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Bosai yra dideli, agresyvūs, stiprūs priešai, kurie yra svarbi žaidėjų užduotis. Kiekvienas turi tam tikrą iškvietimo būdą, o perspėjančios žinutės atsiranda kai vienas jau atsiranda. Boso nugalėjimą sudaro pergalės žinutė ir keli daiktai. Daugelis bosų gali perskristi pro blokus išskyrus Glitėsių Karalių,Mobile version Lepusą, Mobile version Nedėkingojo Turkoro kūną, ir Golemą.

Sunkiajame Rėžime, kiekviena naktis turi 1 iš 2 šansą, kad atsirastų vienas iš 3 Mechaninių Bosų, jei jie nėra nugalėti.

Normalaus Rėžimo Bosai[edit | edit source]

Glitėsių Karalius[edit | edit source]

Cthulhu akis[edit | edit source]

Pasaulių Valgytojas[edit | edit source]

Cthulhu smegenys[edit | edit source]

Bitė Karalienė[edit | edit source]

Skeletronas[edit | edit source]

Mėsos siena[edit | edit source]

Sunkiojo Rėžimo Bosai[edit | edit source]

Hardmode Bosses are significantly harder upgrades of and new additions to previous bosses. Defeating them is usually instrumental in advancing the game in some way. Each has its own particular way of being summoned, and warning messages appear whenever one is about to appear. Defeating a boss concludes with a congratulatory message and several items.

During Hardmode, each night has a one in two chance of spawning one of the three Mechanical Bosses that have not yet been defeated in the current world.

Dvyniai[edit | edit source]

Naikintojas[edit | edit source]

Skeletron Prime[edit | edit source]

Plantera[edit | edit source]

Golemas[edit | edit source]

Duke Fishron Desktop version[edit | edit source]

Įvykių bosai[edit | edit source]

Mourning Wood[edit | edit source]

Moliūgų karalius[edit | edit source]

Everscream Desktop version[edit | edit source]

Santa-NK1 Desktop version[edit | edit source]

Ice Queen[edit | edit source]

Console/Mobile Old-gen console versionMobile version[edit | edit source]

Ocram[edit | edit source]

Mobile Exclusive Mobile version[edit | edit source]

Lepus[edit | edit source]

Nedėkingasis Klalakutas[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The messages for all the bosses are:
  • As of 1.2.3, worlds generated in earlier versions, in which a player defeated all mechanical bosses before upgrading, will not have those bosses register as defeated; for instance, Plantera's Bulbs will not spawn, and the Steampunker will not arrive.
  • There are currently 21 bosses in the game.

History[edit | edit source]

  • Desktop
    • Mech bosses no longer spawn randomly if another boss is alive.
    • You can still summon multiple bosses manually. Hardmode bosses will no longer spawn if no player is above ground.
  • Desktop 1.2.3:
    • Various boss changes and/or bug fixes.
    • Mech bosses are now slightly more difficult.
    • You can no longer waste boss summon items by using them after that boss has spawned.
    • Fixed a bug where numerous NPCs could spawn if you beat a hardmode boss in a non-hardmode world.
  • Desktop 1.2.1: Reduces the chance for a mechanical boss summon to drop during hardmode.
  • Desktop
    • Hardmode Crimson, Corruption, and Hallow spread is now slowed after killing Plantera instead of any Mechanical Boss.
    • Slightly increased the chance for an eclipse to happen, but they will now only happen after killing a Mechanical Boss.
  • Desktop 1.2:
    • There are 4 new bosses: Brain of Cthulhu, Queen Bee, Plantera, and Golem.
    • Each boss has a rare chance to drop a placeable boss trophy.
    • Hardmode bosses have a chance to spawn on their own to help players progress through the game.
    • Current hardmode bosses now do slightly less damage and have had their health decreased.
  • Desktop 1.1:
    • There are 4 new bosses, 3 of which are upgrades of the older ones.