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This page lists the IDs of buffs and debuffs in Terraria.

ID Name Image
1 Obsidian Skin Obsidian Skin.png
2 Regeneration Regeneration.png
3 Swiftness Swiftness.png
4 Gills Gills.png
5 Ironskin Ironskin.png
6 Mana Regeneration Mana Regeneration.png
7 Magic Power Magic Power.png
8 Featherfall Featherfall.png
9 Spelunker Spelunker.png
10 Invisibility Invisibility.png
11 Shine Shine.png
12 Night Owl Night Owl.png
13 Battle Battle.png
14 Thorns Thorns.png
15 Water Walking Water Walking.png
16 Archery Archery.png
17 Hunter Hunter.png
18 Gravitation Gravitation.png
19 Shadow Orb (buff) Shadow Orb (buff).png
20 Poisoned Poisoned.png
21 Potion Sickness Potion Sickness.png
22 Darkness Darkness.png
23 Cursed Cursed.png
24 On Fire! On Fire!.png
25 Tipsy Tipsy.png
26 Well Fed Well Fed.png
27 Fairy Fairy.png
28 Werewolf (buff) Werewolf (buff).png
29 Clairvoyance Clairvoyance.png
30 Bleeding Bleeding.png
31 Confused Confused.png
32 Slow Slow.png
33 Weak Weak.png
34 Merfolk (buff) Merfolk (buff).png
35 Silenced Silenced.png
36 Broken Armor Broken Armor.png
37 Horrified Horrified.png
38 The Tongue The Tongue.png
39 Cursed Inferno Cursed Inferno.png
40 Pet Bunny Pet Bunny.png
41 Baby Penguin (buff) Baby Penguin (buff).png
42 Pet Turtle (buff) Pet Turtle (buff).png
43 Paladin's Shield (buff) Paladin's Shield (buff).png
44 Frostburn Frostburn.png
45 Baby Eater (buff) Baby Eater (buff).png
46 Chilled Chilled.png
47 Frozen Frozen.png
48 Honey (buff) Honey (buff).png
49 Pygmies Pygmies.png
50 Baby Skeletron Head (buff) Baby Skeletron Head (buff).png
51 Baby Hornet (buff) Baby Hornet (buff).png
52 Tiki Spirit (buff) Tiki Spirit (buff).png
53 Pet Lizard (buff) Pet Lizard (buff).png
54 Pet Parrot (buff) Pet Parrot (buff).png
55 Baby Truffle (buff) Baby Truffle (buff).png
56 Pet Sapling (buff) Pet Sapling (buff).png
57 Wisp Wisp.png
58 Rapid Healing Rapid Healing.png
59 Shadow Dodge Shadow Dodge.png
60 Leaf Crystal Leaf Crystal.png
61 Baby Dinosaur (buff) Baby Dinosaur (buff).png
62 Ice Barrier Ice Barrier.png
64 Baby Slime (buff) Baby Slime (buff).png
65 Eyeball Spring (buff) Eyeball Spring (buff).png
66 Baby Snowman (buff) Baby Snowman (buff).png
67 Burning Burning.png
68 Suffocation Suffocation.png
69 Ichor (debuff) Ichor (debuff).png
70 Venom Venom.png
71 Weapon Imbue Venom Weapon Imbue Venom.png
72 Midas Midas.png
73 Weapon Imbue Cursed Flames Weapon Imbue Cursed Flames.png
74 Weapon Imbue Fire Weapon Imbue Fire.png
75 Weapon Imbue Gold Weapon Imbue Gold.png
76 Weapon Imbue Ichor Weapon Imbue Ichor.png
77 Weapon Imbue Nanites Weapon Imbue Nanites.png
78 Weapon Imbue Confetti Weapon Imbue Confetti.png
79 Weapon Imbue Poison Weapon Imbue Poison.png
80 Blackout Blackout.png
81 Pet Spider (buff) Pet Spider (buff).png
82 Squashling (buff) Squashling (buff).png
83 Ravens Ravens.png
84 Black Cat (buff) Black Cat (buff).png
85 Cursed Sapling (buff) Cursed Sapling (buff).png
86 Water Candle (debuff) Water Candle (debuff).png
87 Cozy Fire Cozy Fire.png
89 Heart Lamp (buff) Heart Lamp (buff).png
90 Rudolph (buff) Rudolph (buff).png
91 Puppy (buff) Puppy (buff).png
92 Baby Grinch (buff) Baby Grinch (buff).png
93 Ammo Box (buff) Ammo Box (buff).png
94 Mana Sickness Mana Sickness.png
95 Beetle Endurance Beetle Endurance.png
98 Beetle Might Beetle Might.png
103 Wet Wet.png
104 Mining (buff) Mining (buff).png
105 Heartreach Heartreach.png
106 Calm Calm.png
107 Builder Builder.png
108 Titan Titan.png
109 Flipper (buff) Flipper (buff).png
110 Summoning (buff) Summoning (buff).png
111 Dangersense Dangersense.png
112 Ammo Reservation Ammo Reservation.png
113 Lifeforce Lifeforce.png
114 Endurance Endurance.png
115 Rage Rage.png
116 Inferno Inferno.png
117 Wrath Wrath.png
118 Minecart (buff) Minecart (buff).png
119 Lovestruck Lovestruck.png
120 Stinky Stinky.png
121 Fishing (buff) Fishing (buff).png
122 Sonar Sonar.png
123 Crate (buff) Crate (buff).png
124 Warmth Warmth.png
125 Hornet (buff) Hornet (buff).png
126 Imp Imp.png
127 Zephyr Fish (buff) Zephyr Fish (buff).png
128 Bunny Mount Bunny Mount (buff).png
129 Pigron Mount Pigron Mount (buff).png
130 Slime Mount Slime Mount (buff).png
131 Turtle Mount Turtle Mount (buff).png
132 Bee Mount Bee Mount (buff).png
133 Spider (buff) Spider (buff).png
134 Twins (buff) Twins (buff).png
135 Pirate (buff) Pirate (buff).png
136 Mini Minotaur (buff) Mini Minotaur (buff).png
137 Slime (debuff) Slime (debuff).png
139 Sharknado Sharknado.png
140 UFO UFO.png
141 UFO Mount (buff) UFO Mount (buff).png
142 Drill Mount (buff) Drill Mount (buff).png
143 Scutlix Mount (buff) Scutlix Mount (buff).png
144 Electrified Electrified.png
145 Moon Bite Moon Bite.png
146 Happy! Happy!.png
147 Banner (buff) Banner (buff).png
148 Feral Bite Feral Bite.png
149 Webbed Webbed.png
150 Bewitched Bewitched.png
151 Life Drain (buff) Life Drain (buff).png
152 Magic Lantern (buff) Magic Lantern (buff).png
153 Shadowflame Shadowflame.png
154 Baby Face Monster (buff) Baby Face Monster (buff).png
155 Crimson Heart (buff) Crimson Heart (buff).png
156 Stoned Stoned.png
157 Peace Candle (buff) Peace Candle (buff).png
158 Star in a Bottle (buff) Star in a Bottle (buff).png
159 Sharpened Sharpened.png
160 Dazed Dazed.png
161 Deadly Sphere (buff) Deadly Sphere (buff).png
162 Unicorn Mount (buff) Unicorn Mount (buff).png
163 Obstructed Obstructed.png
164 Distorted Distorted.png
165 Dryad's Blessing Dryad's Blessing.png
166 Minecart (Mechanical) (buff) Minecart (Mechanical) (buff).png
168 Cute Fishron Mount Cute Fishron Mount (buff).png
169 Penetrated Distorted.png
170 Solar Blaze Solar Blaze.png
173 Life Nebula Life Nebula.png
176 Mana Nebula Mana Nebula.png
179 Damage Nebula Damage Nebula.png
182 Stardust Cell Stardust Cell.png
184 Minecart (buff) Minecart (buff).png
186 Dryad's Bane Dryad's Blessing.png
187 Stardust Guardian Stardust Guardian.png
188 Stardust Dragon Stardust Dragon.png
189 Daybroken Stardust Dragon.png
190 Suspicious Looking Eye (buff) Suspicious Looking Eye (buff).png
191 Companion Cube (buff) Companion Cube (buff).png
192 Sugar Rush Sugar Rush.png
193 Basilisk Mount (buff) Basilisk Mount (buff).png
194 Mighty Wind Mighty Wind.png
195 Withered Armor Withered Armor.png
196 Withered Weapon Withered Weapon.png
197 Oozed Oozed.png
198 Striking Moment Striking Moment.png
199 Creative Shock Creative Shock.png
200 Stunned Stunned.png
201 Flickerwick (buff) Flickerwick (buff).png
202 Pet Guinea Pig Pet Guinea Pig.png
203 Pet Slime Pet Slime.png
204 Pet Tiphia Pet Tiphia.png
205 Pet Bat Pet Bat.png
206 Pet Werewolf Pet Werewolf.png
207 Pet Zombie Pet Zombie.png
208 Pet Elfa Pet Elfa.png
209 Pet Android Pet Android.png
210 Pet Cupid Pet Cupid.png
211 Pet Leprechaun o'Fyffe Pet Leprechaun o'Fyffe.png
212 Pet Golden Turtle (buff) Pet Golden Turtle (buff).png
213 Pet Worm Pet Worm.png
214 Pet Old Lady Pet Old Lady.png
215 Pet Turkey (buff) Pet Turkey (buff).png

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