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Brain of CthulhuFirst Form
Brain of Cthulhu.png
The Crimson
AI TypeBrain of Cthulhu AI
Damage30 / 27
Max Life1000 / 1700
3000-4000 w/creepers
5700-7700 w/creepers
Immune to[[File:[[:Template:GetBuffInfo|link=Template:GetBuffInfo/db-vi|Template:GetBuffInfo/db-viConfused]]File:Db-viConfused.png|link=Template:GetBuffInfo/db-vi|Template:GetBuffInfo/db-viConfused]]
Map Icon Brain of Cthulhu.png
Map Icon
Brain of CthulhuSecond Form
Brain of Cthulhu-2nd.png
The Crimson
AI TypeBrain of Cthulhu AI
Damage30 / 27
Max Life1000 / 1700
KB Resist0%
Immune to[[File:[[:Template:GetBuffInfo|link=Template:GetBuffInfo/db-vi|Template:GetBuffInfo/db-viConfused]]File:Db-viConfused.png|link=Template:GetBuffInfo/db-vi|Template:GetBuffInfo/db-viConfused]]
Coins5 Gold Coin
Map Icon Brain of Cthulhu.png
Map Icon

Brain of Cthulhu Trophy.png"A horrible chill goes down your spine..."Brain of Cthulhu Trophy.png

For the Old-gen console version Old-gen console and 3DS version3DS pet summon, see Brain.

Brain of Cthulhu là Boss trước chế độ Khó ,Một dạng Crimson boss. Nó xuất hiện khi người chơi phá hủy 3 Trái tim Crimson ở một thế giới Crimson ,hoặc là người chơi sử dụng Cột sống máu ở bất cứ nơi nào trong thế giới Crimson.

Ở giai đoạn đầu con boss có hình dạng não bay khổng lồ. Ở giải đoạn này, 20 tới 30 con Creepers cũng xuất hiền cùng với con Boss và tấn công cùng con boss,đi cùng con boss kể cả khi con boss tốc biến. Creepers không hồi phục sau khi chết. Tất cả Creepers phải được giết trước khi Brain of Cthulhu lên giai đoạn 2, khi đó con boss dễ dàng được tấn công hơn.

Brain of Cthulhu là một bản đối chiếu với Eater of Worlds ở thế giới Corruption. Giống như Eater Of Worlds, đánh nó tạo nên một giai đoạn rất quan trọng, Brain Of Cthulhu và Creepers là nguồn duy nhất của Tissue Samples và một số Crimtane Ore,để craft được toolsarmor. Hãy ghi nhớ rằng, giống Eater of Worlds, đánh bại Brain of Cthulhu thực ra không quan trọng lắm, bạn chỉ cần giết đủ Creepers để lấy đc đồ bạn muốn.

Khác với Eater of Worlds,nó không tồn tại ở dạng máy móc.

Ở trong phiên bản Desktop version Desktop version and Console version Console version, đánh bại Brain of Cthulhu lần đầu sẽ xuất hiện Tavernkeep NPC ở thế giới của bạn.

Khi Brain of Cthulhu còn sống, bài Boss 3 sẽ được chạy.

Attacks[edit | edit source]

First phase[edit | edit source]

The Brain itself is initially invincible. It teleports around the player, drawing nearer before teleporting away again in a random direction while its Creeper minionsCreeper minions attack. The Creepers do not teleport along with the Brain but are instead pulled between the player and the Brain in large, sweeping orbits. Once all Creepers are defeated, the Brain enters its second phase. In Expert mode, Creepers can give the player certain debuffs.

Second phase[edit | edit source]

In the second phase, the Brain becomes vulnerable to attacks and aggressively attempts to ram the player before teleporting away.

Expert mode[edit | edit source]

Also in the second phase, 3 mirror images of the Brain appear to distract the player and become more visible as the boss loses health. And just like the creepers in expert mode, the Brain can also cause various status effects such as Darkness, Silenced and Weak.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Creepers drop Hearts at a higher rate than most enemies.
  • Creepers are more aggressive on Expert mode.
  • You can summon two Brains at once by smashing Crimson Hearts. They seem to share their Creepers and go in second phase simultaneously.
  • If the player leaves the Crimson, the Brain of Cthulhu will disappear (unless one manages to lure it into The Corruption). This also happens when breaking Crimson Hearts outside of the Crimson biome (this is possible if surrounding Crimson is converted by Purification Powder or the Clentaminator) - the message text for the boss is displayed, and the boss spawns, but it will quickly sink through the map and despawn, usually before entering the player's screen.

Tips[edit | edit source]

For more elaborate strategies on defeating Brain of Cthulhu, including weapon and arena recommendations, see Guide:Brain of Cthulhu strategies.

  • Creepers have low individual health and are especially susceptible to the On Fire! and Frostburn debuffs, so weapons that inflict those can make quick work of them.
  • The Brain of Cthulhu is the only boss susceptible to knockback. Weapons with high knockback such as the The Rotted Fork can keep both Creepers and the Brain from closing distance between teleports. If you use a high fire rate weapon, like The Minishark, it seems to move at a very slow rate.
  • It is possible to use early game melee weapons such as the Katana or Zombie Arm as long as they don't have negative Modifiers, since the Brain takes knockback. It is preferrable to use spears for this fight since they deal more knockback, however, so a Trident or The Rotted Fork can be used. This may not work in Expert mode, however, because it might be hard to tell which brain to attack among the illusions.
  • Jester's Arrows or other enemy-piercing weapons can be immensely helpful while fighting the first stage of the Brain of Cthulhu because Creepers often line up in a relatively straight formation, effectively allowing the player to hit most if not all of the Creepers in one well-aimed shot.
  • Another good way to kill off the Creepers and chip away at the brain would be to use many Spikey Balls scattered around your arena.
  • Using ~25-40 Grenades can be a very easy way of defeating the boss. Grenades can be very effective against the Creepers.
  • If you can get a Water Bolt from the Dungeon, it allows for a fairly good advanced strategy: Build a closed box (about 15x15), making sure you can get into it quickly for the fight. Once the Brain appears, spam the Water Bolt to fill the box with bouncing bolts, which will rapidly kill Creepers passing through (quickly triggering the Brain's second form), then keep the Brain mostly away from you by knocking it back it every time it comes through the box. Make sure you have enough Mana or a Mana Flower!
  • For Expert mode, Bone Javelins can be used to reveal the real brain, as they stick out of it.
  • The Bee armor set along with the Hornet staff and bee gun can make very short work of the brain even in expert mode.
  • Using the Slime Mount in order to bounce on top of the creepers and the brain is a very effective way of avoiding damage, especially in Expert mode. This also reveals the real brain in Expert mode, due to it not causing you to bounce off the fake brains.
  • Once in Hardmode you can farm the creepers for Souls of Night and the Crimson Key/Mold as each one has a chance to drop it.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Brain of Cthulhu and the Eye of Cthulhu are based on the character Cthulhu from the works of the author H.P. Lovecraft.
  • Unlike the correlation between the Eater of Worlds and The Destroyer, the Brain of Cthulhu does not have a Hardmode counterpart, although The Destroyer's Probes are similar in function to its Creepers.
  • The Brain of Cthulhu has the least HP out of all the bosses, with even less than the Eye of Cthulhu in its second form. However, if counting the health of the creepers, it has more health than King Slime.

Achievement[edit | edit source]

Achievement Mastermind.png
Mastermind • "Defeat the Brain of Cthulhu, an enourmous demon brain which haunts the creeping crimson."
Defeat the Brain of Cthulhu for the first time. Desktop VersionConsole VersionMobile Version

History[edit | edit source]

  • Desktop 1.2.3:
    • Killing the Brain of Cthulhu will now allow the Dryad to move into your town.
    • Now has a chance to drop the Brain Mask.
    • Fixed bug where beating Brain of Cthulhu wouldn't make dryad stop talking about the chasms.