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Hey, this ain't a movie, pal. Ammo is extra.

The Arms Dealer

Bullets are a form of ammunition fired by guns. Currently there are fourteen varieties, many of which inflict debuffs on enemies.

Types[edit | edit source]

Name Damage Velocity Knockback Rarity Sell
Chlorophyte Bullet.png Chlorophyte Bullet 
Internal Item ID: 1179
10 Desktop Version Console Version / 15 Mobile only.png 5 4.5
Rarity Level: 7 10 Copper Coin
Crystal Bullet.png Crystal Bullet 
Internal Item ID: 515
9 5 1
(Extremely Weak)
Rarity Level: 3 6 Copper Coin
Cursed Bullet.png Cursed Bullet 
Internal Item ID: 546
12/ 16Mobile only.png 5 4
Rarity Level: 3 6 Copper Coin
Endless Musket Pouch.png Endless Musket Pouch Desktop Version
Internal Item ID: 3104
7 4 2
(Very Weak)
Rarity Level: 2 2 Gold Coin
Exploding Bullet.png Exploding Bullet 
Internal Item ID: 1351
10 4.7 6.6
Rarity Level: 3 8 Copper Coin
Golden Bullet.png Golden Bullet 
Internal Item ID: 1352
10 4.6 3.6
Rarity Level: 3 8 Copper Coin
High Velocity Bullet.png High Velocity Bullet 
Internal Item ID: 1302
10 28 4
Rarity Level: 3 8 Copper Coin
Ichor Bullet.png Ichor Bullet 
Internal Item ID: 1335
13 5.25 4
Rarity Level: 3 6 Copper Coin
Luminite Bullet.png Luminite Bullet Desktop Version
Internal Item ID: 3567
22 2 3
(Very Weak)
Rarity Level: 9 2 Copper Coin
Meteor Shot.png Meteor Shot 
Internal Item ID: 234
9 3 1
(Extremely Weak)
Rarity Level: 1 1 Copper Coin
Musket Ball.png Musket Ball 
Internal Item ID: 97
7 4 2
(Very Weak)
Rarity Level: 0 1 Copper Coin
Nano Bullet.png Nano Bullet 
Internal Item ID: 1350
10 5.1 5
Rarity Level: 3 8 Copper Coin
Party Bullet.png Party Bullet 
Internal Item ID: 1349
10 5.1 5
Rarity Level: 3 8 Copper Coin
Silver Bullet.png Silver Bullet 
Internal Item ID: 278
9 4.5 3
(Very Weak)
Rarity Level: 0 3 Copper Coin
Venom Bullet.png Venom Bullet 
Internal Item ID: 1342
14 5.3 4.1
Rarity Level: 3 8 Copper Coin

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Although Luminite Bullets have the highest base damage of 22, Ichor Bullets inflict the Ichor debuff, lowering enemy defense by 20 and thus dealing up to 10 extra damage along with its base damage of 13.
  • If a player is aiming for accuracy, the best idea is to use Chlorophyte Bullets as they home in on enemies.
  • Cursed Bullets can only be obtained in worlds with The Corruption as they require Cursed Flames, and Ichor Bullets can only be obtained in worlds with The Crimson as they require Ichor. (This assumes that the player has not artificially introduced one of these biomes to a world that started with the other.)
  • The Endless Musket Pouch provides an infinite supply of Musket Balls.
  • Exploding Bullets have the highest knockback of all bullets in the game, rendering low knockback of some rapid-fire ranged weapons.
    • In addition, the knockback of any ranged weapon will be combined with the knockback of the ammunition it's using.
    • Also, because of the exploding bullets' high knockback, this can go well with the Sniper Rifle and the Tactical Shotgun, due to the fact that they already have high knockback.

History[edit | edit source]

Musket Ball.png Musket Ball • Silver Bullet.png Silver • Meteor Shot.png Meteor Shot • Party Bullet.png Party

Crystal Bullet.png Crystal • Golden Bullet.png Golden • High Velocity Bullet.png High Velocity • Nano Bullet.png Nano • Exploding Bullet.png Exploding • Chlorophyte Bullet.png Chlorophyte • Cursed Bullet.png Cursed • Ichor Bullet.png Ichor • Venom Bullet.png Venom

Luminite Bullet.png Luminite Desktop Version • Endless Musket Pouch.png Endless Musket Pouch Desktop Version
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