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Brain of Confusion

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Brain of Confusion
  • Brain of Confusion item sprite
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TooltipHas a chance to create illusions and dodge an attack
Temporarily increase critical chance after dodge
May confuse nearby enemies after being struck
RarityRarity level: Rainbow
Sell20000*2 Gold Coin.png
Research1 required

The Brain of Confusion is an Expert mode accessory item from the Treasure Bag dropped by the Brain of Cthulhu. Upon taking damage with the Brain of Confusion equipped, nearby enemies have 60% chance of causing Confused debuff, with the chance and duration increased by 0.4% per point of damage.

In Desktop version Desktop version, the player wielding it has a 1/6 chance of dodging an attack, and receives an increase of 20% critical strike chance for 4 seconds if successful.

Duration[edit | edit source]

The debuff duration is determined randomly, and the bounds depend on the amount of damage taken:[1]

\text{duration}_{min} = \left( 90 + \left \lfloor \frac{dmg}{3} \right \rfloor \right) / 60, in seconds
\text{duration}_{max} = \left( 300 + \left \lfloor \frac{dmg}{2} \right \rfloor \right) / 60, in seconds
Damage taken ({\textstyle dmg}) 1 50 100 300
Minimum duration ({\textstyle \text{duration}_{min}}) 1.5 seconds 1.77 seconds 2.05 seconds 3.17 seconds
Maximum duration ({\textstyle \text{duration}_{max}}) 5 seconds 5.42 seconds 5.83 seconds 7.5 seconds

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The effect can be activated by any form of damage including damage taken by traps and thorny bushes.
  • The Brain of Confusion is not affected by dyes.
  • Desktop Version Its dodge ability will only last a few seconds, similarly to the set bonus of the Hallowed armor.
  • Desktop Version Its 1/6 chance to nullify incoming damage can be viewed as a dynamic ~16% damage reduction that is not a part of the overall defense system. However, this is not as reliable as a flat damage reduction bonus or defense bonus provided through other means such as the Worm Scarf.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Console VersionMobile Version Some people consider the Brain of Confusion to be a disappointment compared to its Corruption counterpart, the Worm Scarf, which reduces damage taken by 17%. Despite this, it can still shine in certain moments, such as during events, or for preventing the player from being swarmed by enemies such as Cave Bats.
  • In the Desktop version Desktop version, the added chance to dodge nearly matches the percentage of damage the Worm Scarf prevents along with the extra critical bonus. This means that both accessories will, on average, prevent the same amount of damage but in a different way. This makes the Brain of Confusion significantly less disappointing and is arguably even better than the Worm Scarf, depending on the scenario. Often in Master mode, taking damage in the first place can be extremely dangerous, so a chance to dodge can prove to be more useful in tight situations as taking 17% reduced damage from the Worm Scarf may still be too much.

History[edit | edit source]

  • Desktop
    • The Brain of Confusion now applies its debuff en masse instead of per-target.Verify
    • A player wielding the Brain now has a chance to dodge attacks completely.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Information taken from the Desktop version Desktop source code, function Hurt() in Terraria.Player.cs There may be inaccuracies, as the current Desktop version Desktop version is