to move in before they have to face it. This makes it possible to come up with a strategy before fighting, or avoid it entirely.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Antlion Charger can spawn anywhere with Hardened Sand Walls.
  • If left alone for a short while, it will charge at the player extremely fast, becoming virtually unstoppable. This is presumed to be a bug.
  • Antlion Chargers can spawn on the desert surface during a Sandstorm.
  • During Hardmode, the similar Basilisk will also spawn.

History[edit | edit source]