Cooked Marshmallow

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Cooked Marshmallow
  • Cooked Marshmallow item sprite
Stack digit 3.pngStack digit 0.png
Use time17 Very Fast
TooltipMinor improvements to all stats
RarityRarity level: 1
Sell200*2 Silver Coin.png
Grants Buff
BuffWell FedWell Fed
Buff tooltipMinor improvements to all stats
Minor improvements to all stats and increased life regeneration
Duration 10 minutes

A Cooked Marshmallow is a food item that grants the Well Fed buff for 10 real-world minutes when consumed. It is unique among items in that it is not formally crafted; rather, it is created by holding a Marshmallow on a Stick over a Campfire for 15 real-world seconds (15 in-game minutes). The Marshmallow on a Stick must be held by the player, either by attaching it to the cursor in the inventory or selecting it on the hotbar, for the entire fifteen seconds over the campfire in order for it to be cooked. Selecting a different item in the hotbar or simply moving away from the campfire resets the timer.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • As Marshmallows on Sticks do not stack, this food item is a bit difficult to mass-produce. Still, you may do this by filling your inventory, leaving one slot with a Cooked Marshmallow and one Marshmallow on a Stick on the hotbar. Put the Marshmallows on Sticks on the ground, select the one on the hotbar, and stand at the fire. When the held marshmallow is cooked, it stacks in the inventory, and a Marshmallow on a Stick on the ground is picked up. You can create 29 Cooked Marshmallows this way, since they stack to 30.

History[edit | edit source]