Beetle Endurance

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Beetle Endurance
Beetle Endurance.png
Type Buff
Buffed by Beetle armor Set BonusBeetle armor Set Bonus(With Beetle ShellBeetle Shell)
Effects Increases player's defense
Duration While not receiving damage
Tooltip 'Damage taken reduced by 15%/30%/45%'
Internal Buff ID: 95-97

Beetle Endurance is a Buff granted to the player wearing a full set of Beetle armor with the Shell equipped. You only have to avoid being hit for a few seconds for the buff to start building up, one beetle each level. It takes about 3 seconds of not getting hit to gain an extra beetle. Each beetle adds 15% damage reduction, going up to 45%. If the player is hit at any moment, the total damage of the hit will be reduced by that amount and one beetle will disappear, reducing the buff by one tier.