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A screenshot of the Guide against a Surface backdrop, as depicted in the Bestiary, with the description, "The Guide always offers useful advice and crafting recipes. His origins and unusual connections to this world remain a mystery."
The Guide as depicted in the Bestiary's first entry.

The Bestiary is an in-game catalog of Terraria's various entities, including enemies, NPCs, critters, and bosses. It can be viewed by opening your inventory and clicking the book icon located to the right of your item trash can. The Bestiary displays a description and basic statistics for each entity, including health, damage, defense, and knockback, as well as advanced information like item drop rates. Entries can be sorted and filtered by various criteria, like stats, locations, times, events, etc.

Initially, no information is available about any particular entity. There are four stages of progression for each entity, each unlocked based on a player's current experience level with that entity:

  • 1 kill: Name and portrait display
  • 10 kills: Stats display
  • 25 kills: Item drop lists display
  • 50 kills: Item drop rates display

Experience is tracked by various methods, depending on the entity type:

  • For an enemy, kills of that enemy are counted (kills made before the update will not count). Enemies with multiple variants (such as zombies) have a separate tracker for each variant (50 Arrow Zombie kills, 50 Gel Zombie kills, etc.).
  • For a boss, just one kill is required to display all information.
  • For a critter, the counter advances based on how many of that critter type the player came into close proximity with.
  • For a Town NPC, the number of times the player chatted with that NPC is counted.

At the bottom of the Bestiary is a bar that fills as the Bestiary is completed, allowing players to track their progress. Bestiary progress is tied to a world, not a character. Unlocking 10% of the entities in the Bestiary makes the Zoologist NPC available, who sells progressively more items (eg. the Cat License) as the player completes more of the Bestiary. Unlocking all information for the entries is not a requirement for this, as long as the entries themselves have been unlocked.

Killing creatures spawned from Statues count in regard to the progression of the bestiary, making them useful for filling out information on rare creatures such as Medusa and Mimic.

Filters[edit | edit source]

From top-left to bottom-right in the Bestiary display. The "Number of Creatures" column may show double-counted creatures that appear in multiple biomes.

  • # Icon Filter Number of Creatures
    1 Bestiary If Unlocked.png If Unlocked 520
    2 Bestiary Boss Enemy.png Boss Enemy 23
    3 Bestiary Rare Creature.png Rare Creature 44
    4 Bestiary Surface.png Surface 47
    5 Bestiary Daytime.png Daytime 35
    6 Bestiary Party.png Party 1
    7 Bestiary Windy Day.png Windy Day 4
    8 Bestiary Rain.png Rain 7
    9 Bestiary Nighttime.png Nighttime 48
    10 Bestiary Blood Moon.png Blood Moon 18
    11 Bestiary Graveyard.png Graveyard 5
    12 Bestiary Underground.png Underground 13
    13 Bestiary Caverns.png Caverns 43
    14 Bestiary Granite.png Granite 2
    15 Bestiary Marble.png Marble 2
    16 Bestiary Underground Mushroom.png Underground Mushroom 9
    17 Bestiary Spider Nest.png Spider Nest 2
    18 Bestiary Snow.png Snow 11
    19 Bestiary Underground Snow.png Underground Snow 10
    20 Bestiary Desert.png Desert 16
    21 Bestiary Underground Desert.png Underground Desert 14
    22 Bestiary Sandstorm.png Sandstorm 9
    23 Bestiary Ocean.png Ocean 15
    24 Bestiary The Jungle.png The Jungle 20
    25 Bestiary Underground Jungle.png Underground Jungle 23
    26 Bestiary Meteor.png Meteor 1
    27 Bestiary The Dungeon.png The Dungeon 40
    28 Bestiary The Underworld.png The Underworld 16
    29 Bestiary Sky.png Sky 3
    30 Bestiary The Corruption.png The Corruption 8
    31 Bestiary Underground Corruption.png Underground Corruption 10
    32 Bestiary Corrupt Ice.png Corrupt Ice 1
    33 Bestiary Corrupt Desert.png Corrupt Desert 2
    34 Bestiary Corrupt Cave Desert.png Corrupt Cave Desert 4
    35 Bestiary The Crimson.png The Crimson 9
    36 Bestiary Underground Crimson.png Underground Crimson 11
    37 Bestiary Crimson Ice.png Crimson Ice 1
    38 Bestiary Crimson Desert.png Crimson Desert 2
    39 Bestiary Crimson Cave Desert.png Crimson Cave Desert 4
    40 Bestiary The Hallow.png The Hallow 15
    41 Bestiary Underground Hallow.png Underground Hallow 5
    42 Bestiary Hallow Ice.png Hallow Ice 1
    43 Bestiary Hallow Desert.png Hallow Desert 2
    44 Bestiary Hallow Cave Desert.png Hallow Cave Desert 2
    45 Bestiary Surface Mushroom.png Surface Mushroom 8
    46 Bestiary The Temple.png The Temple 3
    47 Bestiary Goblin Invasion.png Goblin Invasion 7
    48 Bestiary Old One's Army.png Old One's Army 13
    49 Bestiary Pirate Invasion.png Pirate Invasion 7
    50 Bestiary Martian Madness.png Martian Madness 12
    51 Bestiary Eclipse.png Eclipse 15
    52 Bestiary Pumpkin Moon.png Pumpkin Moon 16
    53 Bestiary Frost Moon.png Frost Moon 14
    54 Bestiary Halloween.png Halloween 11
    55 Bestiary Christmas.png Christmas 8
    56 Bestiary Frost Legion.png Frost Legion 3
    57 Bestiary Nebula Pillar.png Nebula Pillar 5
    58 Bestiary Solar Pillar.png Solar Pillar 8
    59 Bestiary Vortex Pillar.png Vortex Pillar 6
    60 Bestiary Stardust Pillar.png Stardust Pillar 7
  • Bestiary[edit | edit source]

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    Notes[edit | edit source]

    • The Bestiary is separated by world. If a fully unlocked character is brought to a new world, the Bestiary will be empty for them in that world.
    • In case you have not defeated the Dungeon Guardian before defeating Skeletron, you can get his bestiary entry by talking with the Clothier. Similarly, you can get the entry for the Tortured Soul by talking to the Tax Collector.
    • In order to complete the Bestiary 100%, a player-made Corruption or Crimson biome must be made, depending on which one your world already has. If you use the seed "05162020" on any world size, you can ignore this step as a crimson and corruption is made upon world generation.
    • Three enemies are somewhat exclusive: Crawdad, Giant Shelly, and Salamander. In a given world, there can be only two of them, chosen randomly; the third will not appear. This is taken into account by the Bestiary progression logic, and the missing enemy will register as unlocked when the other two exclusive creatures are unlocked.

    Trivia[edit | edit source]

    • The entry for the Lost Girl may be reference to the show "Naked and Afraid".
    • The Pirate's Curse and Spiked Slime are the only killable enemies that do not have bestiary entries.
    • Unlike enemies such as the Zombie and Skeleton, the Shadow and Wood variations of Mimic do not have separate entries.
    • The maximum bestiary percentage that can be obtained in a Pre-Hardmode world (including bringing items over from a Hardmode world) is 64.42%, or 335 entries.
    • The entry for the Town Bunny may reference the Rabbit Perch, in which a bunny really does become a hat.

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    History[edit | edit source]

    • Desktop Fixed a crash on Linux involving Solar Pillar enemy badges.