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Block Swap in action.

Block Swap is a building mechanic introduced in the 1.4 update that allows the player to replace placed blocks in a single step, rather than having to remove existing blocks manually first. Block Swap can be activated or de-activated via a toggle switch located at the top-left corner of the inventory.

Block Swap off.pngBlock Swap on.png
The UI toggles for Block Swap (left off, right on).

Swapping blocks still requires that a player possess a tool with sufficient pickaxe power to free the target blocks, as the game performs a check for a tool of sufficient power before allowing Block Swaps to occur. Additionally, certain blocks can never be swapped via Block Swap (see list below).

When Block Swap is enabled, the player can place blocks over existing placed blocks, causing new blocks to "swap" with those already placed. When swapping blocks, existing placed blocks are automatically freed and dropped for collection.

Unswappable blocks[edit | edit source]

Some blocks cannot be swapped:

  • While using any pickaxe weaker than the Cobalt Pickaxe, gravity affected blocks like sand, slush, and silt can only be swapped from the top-most block and downwards (this limitation was implemented because otherwise the player could swap sand out above their head for a block not affected by gravity, like stone, and completely avoid the danger of falling sand).[1]. While using any pickaxe stronger than Cobalt, gravity affected blocks can be swapped freely.
    • However, gravity blocks can swap other gravity blocks.
  • Furniture items cannot be swapped, except for chests, which can be swapped for another chest type, regardless of contents.
  • Blocks supporting trees or fallen logs cannot be swapped.
  • Dirt cannot be swapped with any type of grass, including the Corruption, Crimson, and Hallowed variants.
  • Mud cannot be swapped for Jungle grass or Mushroom Grass. It can, however, be swapped for dirt or grass blocks.
  • Blocks in contact with lava cannot be swapped.
  • Hive blocks can be swapped in by using a Hive Wand, but cannot be swapped out by other blocks.
  • Bubbles cannot be swapped.
  • Hellstone cannot be swapped.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Block Swap can be used to extract ore veins that are hanging over a cliff and would cause the player to fall when broken.
  • Chlorophyte Ore can be swapped for mud to collect the Chlorophyte while allowing it to grow back.
  • Blocks beneath a Demon Altar/Crimson Altar can be swapped without destroying the Altar.

History[edit | edit source]

  • Desktop 1.4.1: Gravity affected blocks can now be swapped out from the topmost tile downwards. At high enough tiers of pickaxe, they can be swapped out from any position like other blocks.
  • Desktop Fixed a bug where blockswapped tiles maintain their cracked texture.

References[edit | edit source]