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Cave Wall

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Cave Wall
  • Green Mossy Wall (placed).png Brown Mossy Wall (placed).png Red Mossy Wall (placed).png Blue Mossy Wall (placed).png Purple Mossy Wall (placed).png Rocky Dirt Wall (placed).png Unique Cave Wall 7 (placed).png Craggy Stone Wall (placed).png
    Cave Dirt Wall (placed).png Rough Dirt Wall (placed).png
Stack digit 1.png
Rarity0*Rarity level: 0
  • Internal Wall ID: 54-59, 61, 170-171, 185

The content described on this page is only generated naturally and therefore cannot be collected.

Cave Walls are backing walls found in caves with Moss in the Underground and Cavern layers. These naturally occurring walls can be destroyed with a hammer, but will drop nothing. These walls do not stop enemies from spawning and cannot be used for proper housing.

History[edit | edit source]