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Butterflies are small critters that can be found in Forests during daytime. They can be caught with a Bug Net and carried in the inventory, or crafted into Butterfly Jars. They can also be used as Bait for Fishing.

Butterflies[edit | edit source]

Butterfly Rarity Sell Bait
NPC ID Notes
Gold Butterfly Gold ButterflyDesktop, Console, and Mobile Versions
Internal Item ID: 2891
3*Rarity level: 3 100000*10 50% 444 Small spawn rate.
Julia Butterfly Julia Butterfly
Internal Item ID: 2001
1*Rarity level: 1 3000*30 25% 356
Monarch Butterfly Monarch Butterfly
Internal Item ID: 1994
0*Rarity level: 0 500*5 5% 356
Purple Emperor Butterfly Purple Emperor Butterfly
Internal Item ID: 1995
2*Rarity level: 2 7500*75 35% 356
Red Admiral Butterfly Red Admiral Butterfly
Internal Item ID: 1996
2*Rarity level: 2 4000*40 30% 356
Sulphur Butterfly Sulphur Butterfly
Internal Item ID: 1998
0*Rarity level: 0 1000*10 10% 356
Tree Nymph Butterfly Tree Nymph Butterfly
Internal Item ID: 1999
3*Rarity level: 3 10000*1 50% 356 Small spawn rate.
Ulysses Butterfly Ulysses Butterfly
Internal Item ID: 1997
1*Rarity level: 1 2000*20 20% 356
Zebra Swallowtail Butterfly Zebra Swallowtail Butterfly
Internal Item ID: 2000
1*Rarity level: 1 1500*15 15% 356
Hell Butterfly Hell ButterflyDesktop Version
Internal Item ID: 4845
1*Rarity level: 1 2000*20 15% 653 Can only be caught with Lavaproof Bug Net or Golden Bug Net. Can be used to fish in lava.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Like all Critters, Butterflies spawned by a Butterfly Statue will disappear into a puff of smoke when trying to catch them with a Bug Net.
  • The spawn rate for Butterflies is decided at random when a day begins. As such, some days will have countless butterflies, while others will have almost none.
    • Because of this, new players should be on the lookout for days when lots of Butterflies spawn, since Butterflies can fetch high prices. One day can easily net over 10 Gold Coins.
  • Keep in mind that Butterfly Jars cannot be uncrafted, thus once you put a Butterfly in a jar you cannot use it as Bait for Fishing.
  • Butterflies, like all critters, can heal up naturally over time.
  • Attempting to catch a Hell Butterfly with a standard Bug Net will not work, resulting in 1 damage taken and being inflicted with Burning for 5 seconds.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Zebra Swallowtail Butterfly item is the 2000th item to be added to the game, as seen through its Item ID.

BestiaryBestiary entries

  • Butterfly: "Beautiful fluttering insects that love sunrises. Fish are attracted to these based on their color variety."
  • Hell Butterfly: "A solemn butterfly seeking blooms rooted in hell. Its wings glimmer with fiery veins."

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