Blizzard in a Bottle

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Blizzard in a Bottle
Stack digit 1.png
Blizzard in a Bottle inventory sprite
Type Accessory
Tooltip Allows the holder to double jump
Rarity Rarity Level: 1
Sell Gold Coin
Internal Item ID: 987
A Blizzard in a Bottle in use.

The Blizzard in a Bottle is an accessory that the player can equip, which works similarly to the Cloud in a Bottle, allowing them to double jump. Instead of a cloud being produced while the player jumps, a trail of snow that trails after the player is produced instead.

Unlike the Cloud in a Bottle, the Blizzard in a Bottle grants the ability to jump noticeably higher and allows the player to have a short speed boost that lasts for the duration of the second jump. This allows the player to quickly change to the opposite direction and continue at the same speed as before the jump. Players that possess Hermes Boots, Flurry Boots, Spectre Boots, Lightning Boots, or Frostspark Boots can perform the maneuvering skill to avoid slowing down, changing direction, and recharging their speed boosts. Blizzard in a Bottle can be found in Ice Chests in the Underground Snow Biome.

With only a Blizzard in a Bottle equipped, the player can jump up to 30 feet (15 blocks). When combined with the Shiny Red Balloon, this figure increases to 50 feet (25 blocks).

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