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The change of background that marks the beginning of the Cavern layer.

The Cavern layer is the largest layer, beginning just below the Underground and extending all the way down until the Underworld layer. It is characterized by darker stone background tiles. Stone is the predominant block in this layer (as opposed to Dirt in the Underground). Caverns contain occasional Underground Cabins where valuables can be found, as well as Mushroom Biomes, dangerous traps, rare and dangerous Spider Nest mini-biomes, and much more.

Lava begins to appear around -2100ft in small pools, which gradually become lava wells at around the -3000ft mark.

Map Size Min Start Depth Average Start Depth Max Start Depth
Small 120 ft 480 ft 840 ft
Medium 180 ft 720 ft 1260 ft
Large 240 ft 960 ft 1680 ft

Contents[edit | edit source]

Map view highlighting the Cavern layer range
Characters Unique Drops
Black Slime.png
Mother Slime.png
Baby Slime.png
Giant Worm.png
Cave Bat.png
Crawdad Desktop VersionConsole Version
Giant Shelly.png
Undead Miner.png
Undead Miner 
Vampire Miner.png
Cochineal Beetle.png
Mouse.png Mouse

In Water:

Blue Jellyfish.png

In Spider Nests:

Wall Creeper.png

In Hardmode:

Digger Head.png Digger
Giant Bat.png
Armored Skeleton.png
Skeleton Archer.png
Rune Wizard.png
Rune Wizard 
Ghost (enemy).png

In Water in Hardmode:

Angler Fish.png
Green Jellyfish.png

In Spider Nests
in Hardmode:

Black Recluse.png


Dart Trap.png

From Giant Worms
and Diggers:

Whoopie Cushion.png

From Cave Bat:

Chain Knife.png
Chain Knife 
Depth Meter.png
Depth Meter 

From Vampire Miner
and Undead Miner:

Mining Shirt.png
Mining Shirt 
Mining Pants.png
Mining Pants 

From Undead Miner:

Bone Pickaxe.png
Bone Pickaxe 

From Vampire Miner:

Vial of Blood.png

From Tim:

Wizard Hat.png
Wizard Hat 

From Nymph:

Metal Detector.png
Metal Detector Desktop VersionConsole Version
50% / 100% Desktop VersionConsole Version chance

From Cochineal Beetle:

Red Husk.png
Red Husk Desktop VersionConsole VersionMobile only.png

From Skeleton:

Ancient Iron Helmet.png
Ancient Gold Helmet.png
Bone Sword.png
Bone Sword 
(very rare)

From Armored Skeleton:

Beam Sword.png
Beam Sword 

From Skeleton Archer:

Magic Quiver.png
Magic Quiver 

From Rune Wizard:

Rune Hat.png
Rune Hat 
Rune Robe.png
Rune Robe 

From terrain:

Enchanted Sword (item).png
Enchanted Sword 
(extremely rare)
Arkhalis Desktop VersionConsole Version
(incredibly rare)

From Fishing:

Scaly Truffle.png
Scaly Truffle
 Desktop VersionConsole VersionMobile only.png
(specific conditions)
  1. Spawns from Mother Slimes

History[edit | edit source]

Desktop VersionDesktop version

Console VersionConsole version

Mobile only.pngMobile version

3DS logo.svg3DS version

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