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TooltipImmunity to Darkness
RarityRarity level: 4
Sell20000*2 Gold Coin.png

The Blindfold is a Hardmode accessory that has a 1% / 2% (1/100 / 1/50) chance to drop from Corrupt Slimes and Slimelings, and a 0.5% / 1% (1/200 / 1/100) chance from Dark Mummies. This item grants immunity for the equipped player to the Darkness debuff; however, it will not protect the player from Blackout or Obstructed.

It is one of the ingredients required to make the Ankh Charm, which is in turn required to make the Ankh Shield.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Used in[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Due to the fact that the Corrupt Slimes and the Slimelings are both only found in Corruption worlds, and that Dark Mummies are somewhat rare on top of requiring at least one section of Corrupt/Crimson desert, players with Crimson worlds may have more trouble getting this accessory. A Corruption biome may be created artificially in order to facilitate obtaining this item.
  • Despite inflicting Darkness, neither Black Slimes or Demons can drop a Blindfold.
  • The Blindfold will only be visible on the player if no helmet is equipped. This can be bypassed with a Familiar Wig.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Blindfold is the only accessory used in the Ankh Charm that is not a combination of two others.
  • The Blindfold is the only Ankh Charm material that is visible when worn.
  • A real-life blindfold usually disables the wearer's sight instead of preventing sight-deteriorating effects.

History[edit | edit source]