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The Horseman's Blade has autoswing.

Autoswing (also known as auto-swing, autofire, auto-fire, or auto-use) is a property that can apply to usable items, such as weapons and tools, wherein the item is automatically reused when the Use / Attack key/button is held down. In contrast, weapons without autoswing require that the player repeatedly clicks/presses in order to use them repeatedly.

On the Mobile version Mobile version, autoswing can be enabled for most weapons via a setting. On the 3DS version DS version, all weapons except the Sniper Rifle have autoswing.

On this wiki, items with autoswing will feature the image Auto icon.png in the top-right corner of the infobox.

For a list of weapons with autoswing, use the sort feature of the Autoswing column on the List of weapons page.