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Broken Armor

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Broken Armor
Broken Armor.png
Type Debuff
Effects You will only have half your defense.
Tooltip Defense is cut in half
Internal Buff ID: 36

Broken Armor is a debuff that causes the player's defense to be halved.

The debuff can be prevented by equipping Armor Polish, Armor Bracing, or an Ankh Shield or Ankh Charm.

Causes[edit | edit source]

From enemy[edit | edit source]

From Duration Chance
Armored Skeleton Armored Skeleton 2 / 4 minutes 1/6 (16.6%)
Blue Armored Bones Blue Armored Bones 10 / 20 seconds 1/2 (50%)
Brain of Cthulhu Brain of Cthulhu 16.25-32.5 seconds 1/8 (12.5%)
Creeper Creeper 16.25-32.5 seconds 1/24 (4.17%)

History[edit | edit source]