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The Horseman's Blade has autoswing.
Autoswing or auto-fire is a property that can apply to usable items, such as weapons and tools, wherein the item is automatically reused when the key/button is held down. In contrast, weapons without autoswing require that the player repeatedly clicks/presses in order to use them repeatedly. The term Hold to Attack (HtA) is used as an acronym to cover other items that don't "swing" or "fire", but are used continuously as the button is held down, similarly to Drills and Chainsaws.

In the Mobile only.pngMobile version, all weapons have autoswing except the Sniper Rifle and the Phoenix Blaster. On the 3DS logo.svg version, the only weapon without autoswing is the Sniper Rifle.

For a list of weapons with autoswing, toggle the HtA-column in list of weapons.

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